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Drench Juicy Spring Water - Pear & Blueberry

DRENCH have released a new flavour, Pear and Blueberry, and it’s a mix that you probably wouldn’t think would go together.

It’s not an equal mix though as there is four percent more pear juice than blueberry juice so it’s probably not a surprise that the drink is slightly sour. noch 71 Wörter

New Food

New Camera

My new Nikon D7100 came yesterday, and I’m learning all the new buttons and menus.  In some ways, it’s easier to use, others, more  confusing, but I’m sure I’ll get things sorted out with time!  noch 38 Wörter


Emerald Green Earrings Swarovski Crystal Earrings Emerald Green Pear Tear Drop…

Emerald Earrings
Waterfall earrings by Piranesi Fine Jewelry Great Art Deco look. Wonder what the green Stones are?
How many thumbs up to this?
Emerald Earrings Harry Winston emeralds and diamonds Vintage Swarovski Emerald green octagon stud… noch 12 Wörter

Can Anybody Tell Me What Tree I Have?

I have no idea. I was hoping it was a Pear Tree. It gets bloom every Spring but has never had fruit. It is about 6 years old and is about 20ft tall?


Still Life | Classic style

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Hi!! Now, you can follow my work on: DOLCEFOTO
My new web together with Pedro

Thank you so much, cheers!

By martaborreguero21


Still Life