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One of My Favorite Homes in Pattaya Thailand

Strolling around looking about walking and talking I ran in to the most charming gentleman from the UK. A most interesting fellow. Kind, a sharp wit, happy relaxed and retired now living in Pattaya. noch 501 Wörter


Pattaya Thailand - Incomparable Unforgettable Seaside City of Lights

The best way to describe Pattaya Thailand is indeed “Incomparable and Unforgettable. We all know it’s reputation but what we read or hear about Pattaya is NOT the whole picture. noch 692 Wörter

(Yuri and Annie - Part 5) Cafeteria Conversation and Yuri's Smile


This story is about how I met a beautiful girl from Thailand. She’s so wonderfully gorgeous. If you didn’t follow the story yet, please go back to first part to understand what was happened :)

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Beautiful Girl

What do Apple and A Pattaya Bar Girl Have In Common?

A Pattaya bar girl, just in case you don’t know, is a girl who hangs out in the bars of Pattaya, Thailand and sells sexual services. noch 30 Wörter

Tayland Gece Hayatı

Tayland Pattaya 2015 ziyaretim’i yapıp Pattayadan geldikten sonra Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya diyorum başka bir şey diyemiyorum bir haftadır.
Öncelikle Pattaya Tatili me gitmeden önce benden bilgilerini yardımlarını esirgemeyen sayın site üstadlarına ve site yönetimine çok teşekkür ederim. noch 205 Wörter

What is Justice Part 1: Pain


It was hot. I could feel a drop of sweat begin rolling down my back.

I didn’t belong here.

But neither did they. No one should belong to a place like this. noch 354 Wörter