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[PICS] August Alsina Posts Wet Underwear Selfie

Add August Alsina’s name to the long list of celebrity guys who are taking and posting underwear selfies! He took it to the next level though and took a wet underwear selfie! noch 57 Wörter



The Game‘s penis had a good run on Instagram, but all good things must come to an end … and the popular photo sharing app has put the kibosh on his package.  noch 67 Wörter

What's FUZZing???

The Game Penis Photos: Going, Going... Soon to Be Gone

Very sad news today out of the world of entertainment:
By the time you read this, Instagram may have removed photos of The Game’s penis from the rapper’s scantily-clad account. noch 17 Wörter

Tila Tequila Goes INSANE on Twitter: Obese People Deserve to Die! I Have a Giant Penis!

Tila Tequila might be insane. We don’t mean she’s a little quirky, or a bit eccentric. We mean she’s the type of mom to put a Hitler mustache on her baby, post the pic on Instagram, and then wonder why everyone’s so upset. noch 11 Wörter

Warisan Kenikmatan

Namaku Gatot,  Sudah selama sebulan ini Gue membenahi usaha penggilingan padi Bokap yang baru saja Meninggal dan mewariskan usaha ini kepadaku, Gue adalah putra satu-satunya dari empat bersaudara, ketiga kakak perempuanku sudah pada menikah dan tinggal di Jakarta, entah bagaimana mereka bertiga bisa menikah dengan suami yang berprofesi sama, yakni perampok negara alias Anggota Dewan. noch 1.810 Wörter


The Baby is a Perverted Cat

Rowan has started hissing like a cat. Our daycare lady used to own a pet shop and when the shop closed, any animals who didn’t get adopted found their forever home with her. noch 399 Wörter

Funny Mom


This is a scheduled post.

It was game–night a day in my childhood. Me and cousins sat around playing ‘Choor-Polish-Dakat-Babu” (That’s “Thief-Police-Burglar-Baby”, yep that really is the name of the game) We would play to see who was the thief, the police, the burglar and the baby. noch 367 Wörter