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Paramore’s Canary

Photography by Rimel Neffati

Paramore’s Canary

Memories pass,
While candlelit shadows
Glide towards Hyde Park.
Under and over brambles
A deep swallow;
of tangle-wood,
The Dead Forest. 77 weitere Wörter


poetry as metanoia

It is possible for words to fail us. We may arrive at a fork in the road, to a place on the map of our lives that the language crafted patiently by generations has not prepared us for. 490 weitere Wörter


Poem - Little Night 

Little Night: when you

take me within, within,

up there,

three Pain-Inches above

the Floor:
all the Shroud-Coats of Sand,

all the Help-Nots,

all, that still


with the Tongue –


Poem - Ice Eden

There is a Land that’s Lost,

Moon waxes in its Reeds,

and all that’s turned to frost

with us, burns there and sees.

It sees, for it has Eyes, 38 weitere Wörter


Poem - I Hear 

I hear, the Axe has flowered,

I hear, the Place is un-nameable,

I hear, the Bread, that looks on him,

heals the Hanged-Man,

the Bread, his Wife baked for him, 9 weitere Wörter


Poem - I can Still See You 

I can still see you: an Echo,

to be touched with Feeler-

Words, on the Parting-

Your face softly shies away,

when all at once there is… 14 weitere Wörter


Poem - Crystal 

not on my lips look for your mouth,

not in front of the gate for the stranger,

not in the eye for the tear.
seven nights higher red makes for red, 16 weitere Wörter