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Weggebeizt (Iceland V)

I cannot think of a better description of glaciers than in Adalbert Stifter’s novella Bergkristall, where two young children, on their way home to their alpine village, get lost in a storm on a glacier. noch 53 Wörter

NTA Longlist: Breathturn into Timestead by Paul Celan translated by Pierre Joris

Breathturn into Timestead by Paul Celan, translated from the German by Pierre Joris (Farrar Straus and Giroux)

More than a monumental work of scholarship, Pierre Joris’s 40-year project in translation of the later poetry of one of the twentieth century’s most original and “untranslatable” poets is an extraordinary work of poetry in contemporary English. noch 46 Wörter

Literary Translation

like the memory-wound,
the eyes dig toward you
in the by heart-teeth light-
bitten crownland,
that remains our bed:

through this shaft you have to come— noch 35 Wörter


Poem - Death Fugue - Paul Celan

Black milk of daybreak we drink it at sundown

we drink it at noon in the morning we drink it at night

we drink it and drink it… noch 432 Wörter


Delhi Diary-Almonds

In the middle of the night I suddenly wake up. In my dream I stood in a damp and moist garden, heavily breathing and covered in thick, green leaves. noch 395 Wörter

Delhi Diaries

Uma Poética dos Rastros

Procuro em cada coisa A Palavra de Deus/Olho e olho e nenhum som, gesto ou sopro.

Joana Emídio Marques, Ritornelos

Joana Emídio Marques
, jornalista, publicou recentemente o seu primeiro livro de poesia, …

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Paul Celan

I have written a short, introductory text on Paul Celan and his relationship to Marin Heidegger. The text is open-access and can be read at the forum of Global Social Theory.

Martin Heidegger