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The complexity of Penhaligon’s fragrances is matched perhaps only by their variety. Post the no-tallow debacle, Penhaligon is one of the very few houses which continue to belt out their soaps/creams inspite of their reportedly low offtake.  592 weitere Wörter


I’ve just completed my Sunday morning ritual. Shaving. I enjoy shaving and probably shave every day of the week. Most guys don’t seem to be as attentive to their whiskers as I seem to be. 636 weitere Wörter

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In the Shade of the Alhambra: Villa Oniria

Once upon a time The Professional Guest was based in Spain. During that time I took made many a weekend getaway to different parts of the country, including an unforgettable visit to Granada. 844 weitere Wörter

More Brit Than Buckingham (And As Confusing): Penhaligon Artemisia review

     Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the biggest disasters we face, the most tragic loses, are a chance for a new beginning.

     William Penhaligon founded his namesake barber shop in 1870 in London, England, back when shaving was an opportunity to relax and socialize rather than a chore. 746 weitere Wörter