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Thailand is a destination for beach goers, people who wants a relaxed vacation or simply a group of youths wanting to have best time of their lives.. 308 weitere Wörter


Sex tourism in Pattaya frustrates Thai government


PATTAYA, Thailand: With mascots dressed as smiling fish and a police rock band, Thai authorities launched a „Happy Zone“ at the weekend to improve the image of a city notorious for sex tourism. 660 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

A couple of corrections

On a Sunday, as we read a few stories that continue to keep us glum about Thailand’s prospects for some political progress, as opposed to regression, we came across a couple of stories that appear to us to requires a little corrective attention. 269 weitere Wörter

Top Things To Do At Pattaya For A Great Weekend Escapade From The City

To the east of the Gulf of Thailand lies Pattaya, a charming resort city that is dazzling with some of the world’s best nightlife and shopping. 693 weitere Wörter


Moving to Paradise

It’s been a week, but with my daughter’s active complicity and Chart Korbjitti’s most appreciated help, I’ve finally settled down in a new nest. Overnight, my living quarters of a quarter century have shrunk by two-thirds – from the 92 sqm of a Thon Buri townhouse with token land to the 36 sqm of the current one-bedroom flat, a broad expanse still, compared to the 1 sqm of the final stretch. 340 weitere Wörter