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Adrian Blevins: An Ode to the Erection

I sing, for my daughter, of shanks and shafts and the endearing contrast between the mind’s affairs and the body’s undiscriminating inclinations.

This is a midget and perhaps very foolish ode, I kid you not, to the erection. noch 2.477 Wörter


Moscow Man Wakes Up to Find His Testicles Stolen

A man in Moscow had the shock of his life when he awoke from an amorous encounter to discover that his testicles had been surgically removed. noch 213 Wörter


Premature Ejaculation: Your Questions Answered

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in young men. And when we say common, we mean it; if you think you suffer alone then think again because, despite the bravado and bragging, some of your friends are probably in the same boat. noch 1.067 Wörter

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Penis Time

La lluvia de información a la que estamos expuestos hoy en día hace que todos los temas vayan más allá de la superficialidad. Por eso termina de leer este post para que sepas de acuerdo al tipo de pene que tengas o que tu novio tenga, qué penetración les conviene más. noch 480 Wörter


Reasons Why I'm Afraid of Dating Apps

I ain’t about that backed up life.

Note: this screenshot was provided via a co-worker. While similar tactics were used elsewhere, no other “down girls” could be identified.


The City Slicker

Unable to see my tall blonde city slicker, I walk past the bar in search for him.

From the corner of my eye, I spot a small creepy man hiding in a doorway. noch 703 Wörter