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Grohl Opens His Mouth on Kravitz’ Penis

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lenny Kravitz had a major wardrobe malfunction in Sweden on Monday from rocking out a little too hard during a concert. Kravitz was strumming on his guitar and went down to squat when his leather pants ripped right down the middle, exposing his penis to an audience of thousands. noch 385 Wörter

Dave Grohl

Getting "Ahead" of the Game: Glansplasty Clarity

I was looking at my insight and saw a search referrer. Someone looked up “What is a glansplasty?”. I realized that I did not explain this in my post… noch 85 Wörter

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Lenny Gives The Full Monty In Sweden

Fans In Sweden Get To See MORE Of Lenny Than They Expected After A Wardrobe Malfunction!

CLICK HERE for story.

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Lenny Kravitz Wardrobe Malfunction, Ripped Pants Expose His Penis On Stage [VIDEO]

Lenny Kravitz was playing a show in Sweden yesterday and accidentally ripped his pants on stage. He wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath his pants though, so his private parts came out on stage! noch 83 Wörter


Eggplant Tuesday: Lenny Kravitz Has A Seriously NSFW D*ck Slip On Stage

This GIF of Lenny Kravitz's penis popping out of his leather pants is kinda relaxing tbh
Dorsey Shaw (@dorseyshaw) August 04, 2015

Happy Tuesday.

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Rock Out With Your Cock Out!

51 year old, Lenny Kravitz gave the front row quite a show while performing a guitar solo in Stockholm, Sweden.

After the incident, the producer stepped up and said that they were some problems onstage. noch 99 Wörter

VIDEO: Lenny Kravitz Has Major Wardrobe Malfunction - Exposes EVERYTHING! (NSFW)

If you have the hots for Lenny Kravitz, your day is about to be made!

The star was performing his hit “American Woman” in Stokholm when he had an unfortunate (or fortunate?) wardrobe malfunction. noch 83 Wörter