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Gleðilegt sumar! | Happy First Day of Summer!

FöstudagsmyndinLambagras (Silene acaulis) er ein af mínum uppáhalds jurtum og blómstrar snemma á vorin, maí – júní, allt eftir tíðarfari og staðháttum. Birtan og anganin sem stafa frá þessum blómstrandi fagurgrænu þúfum í sólskini er dáleiðandi. 203 weitere Wörter

Áslaug Jónsdóttir

I Meant to Do That

Pine tree and clouds reflected in the pond.

I wanted to take some pictures of the pine saplings that have sprouted from seeds in my yard to show their progress. 309 weitere Wörter


Light at heart

Be like a feather… Strong with purpose but light at heart. – Anonymous.



I didn’t think I would get many photos here as I arrived at lunchtime and spent most of the next few hours in the pub drinking and eating. 95 weitere Wörter


Bird Photography

Bird Photography is also one of the toughest genres. It is so tough because your subject (bird) is always shaky, scared or afraid of the human being always and ready to fly. 403 weitere Wörter


| Montreal Maternity Photographer | – Expecting Baby B.

What a gorgeous mom-to-be! We had a lot of fun in the Botanical Garden!