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[Fine Art, Drawing] FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES, Life Drawing

The beginning of my Tyza Stewart responses. I used a few of my life drawings and developed them using different techniques to link the pieces to gender reversing. 81 weitere Wörter


[Fine Art, Drawing] The Other Genders In-Between

To show a more detailed approach to the reversed colour and genital idea, I have produced drawings using pen and coloured pencil. I feel the in depth drawn bodies work extremely well with the reversed genitals as the brain automatically thinks the picture shows the traditional, normal gender but the colour tint and reassigned penis/vagina challenges that normality – the pieces highlight Jones‘ statement that „identifying a person’s gender is not black and white (or pink and blue) there are a lot of shades of grey in between“. 37 weitere Wörter


"Hey Melissa, Hope everything has been going well with you since study abroad!"

…is the message you receive when you puke in a German hostel bed, and its other occupant breaks three years of silence to interview to work with you. 16 weitere Wörter


10 Practical Uses for Semen

BY Us, the Horny Members of the Medium

1. Saving your spot on the bus.

2. Glue for your child’s fourth grade macaroni art.

3. Coffee creamer, lezz be real, the dining halls are alllllways out. 78 weitere Wörter

Rutgers University

Bet Repayed (A Nick Bateman Short Sex Fiction)

This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with a nick Bateman

Nick buried his sword deep inside Kyle’s delicate tight ass, with a primal groan and a decisive thrust he broke him, he made him his bitch. 413 weitere Wörter


How to Get that Cute Grocery Store Employee to Notice You

BY Latin Mama

So not that we’re totally “grown-ups” who do adult things like food shopping, you’re gonna need to know how to properly hit on that hottie supermarket employee. 280 weitere Wörter


Penises are Like Diamonds.

BY Missy Gonzalez

Listen boys, I’ve ridden a lot of cock while here at Slutgers, I’ve fucked every type of man living on the Banks, and let me say, there is only one thing my insatiable snatch likes — circumcised men. 358 weitere Wörter

Rutgers University