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it's beginning to feel like a lot like Christmas...

…especially when the aroma from spices like star anise perfume the kitchen.

We’ve been storing some pears in a little fridge in an outbuilding.  The Williams were still nice and firm, so I decided to use them to make Tom Kerridge’s version of… 198 weitere Wörter


Blogmas Day 8


Work happened.

And then I left about 30 minutes early.

But somehow I got home almost an hour early …

Next up was laundry (it became a MUST DO situation … you know how it goes … back-up pairs of undies situation!) 481 weitere Wörter

Dress Guide for The Pear

Problem: It’s often hard to find skinny jeans that fit your big butt. Highlight your beautiful figure and thinner waist. The goal is to create a balance between the shoulders / chest and lower body / butt. 423 weitere Wörter


1st Day of Christmas 

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A Partridge in a Pear Tree!

I know I still got time but I want to see if I can do all twelve drawings before Christmas. 7 weitere Wörter


Ham, Pear, Goat Cheese Spinach Salad

Hey there– I picked up one of those heavy, foiled wrapped spiral hams at the market last week, the kind you glaze with caramel and serve on a platter pink and salty.   163 weitere Wörter


Where is Farmer Christmas This Year?

This year Farmer Christmas has turned up in Vicars Orchard, miles away from the sheep in Upany where he spent the last festive season.

Photo by Emma Massie… 332 weitere Wörter

Church Farm Ardeley

Water Sprouts

Beurre D’Anjou Pear Tree in Healing Mode

In pre-scientific knowledge, these vertical shoots, the result of aggressive and wrong-headed pruning, are known as „water sprouts“. The old knowledge says it well. 79 weitere Wörter