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The Joys of Fondling and Caressing his Penis !!! by Stephen Baczynsky

Formerly a mini-book that I’ve written, now an expanded edition where I draw upon my vast years of experience of stroking and fondling and playing with the penis.  noch 71 Wörter

Toward a Vagocentric Etymology of Penis-In-Vagina (PIV): Changing the Femdom View on Intercourse By Asking “What Is The Vagina Up To?”

When I’m stuck somewhere without my headphones, left in just the horrifying company of my own thoughts, my mind usually drifts to one of two places: feminist outrage, and hot porno-style sex.  noch 782 Wörter


How To Make Orgasms More Orgasmic

Andrew Siegel MD  7/3/15

This is a timely blog topic for July 4th weekend, celebrated across the USA with fireworks!

The human body is a most remarkable machine. noch 864 Wörter

Andrew Siegel MD

August Alsina In His Underwear! Do You Think He Should Be A Calvin Klein Model? [PICS]

August Alsina, who was rumored to have injured a woman with his enormous “member” during sex, took a pic in his underwear and now he wants to be a Calvin Klein underwear model! noch 152 Wörter


This Hermaphroditic Flatworm Stabs Itself With A Needle-Tipped Dick To Reproduce

Thanks your love life sucks? Science has discovered that to reproduce, the lazy, lonely Macrostomum hystrix flatworm will just ambivalently stab itself with its own needle-tipped penis wherever on its body is most convenient, in the event that no mating partner is nearby. noch 107 Wörter

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