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The National Aquarium

I was recently at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. The architecture is so unique and I have never seen anything like it in another aquarium. 210 weitere Wörter

At the Record Shop

July 13: The Beatles paid a visit to the local record shop!  Okay, these are actually CDs you see them looking at, but those are a better size for posing with the figurines.  57 weitere Wörter


Mesmerising Views

If you aren’t new to the blog, you might be aware that I often travel. Many times I come across places that make me pause, take a deep breath and admire the beauty around. 396 weitere Wörter


St. Andrews

On my wall at university, I have a framed poem which my brother gave me as a birthday present one year and which is one of the best gifts I have ever received. 190 weitere Wörter


Whitney Portal

Michael, Callie and I left Keough’s Hot Springs first thing Sunday morning so that we could try to get into Whitney Portal Campground for one night on our return voyage south to Encinitas so that I could have eye surgery scheduled for Wednesday. 406 weitere Wörter


Picture of a big fly..

Proceed with caution..





I told you…..


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire. 14 weitere Wörter

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Storm is coming 

The silence before an impending storm…