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Delhi Diary-Almonds

In the middle of the night I suddenly wake up. In my dream I stood in a damp and moist garden, heavily breathing and covered in thick, green leaves. noch 395 Wörter

Delhi Diaries

Uma Poética dos Rastros

Procuro em cada coisa A Palavra de Deus/Olho e olho e nenhum som, gesto ou sopro.

Joana Emídio Marques, Ritornelos

Joana Emídio Marques
, jornalista, publicou recentemente o seu primeiro livro de poesia, …

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Paul Celan

I have written a short, introductory text on Paul Celan and his relationship to Marin Heidegger. The text is open-access and can be read at the forum of Global Social Theory.

Martin Heidegger

They served the black milk of the past

They came at dawn, benevolent with promises
with open hands, and buses, candy-smiles,
separating fathers from their wives
sisters to the left and brothers to the right… noch 212 Wörter


Speak you too,
speak as the last,
say out your say.

But don’t split off No from Yes.
Give your say this meaning too: noch 92 Wörter



Elizabeth Bachner | Hip Mama | June 2015 |  8 minutes (1,874 words)

This essay, recommended by Longreads contributor Maud Newton, is by the writer Elizabeth Bachner and appears in the current issue of Hip Mama magazine.  noch 2.265 Wörter


A morte é um Mestre que veio da Alemanha

E grita toquem mais doce a música da morte a morte é um mestre/Que veio da Alemanha(…)

 (Celan, Sete Rosas mais Tarde, …

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