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Klay’s Perspective: Explaining Subsidy.

Clarence Onyekwere shares a foundational brief on subsidy with a creative style.

The town of Giringba has two cassava grinding plants which were provided and mantained by the royal family. noch 848 Wörter

Klay Investigates

Sheffield schools shut under a cloud of diesel

Air quality made a prominent story in The Sunday Times this weekend with the story – Schools shut under a cloud of diesel. Air quality hasn’t, typically, made it in to the Sunday broadsheets too often and certainly when it has it has been more about the impact it is having in London, not Sheffield. noch 387 Wörter

Good Ole Gas

We are on the road and just picked up the Sprog from camp.  It’s been two weeks, and we are happily reunited.

Anyway, at a BP station, I encountered the sign above. noch 72 Wörter


Exclusive: New, Faster Self Service at Blantyre Asda

Asda Blantyre have listened to feedback of their customers and this week addressed a common complaint that many customer’s debit cards hadn’t been compatible with their self service petrol station terminals. noch 55 Wörter


Happy Fracking, everyone!

There is no alternative to fracking, really. Otherwise our competitors will do it. Or our neighbours. Or aliens. Let’s destroy our planet before it’s too late….