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Vacation in it's truest sense.

Hey guys!
So I’m currently in pattaya, Thailand, for a much needed break from life. I believe one if the first thoughts I had as we landed was the fact that I am no longer home and how happy I was about that. noch 591 Wörter


Scenes around Bangkok and Pattaya


Featured in this post are: the little bars which are found everywhere on the streets of Bangkok. Not only are they really cute and sparkling with disco lights but they also serve a mean array of drinks: cocktails and anything else you’d like. noch 225 Wörter


Hit Refresh

Unlike the chaotic Pattaya or the rugged Chiang Mai, Phuket is a wonderful balance between urban life and natural beauty

  • Phi Phi Islands
Chiang Mai

Bad Religion

  • Police arrested 2 Iranians (Mohammed Nejaed, 22 and Omid Sqlmahle, 20) for shoplifting at Big C in Pattaya at 1 PM. 
  • The security guard at Big C saw them walking around the clothes department and stuffing items into plastic bags.
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From Pattaya to Koh Larn with love

This is the very first out-of-country travel I experienced, well, the first that I can remember. I was a baby, then, when my family shared stories with me having traveled three countries. noch 359 Wörter

First Time

Former IT developer dips into Thai pool villas

Is this a telling sign of an overheated market when everyone has to be in it due to stellar returns which cannot be replicated in other industries? noch 125 Wörter


I Saw Her

Come home, child
Wind blown by trial
Rest your head for a while
Hold on til dawn
Dream of freedom
Where the war rages on… noch 818 Wörter