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Frank and Bob: Ugly Dick

Frank:  What’s wrong? You look a little sad.

Bob: Life just is bringing me down lately. Relationships are complicated, work can be tiring, and I just keep looking towards the stars to find some deeper meaning. 509 weitere Wörter


Poem: Candlewax

I’m jacking off in a latticed waffle pattern

prison window light, scolded and sunken,

I write about reality, make it a legend

of virility, I’ve had sex and my penis is perfect… 258 weitere Wörter

Andrew Halter

The World is a Cock Whisperer

Earth is quite simply made up of dirt, water and seeds.

Step 1 : Cover the seeds with dirt

Step 2: Water it

Result: Growth. 377 weitere Wörter


Permission to Fail

About three months and some change ago, I finished my second novel. I meant to do a post-mortem on it right away, but finishing draft five feels no different than finishing draft four or three. 824 weitere Wörter


On Trump and tiny dicks...

I’ve seen a lot of posts and comments over the last few months regarding Donald Trump and the size of his penis. Trump irritates the hell out of me for many reasons. 214 weitere Wörter


The Cock of Kochstraße

After living in a city for close to two years, you might think that you know all of its little quirks. Berlin, however, is the city that just keeps giving on the weirdness front. 329 weitere Wörter