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It started with something like „Hey baby you want some company?“ Isn’t that something to ask professionals of the sex trade? Unfortunately for the guy who asked me I am not in the sex trade, and even if I were I would reserve the right to choose my clients and he would not be one of them. 143 weitere Wörter



A gentle moan escapes her lips
Her eyes fixated as she moves her hips
A penis stares right back at her
It makes her fingers reach for more… 53 weitere Wörter


Civet and Pangolin #145

C :- Bro a girl cuts off the penis of a god-man in Kerala!
P :- What use do god-men who have mastered emotions have with this organ!!

Civet and Pangolin #02

C :- Bro who is an upright man?
P :- One who has his spine and penis erect!

How did I end up paying money to suck a dick

Payments not always come in the shape of pounds or dollars. But I bet you never paid money to suck a dick. Well, kids, I have! 895 weitere Wörter


Supaya Tidak Merusak Gairah Bercinta, Cegah Bau Penis Dengan 4 Trik Ini

Ketika bercinta dengan pasangan, Anda mungkin mencium bau tak sedap dari penis. Penis yang berbau mungkin tidak membuat nyaman. Bahkan bisa menurunkan gairah seksual.

Ada beberapa cara yang Anda lakukan untuk mengurangi bau pada penis, sesuai dikutip dari… 161 weitere Wörter


Newfoundland surprised tourists with a phallic iceberg

GRIQUET, N.L. — Jamie Ellison’s botanical tour of northern Newfoundland provided a whole different kind of nature lesson when he looked out to a local bay and saw an iceberg with a distinctly masculine flourish. 335 weitere Wörter