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The Penhaligon Experience

Once in a blue moon we get a visit from my foreign cousins. And this usually means one thing – a little treat for moi. 406 weitere Wörter


In the Shade of the Alhambra: Villa Oniria

Once upon a time The Professional Guest was based in Spain. During that time I took made many a weekend getaway to different parts of the country, including an unforgettable visit to Granada. 844 weitere Wörter

More Brit Than Buckingham (And As Confusing): Penhaligon Artemisia review

     Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the biggest disasters we face, the most tragic loses, are a chance for a new beginning.

     William Penhaligon founded his namesake barber shop in 1870 in London, England, back when shaving was an opportunity to relax and socialize rather than a chore. 746 weitere Wörter


Beauty Empties: February 2016 – Part 2

I am about an hour away from boarding a flight for a quick trip in Australia, so let’s get the final part of February’s empties out of the way! 523 weitere Wörter


An Extravagant Experience of Multi Senses

Published on, December 3 2015

Contemporary Japanese restaurant Zuma Hong Kong and the time-honoured fragrance house Penhaligon have jointly introduced No. 33 Penhaligons Martini – a new cocktail that leads to an extravagant journey for the senses. 370 weitere Wörter


Chapter I: An unexpected Party - 1.The Tale of Tiberius

… The Shield of Benekander

The Tale of TIBERIUS

I could totally feel the joyful atmosphere of the “Day of The Beast”’s eve since my arrival in the little town of Stallanford, on the Duke Road, one day from Penhaligon. 295 weitere Wörter


Vickie Farquharson: trainee manager at Gorilla Perfumery

Everyone has a story. Vickie Farquharson talks about the right on bathbomb and smellies company Lush while working at its very first Gorilla Perfumes store, solely dedicated to fine perfumery, in trendy Camden Passage. 1.278 weitere Wörter

Working In Islington