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With you, you eternal
neversongs, deep
below where
the word beloved
ahead to the
word fields


I lie with
my soul-
algae full of names… 14 weitere Wörter


TESHA | Dreams

brigita ercegovic

in the mirror it’s Sunday,

in dream there is room for sleeping,

our mouths speak the truth 9 weitere Wörter


StrangerBanjo19 | Chillest Rose

cori kindred

robert moses joyce

You are light: you will sleep through my Spring till

it’s over.

I am lighter:

in front of strangers I sing 7 weitere Wörter



Write, she said, and then you will have written.

The problem about not having anxiety any more, she thought, is that there is nothing to distract from the depression. 445 weitere Wörter

True Poetry

The signature of the poem, like that of any text,
is a wound.

True poetry is anti-biographical. The poet’s homeland is his poem and changes from one poem to the next. 102 weitere Wörter


Further excerpts from Paul Celan's 'microliths'

16 He who transforms himself wants, being the same, to become someone else.

Shape = semblance

17  There is no such thing as the Ibolithic, you say! 376 weitere Wörter


Ariana Harwicz

¿Qué fue lo primero que leíste?

Lo primero que leí, con consciencia de estar leyendo, es La Náusea de Sartre.  Me acuerdo de sentir que conocía a Antoine Roquentin, que compartía todos sus pensamientos, y por otro lado, que ese libro era el primer libro que yo hubiera querido escribir. 212 weitere Wörter

Ingeborg Bachmann