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Memory of France

Together with me recall: the sky of Paris, that giant autumn crocus…
We went shopping for hearts at the flower girl’s booth:
they were blue and they opened up in the water. 60 weitere Wörter


Phỏng Vấn Jacques Derrida về Paul Celan - Jacques Derrida

Sinh năm 1930, mất năm 2004, Jacques Derrida được xem là một trong vài triết gia nổi tiếng và có ảnh hưởng nhất trên thế giới trong nửa sau thế kỷ 20. 1.682 weitere Wörter

Phỏng Vấn | Interview

Favorite Poems: The Jars by Paul Celan

(translated by Pierre Joris)

At the long table of time
God’s jars are boozing.
They guzzle the eyes of the seeing and the eyes of the blind, 45 weitere Wörter


Celan, 1970

Celan, 1970

From frame to door,
the obvious defers, denying

entry as if
an eye could reclaim

or separate

the fallen tear
and the river’s skin, 61 weitere Wörter


​“Poetry is a sort of homecoming.“

—Paul Celan, poet and translator (23 Nov 1920-1970).

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