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Here's why a 60% drop in US crude oil prices resulted in a 33% drop in gas prices

Crude oil prices have dropped dramatically since last summer. Strangely, over the same time period, gasoline prices have fallen much less.

If a barrel of oil today costs less than half what it did last summer, why hasn’t the price people pay at the pump decreased a similar amount? noch 841 Wörter

Pakistan: Iran & Saudi Arabia: Distinguishing True Friend

Recently lot of news is coming out regarding Pakistan sending its troops to Saudi Arabia for Yemen Border. Many people think that this is not right. noch 387 Wörter




rain-sprinkled tarmac
evening shop lights petrol rainbow
in the gutter


1972 wormhole: 1972
evening & rain & streets wormhole: … noch 158 Wörter


The news...

Okay, so, a lot has happened in a space of two to three weeks.

Biker Man and Wifey are moving. Yes, they are taking the two lights of my life (Cutie Pie and Noodle) and moving to a new suburb… 45 minutes away. noch 242 Wörter

Kat's Family

Ford Focus Eco-Boost

The new Ford Focus is on its way.

Available in four and five-door guises, and in the new exterior colour Deep Impact Blue, the new Focus has a lower, wider stance, with a new bonnet, front fascia and grille. noch 722 Wörter

South Africa

Pushing Boundaries

  With great reluctance, it would seem, the BBC took the decision not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract this coming summer.
  For those who may not know, Clarkson is a fifty – something, jeans sporting, man child, who fronts the very popular, thus lucrative, motor show Top Gear. noch 553 Wörter