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Some select items from today’s upload! Again, spanning the world and ideas. Poetry, prose, essays.

Literature In Translation

Twelve Years - Paul Celan

The line
that remained, that
became true: . . . your
house in Paris — become
the alterpiece of your hands.

Breathed through thrice,
shone through thrice. 33 weitere Wörter


With The Voice - Paul Celan

With the voice of the Field-mouse
You squeak up,

a sharp
you bite through my Shirt into the Skin,

a Cloth,
you slither over my Mouth, 10 weitere Wörter


On My Right - Paul Celan

On my Right – who? The Death-Woman.
And you, on my Left, you?

The Wandering-Sickles in extra-
heavenly Place
mime themselves grey-white
Moon-Swallows, together,
Star-Swifts, 12 weitere Wörter


The Poles - Paul Celan

The Poles
are within us,
while Awake,
we sleep across, to the Gate
of Mercy,

I lose you to you, that
is my Snow-Comfort, 36 weitere Wörter


Landscape - Paul Celan

tall poplars — human beings of this earth!
black pounds of happiness — you mirror them to death!

I saw you, sister, stand in that effulgence.