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Hot Promotion!! From PATTAYA & KOH CHANG

Pattaya and Koh Chang. What is your favorite city in Thailand that you would like to discover?

Someone like Pattaya,

Someone like Koh Chang.

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What to Do for Two Days in Pattaya

So you’ve decided to come to Pattaya – but you only have two days. Perhaps you are en-route to another Thailand destination, or maybe you just want a few days’ break from the big city. 50 weitere Wörter

Mantak and me - Part 13

June 1993 When I left Pattaya after the Fusion week I had been training with Mantak for over a year and pretty much decided that was the way I wanted to go.  265 weitere Wörter


Pattaya is located in the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand. It is a large city in Chonburi close by to the capital Bangkok and not far from Koh Chang. 346 weitere Wörter

Traveler Trick

Post Holiday Depression things

Hi Lovelies

I went to Pattaya this past week for a short but very sweet vacation filled with alot of sun, sand and sea with my Lomli. 105 weitere Wörter


The Dreaded Mosquito

Firstly this is not what my page is about but occasionally there are items of interest that I believe are worth sharing.

from week one in Thailand, I have been persecuted and tortured by an unseen demon, commonly known as the mosquito, although I have many names I could call them, which would involve some obscenities. 531 weitere Wörter


Rompho Parties

Rompho is a place that will always be close to my heart, even when I decide to depart this magical land of Thailand and more specifically, the amazing city of Pattaya. 1.338 weitere Wörter