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Slutwalk Johannesburg 2017

So, I did the Slutwalk again this year. This time I was lucky enough to have my spouse join me. Sadly, nobody else that I knew was there, but that is OK. 1.424 weitere Wörter


The etiquette of dick pics

I don’t know anything about the etiquette of dick pics, but I knew that title would get your attention.

I must be past my prime for receiving dick pics, because in my lifetime I’ve only received two. 306 weitere Wörter

Funny Irreverent Stuff

*Lesbian Girlfriend Debates*

Hey lovelies!!!! So today I asked my girlfriend to go to the corner store and buy me some boiled peanuts. This turns into a debate that she says I can’t say boiled peanuts right and I think she can’t hear! 56 weitere Wörter

Whenever the sun sets in my eyes, I put down the drugs and go parlay with Jesus Christ, telling all my salacious tales to him so that he strong stroke his long, luxurious staff of righteousness against the lower tendons of Sin.

2-footed tackle: Man United fans accused of racism over Lukaku penis chant

Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku © Andrew Yates / Reuters

The story is so insane and „incredibly“ racist. Their is a long history that corresponds to this and the type of behavior that goes along with it. 440 weitere Wörter


Liverpool FC physio 'romped with colleague and sent her a snap of his penis'


Married Liam Kershaw admitted sexual activity during office hours and sending an indecent picture from his work phone, at a hearing yesterday

A LIVERPOOL FC physio romped with a colleague and sent her a snap of his penis, a disciplinary hearing was told. 270 weitere Wörter

Man Gets Junk Stuck In Weight At The Gym; Firefighters Called To Help Him Escape

A man in Germany decided the best course of action while he was lifting weights at his local gym was to stick the most precious of his body parts in the hole in one of the weights. 79 weitere Wörter