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Paul Celan


Autumn eats its leaf out of my hand: we are friends.
From the nuts we shell time and we teach it to walk:
then time returns to the shell. 124 weitere Wörter


Ash Flower by Anselm Kiefer

„I am alone, I set the ashen flower

in a glass full of pure blackness.“

(Paul Celan) 17 weitere Wörter

Gesamtkunstwerk/ MAGNUM OPUS

No One's Rose

The Recycling of an old tree and the fame of nature

Fragment of the Poem Psalm by Paul Celan

„A Nothing

we were, are now, and ever… 71 weitere Wörter


Paramore’s Canary

Photography by Rimel Neffati

Paramore’s Canary

Memories pass,
While candlelit shadows
Glide towards Hyde Park.
Under and over brambles
A deep swallow;
of tangle-wood,
The Dead Forest. 77 weitere Wörter


poetry as metanoia

It is possible for words to fail us. We may arrive at a fork in the road, to a place on the map of our lives that the language crafted patiently by generations has not prepared us for. 490 weitere Wörter