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Paul Celan, "A Leaf" ... a poem of our times...

Paul Celan

– a poem from Schneepart

A Leaf, treeless
For Bertolt Brecht:

What times are these
when a conversation
is almost a crime
because it includes… 23 weitere Wörter


The Dreamed Ones

The Dreamed Ones

Directed by Ruth Beckermann

Austria, 2016

HOME, 27 December 2016

This is a curious, difficult to pigeonhole film, neither a feature nor a documentary, rather a vital hybrid of both. 171 weitere Wörter

Film Review

London Film Festival 2016: Die Geträumten [The Dreamed Ones]

That both the lives of Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan ended tragically and separately adds a significant poignancy to the pair’s postwar correspondence. Fed through years of creative antagonisms, personal recriminations and persistent rivalries, the poets’ love letters articulate an experience particular to central Europe in the 20th century – the precarious space described by Heidegger, the countries caught in the pincers of untrammelled modernity, and the Jewish people at once reclaiming, reconciling and remembering the horrors of the Holocaust. 320 weitere Wörter

Quầng Sáng | Corona - Paul Celan

Paul Celan (1920-1970) sinh tại Romania dưới tên Paul Antschel trong một gia đình gốc Do Thái nói tiếng Đức. Cả bố lẫn mẹ của ông đều chết trong trại tập trung của Đức Quốc Xã. 1.020 weitere Wörter

Thơ | Poetry

more poetry on film

Here’s another film for your watch-for-it list: DIE GETRÄUMTEN (The Dreamed Ones) is a „docudrama“ in which two actors in a recording studio read from the dramatic exchange of poems, letters, postcards, telegrams and drafts between poets… 72 weitere Wörter