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Not typical for me .. but somehow all right. A dandelion in black and white (ok .. black is white typical of me). Point. Nothing else. noch 25 Wörter


Earth...Is it a Pear?

Have you ever compared Earth to a pear?  I bet you haven’t!

But Earth is actually slightly shaped like a pear.

I guess Earth and a pear have more in common than you think!

Do you like pears?


Green Juice

Yes, juices are all the craze, especially green ones, and I’m not ashamed to say it but I quite enjoy them, too. This one is pretty tasty though, and a good pick-me-up mid afternoon. noch 111 Wörter

Fuelling The Engine

Japanese Pears - Tasty Vegan Burger Bun

Tired of a heavy bun during the hot summer months? Grill or bake large Japanese pear slices.  They stay firm and add a light sweetness to your favorite vegan burger.   noch 34 Wörter


Impressive Avocado Deals

There are so many reasons why not to like avocados. For me, I’ve got a few of them. Enough for me to link all of its benefits into one. noch 207 Wörter

Food Porn