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Reversed forest fruit cake

Here in Netherlands, small wild strawberries and all other kinds of berries are very common to find. Especially now that are in season, you can find them in the open markets in a very good price too.

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Pear and Walnut salad

This is a really easy salad to prepare but looks very fancy especially when served against a great pasta dish and some wine. Pears, in particular, are in season right now and you can get some beautiful red and brown varieties that would work perfectly in this salad. 82 weitere Wörter

Pear & Pomegranate Muffins

I had a craving for muffins for breakfast and checked my fruit basket…lo and behold a lone ripe pear…so I chopped it up and added it into my traditional muffin batter along with fresh Pomegranate arils…end result was so delicious! 177 weitere Wörter

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