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I made this juice last week but forgot to post it sooo, hello from last Thursday! This one was so delicious. As I’ve said before I’m really into green juice lately. 316 weitere Wörter




Frozen yoghurt layer cake                    Flourless chocolate cake


Pistachio & yoghurt cake                  Ginger, pear and almond cake


Raw chocolate cake                                  Oaty fruity cereal




Mini super-fruit wraps                        Oat, pear & cardamom smoothie


Super-food protein loaf                           Mexican-style omelette wrap

Ham & egg loaded potato skins


Quail and veal sweetbread pastry, shitake mushrooms and Indian pepper-flavoured jus

This is a pithivier. It was garnished with mushroom duxelle quenelles, glazed pear slices and peeled grapes.

May 27th, 2017 19 weitere Wörter


Pears are Delicious & Delightfully Misshapen

…which is a blessing for someone who struggles with consistency, especially in curves.

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Since I have been working ahead, tiredness did set in, so dots started developing more tadpoles than I had on, for example, the ice cream cone. 114 weitere Wörter