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"... Εκεί που με ξέχασα μέσα σου, έγινες σκέψη,..." Paul Celan

Όταν δεν ξέρω , δεν ξέρω ,
χωρίς εσένα , χωρίς εσένα , χωρίς Εσύ,

έρχονται τότε όλοι αυτοί ,
αυτοαποκεφαλισμένοι , που
ισόβια ανεγκέφαλοι τη φυλή


Paname's Inspiration

a terminus spews travelers out into

the city’s streets

i jump a line and fly the five to where

le nuit debout resides, encircled by black uzis…

noch 74 Wörter

Paul Celan

How you die out in me:

down to the last
knot of breath
you’re there, with a
of life.

 ― Paul Celan, Poems of Paul Celan… noch 6 Wörter


The Sluice

Paul Celan

Over all this
grief of yours: no
second heaven


To a mouth
for which it was a thousandword
lost —
I lost a word…

noch 120 Wörter
Creative Writing


Paul Celan

With all my thoughts I went
right out of the world: there you were,
you my gentle one, you my open one, and —

noch 94 Wörter
Creative Writing

Matière de Bretagne

Paul Celan

Gorselight, yellow, the slopes
fester heavenward, a thorn
woos the wound, bells are tolling
inland, it’s evening, nothingness
swells its seas to devotions,

noch 136 Wörter
Creative Writing


Paul Celan

No one kneads us again out of earth and clay,
no one incants our dust.
No one.

Blessèd art thou, No One.
In thy sight would…

noch 71 Wörter
Creative Writing