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Anytime Cafe and Grill

Anytime Cafe and Grill adds a new and delightful gastronomic experience to Pattaya and they do it with a unique style!

The Café is a one-of-a-kind dual concept in Pattaya of a fully equipped bake shop and fully equipped grill kitchen with both being ‘open show’ kitchens, where customers can see the Chefs at work. 1.302 weitere Wörter

- pastel -

a day when all is clear and everlasting, a day when life is classically wonderful, a day when love is enchantingly beautiful… a celebration of love and life.


Feeding the monkeys at Sammuk Hill

Some tourists in Pattaya think of something else other than the beach thing. They go to Sammuk Hill in Bangsaen and feed some monkeys. That is not to say Pattaya’s attractions are not great, but a day with the cuddly primates is, indeed, another story. 528 weitere Wörter

Pattaya: Wan Mair

Happy Wan Mair guys! That’s right it’s mother’s day this weekend (it’s like a 3 day holiday though so more like Happy Mother’s Weekend!)

Today we had a moochy morning leaving the room at 9am and went for breakfast at the bakery round the corner before being picked up for the day! 1.102 weitere Wörter