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Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 3 - May 23 (2015-05-23)

Quick one today because I’m super tired and I want to go to bed.  I’m technically cheating in calling this Day 3 because it’s actually 3:47 AM the day after, but I got up at noon yesterday and I haven’t slept yet so I’m technically still on the same day, biologically speaking. noch 270 Wörter


Research says that your penis can predict how your brain works !!

A research from the journal Human Reproduction says that your flaccid penis can almost describe the way your brain works. The direction in which your flaccid penis hangs is the decides which half of your brain is more active. noch 126 Wörter


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Put On The Condom, Lose The Erection? Fix It

If you are starting a new relationship or having sex with different people, some for the first time, you know it’s particularly important to use condoms to prevent pregnancy and protect your sexual health. noch 574 Wörter

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Foreskin Restoration Progress: Day 2 - May 21st (2015-05-21)

Obviously since I’m only on day 2 one can’t expect any significant changes.  I have been noticing, however, that the skin of my penis behaves differently after a while of stretching.   noch 248 Wörter


3 Photo Ops in 1: A Trip to Seoul's Love, Trick Eye, and Ice Museums

This is my final post from my previous long weekend‘s worth of adventures in Seoul (see my photos from around town here, my photo booth glamourousness… noch 1.150 Wörter


Masturbation-Mass Debate?

In this day and age, it would be rare to find someone who has truthfully not engaged or thought of engaging in the wonderful art of masturbation. noch 622 Wörter