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48 cm de long pour un méga pénis : le calvaire de Roberto Esquivel Cabrera - @sciencesetavenir by @marcgozlan

S'agit-il vraiment d'un méga pénis?

48 cm de long pour un méga pénis : le calvaire de Roberto Esquivel Cabrera – @sciencesetavenir  by @marcgozlan

48 cm de long pour un méga pénis Les images par scanner du sexe de ce Mexicain ont fait le tour du monde après qu’un tabloïd britannique a déclaré que l’homme de 52 ans avait le pénis le plus long du monde.

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Ukuran Penis Ideal Menurut Cewek

Infosukaqq – Untuk pertama kalinya, tim peneliti dari UCLA dan University of New Mexico menggunakan printer 3D untuk mencetak penis dalam keadaan ereksi, demi menemukan ukuran penis ideal di mata responden wanita. noch 104 Wörter


Foreskin Restoration Progress (2015-09-04)

My work schedule’s getting more and more hectic as managers keep dropping out and new trainees keep coming in.  I’m working well over 40 hours a week, so things are a little intense out here.   noch 299 Wörter




Helloooo! Planet Sassafrass  to Mission Control Earth!🌌 Is anyone down there?? Ahh there you are! 🌎 ❤

  It’s almost been a full year of blogging here on Planet Sassafrass. noch 1.430 Wörter


Remember The Guy With A 19 Inch Hotrod? There's A Video Of It Now!

We are going to warn you that you can’t un-see this.

Remember the man that said his 19-inch penis was ruining his life? There is a video of it now. noch 45 Wörter


I am Male

To all circumcisors:

I am male and I was born with a foreskin. It was not dirty, it was not gross, and it was not a defect. noch 204 Wörter