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The Vintagers

Paul Celan

They harvest the wine of their eyes,
they crush out all of the weeping, this also:
thus willed by the night,
the night, which they’re leaning against, the wall,

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Creative Writing

Paul Celan's Nineteen Poems

Paul Celan was born 95 years ago today. Here’s nineteen poems selected and translated by Michael Hamburger…

1. Tallow Lamp

The monks with hairy fingers opened the book: September. noch 2.098 Wörter


The Only Light Ever Needed Was Cast By the Moon – Debrecen to Lviv By Rail

– Metternich said the Orient begins at the end of Vienna’s Ringstrasse. Perhaps that was true in the early 19th century, but for me it begins east of the Tisza River. noch 1.104 Wörter

Hungary Travel


amplify forensic french fry tapestry an
index finger specificity
(sustainable lifetime)


The soft palate at the back of my mouth collapses during sleep. My breathing stops twenty times each night. Since my oxygen supply drops, I wake up groggy, grumpy and un-refreshed. noch 1.047 Wörter

Mark Zlomislic

Celan, 1970

Celan, 1970

From frame to door,
the obvious defers, denying

entry as if
an eye could reclaim

or separate

the fallen tear
and the river’s skin, noch 54 Wörter


Schuifelen naar de eeuwigheid


Schwarze Milch der Frühe wir trinken sie abends

wir trinken sie mittags und morgens wir trinken sie nachts

wir trinken und trinken

wir schaufeln ein Grab in den Lüften da liegt man nicht eng… noch 1.238 Wörter