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Fuel use is at a high — so why are fewer drivers headed to the petrol pumps?

There’s an oil boom right now. Worldwide demand for fuel is the highest it has been in eight years and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. 1.174 weitere Wörter


Petrol Prices In Malaysia [17th-23rd Aug 2017] - RON 95, RON 97, Diesel

RON 95 & RON 97 Petrol Prices In Malaysia Increases, Diesel Decreases

Below are the prices of petrol for 17th August – 23rd August 2017… 16 weitere Wörter

Fiat Tipo Hatchback 1.4 review

FIAT Tipo Hatch 1.4

The VW Golf has a certain status in our market. It is considered by many as just the right size and feel to be their car of choice. 631 weitere Wörter

South Africa

Petrol Prices In Malaysia [10-16th Aug 2017] - (RON 95, RON 97, Diesel)

Petrol Prices In Malaysia Increases

Below are the prices of petrol for 10th August – 16th August 2017

RON 95 » RM 2.12 / liter… 13 weitere Wörter


Fuel-gate, 2017

Okay, the UK Government has announced that 2040 will see the demise of the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles. Does this mean petrol is dead? 637 weitere Wörter