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I’m in a holding pattern, waiting for my flights back home. This pattern happens to be occurring 2 hours south in a dense and busy city on the Gulf of Siam, known for, well, let’s leave that for later. noch 1.142 Wörter


Pattaya Travel Guide

The City of Pattaya on the East coast of the Gulf of Thailand is a self-governing region about 165km Southeast of Bangkok. For centuries, it was a small fishing village, but when American servicemen ventured down the coast from their base in Nakhon Ratchasima in 1959, in search of rest and relaxation during the Vietnam War, the package holiday industry took off with a bang, and Pattaya began to develop into the popular beach resort of today. noch 426 Wörter



On Sunday I went on a lunch date with Liz to Pattaya. I’ve only ever had Pattaya at catered events and haven’t actually been there before. noch 70 Wörter

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