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18 year old Fan Zhendong Dominates Asian Table Tennis Championships

18 year old FAN Zhendong is the king of Asian table tennis, winning every possible title on offer at the Suzuki 2015 Asian Table Tennis Championships, which concluded today in Pattaya, Thailand. noch 592 Wörter

Table Tennis

A Week in Pattaya, Thailand

In August 2013, we spent a week in Pattaya, Thailand, a small city about an hour and a half drive from Bangkok. August is the heat peak season of the year, and sometimes the monsoon is still raging, so we had decided to organize for ourselves a slow journey throughout the week, and adapt our touristic program according to the weather forecast (and high temperatures) when necessary. noch 1.955 Wörter


Walking Street!!!

Diary entry from 06-09-2015

I saw something today that shook my core existence and made me go in a disturbed state of mind. The irony is that I was the one who wanted and insisted again and again that ‘I want to watch it’, to curb my curiosity. noch 256 Wörter


Exploring Pattaya in a day

Every city has a word, a word that describes it in the best possible way and I think my word for Pattaya is- Grey.

Grey because Pattaya has two sides to it. noch 917 Wörter


Sawasdee Kaa Thailand!:)

Another Asian Country on my blog!! Visited one of the well-known tourist country of the world, located at Southeast Asia’s Indochina Peninsula — Thailand or also known as the Land of Smiles because of its undeniably friendly locals. noch 1.704 Wörter


5 Streets that tell you a little bit about Thailand

One of the liveliest places in the world, Thailand has some very interesting streets. At least one really fascinating street in each of the major city or town.  noch 196 Wörter