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I had made to avoid writing posts about events in Nigeria, if and when I can help it, electing rather to roam around in fiction and heavily embellished true stories to take the mind off the oft depressing spectacles that daily befuddle the mind about how what has the potential to be one of the great nations in the world remain ever pedestrian, but after seeing what Nigerians have been made to go through, as the fuel scarcity continues to bite hard without let, I became compelled to qwerty this. noch 1.473 Wörter


Why everyone should refuel at shell petroleum bunks.

Greetings fellow bloggers and readers, as petrol prices in India are skyrocketing, 70rs per litre in normal petrol bunks, the queues in shell petrol bunks have reduced simply because they are costlier by 2 rupees approximately . noch 199 Wörter

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The problem is actually getting out of hand now, What possible options do we have INSTEAD of the use of PMS …





Entry for May 21st, 2015: Xăng lại tăng. Dân lại kêu. Liên Bộ (chắc) lại giải thích (ngu)

Định post 1 bài về xăng dầu từ đợt trước, xong cầm lòng lại thôi, hôm nay thì bức xúc quá nên phải xổ ra một tràng rồi còn đi ngủ! noch 1.343 Wörter


On the up?

The oil price has bounced back a bit in recent weeks, with prices up to around $65 per barrel for Brent Crude compared to lows in January of less than $50. noch 201 Wörter


To Turbo Or Not To Turbo?

Five or six years ago, Clarkson made a video and within that he stated that the Aston Martin V12 Vantage was a car that marked the end of an era. noch 477 Wörter


Nissan NP200 Stealth review

Nissan NP200 Stealth 1.6

When Nissan replaced the old Datsun 1200 / Nissan 1400 bakkie they knew they had a mission on their hands.

In actual fact the NP200 is a better workhorse than the the Nissan Champ it replaced, but somehow it just did not have the same chutzpah, cachet, something special that the 1400 had in wallops. noch 414 Wörter