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How To Measure Your Penis Size Correctly (4 Steps With Pictures)

When you are about to purchase a condom, do you ever think to check and see which size you buying? Some people do, but a shocking percentage of the male population don’t know, or bother to check the label on the condom’s package. 1.053 weitere Wörter

Penis Enlargement Oil: 8+ Products That Will Produce Results

If you are looking for an immediate (yet safe) solution to erectile dysfunction, then this article about the best penis enlargement oil is for you. The most popular “quick fix” to achieving a rock hard erection is a testosterone booster, but as I’m sure you know already, many of those supplements come with harmful side effects, or simply do not work. 1.064 weitere Wörter

Penis Weights: Do They Work? Benefits, Side Effects, & Trusted Products

Most novice penis exercisers are scared at the thought of using penis weights as a way to increase the length and girth of their penis. 1.186 weitere Wörter

A Fact About My Penis - A Poem

I have very little to say,
So I’ll say this.
I dropped my electric razor,
On my naked penis.

I was in a rush, okay? 213 weitere Wörter

Poems I've Written (or, The Home Of My Shame)

#0221 - Ellie

Why:  Curiosity and for fun!

Age: 25

Country: (unknown)



We Didn't Talk About Him Being My Everything...

Up to this point… nothing that I have revealed to you all is normal. And while I am quite extraordinary (*toots own horn*), I am going to be transparent. 1.075 weitere Wörter