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Fuck this digital era in which two years after dating someone you can realize that they’ve been following you around the world, following your moods and music on Spotify


Site transfer

In the next few days, we will be transferring this website to a new one

It is up and running at the moment but there are no pictures but you can send your pictures to help us by using this… 7 weitere Wörter


#0173 - Trixie

Why:  I Love to show my Pussy in public

Age: 24

Country: Germany


Why I stayed for his 8 months of erectile dysfunction.

‘Why do you date these guys Darita? I don’t understand?’ – that’s the line I get every time I end up talking about the guy I’m currently seeing. 1.186 weitere Wörter

#0172 - Sophia

Why:  What do you guys think? Im very self concious so be nice :)

Age: 20

Country: UK