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Reading: I hear that the axe has flowered by Paul Celan

Today, let’s dive into a mysterious poem by the great Paul Celan, in a translation by Michael Hamburger.

I hear that the axe has flowered…

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Paul Celan

Go blind at once, today:
eternity too is full of eyes—
what helped the images
overcome their coming
drowns there;
there the fire goes out of… 34 weitere Wörter


De viaje

Hay una hora que hace del polvo tu escolta,
de tu casa en Paris, lugar de sacrificio de tus manos,
de tu ojo negro, el más negro ojo.

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Poet Gillian Prew -- grievous canticles

When I encounter a poem with lines having a subtle quality of chant, I’m able to leave the ordinary behind for a little while. Ezra Pound was a master of lifting words on arcs of phrases, and this characteristic levitation of language made his poems extraordinary. 146 weitere Wörter


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Thanks, Tim Buck.

Lit rec #227: The Most Important Rebuke to Adorno's There Can Be No More Poetry After the Holocaust (1948)

Black milk of morning we drink you at dusktime/we drink you at noontime and dawntime we drink you at night. „DEATH FUGUE“ by Paul Celan


I am delighted to have a poem published at Poethead, one of my favourite poetry places. Many thanks to the editor, Chris Murray.

You can read it here.


A Few Words about First Lines: Poetry Edition

As promised, here’s the companion to my post on opening lines, this time turning the focus to poetry.

John Donne, „The Canonization“

For God’s sake, hold your tongue and let me love,

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