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Jack took his penis around in a special case. He was a special case.


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After two weeks in Thailand and doing some manual stretches I jumped right back in to my Bathmate and Phallosan routine. And I must say, I was wondering if I was doing it right. 53 weitere Wörter

Why The Allegations Against Jamie Foxx Are Making People Think Of Him Differently [EXCLUSIVE]

Jamie Foxx has been making headlines recently as a woman came forward claiming he allegedly sexually assaulted her. She claims that Jamie asked her to perform oral sex and when she didn’t want to he slapped her with his penis. 302 weitere Wörter

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Wives: Dare To Vocal About His Penis

Hey Wives,

There is something that you can do that make your husband’s confidence go through the roof…Something that will help alleviate any fears he has about being inadequate as a lover to you…Something that will make him go from boy to beast. 60 weitere Wörter


JAMIE FOXX ACCUSED IN 2002 PENIS SLAPPING INCIDENT ... He Denies It and Will Fight Back Legally!!

Jamie Foxx is being accused of slapping a woman with his penis nearly 16 years ago, and although she’s now gone to police … Foxx says it’s an „absurd“ lie, and he’s going after her, legally … TMZ has learned. 270 weitere Wörter