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Human Touch

Yesterday, Laura and I attended a teaching conference and then accompanied Dr. Big to the nuclear imaging department. There, we watched patients undergo a MIBI or sestamibi scan, which uses a radioactive substance to detect ischemic (low blood flow) areas of the heart. noch 565 Wörter


Trust No One

hey guys,
Just a few thoughts about my time so far living abroad and travelling around. It’s been a lot different from my usual 3 week millionaire trips that’s for certain. noch 36 Wörter

Pharmacies Selling Steroids

Pharmacies selling steroids in Thailand can be found basically at every single pharmacy you come across. If you go into any pharmacy in Bangkok or Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand they generally have large signs in the windows saying “WE SELL STEROIDS INSIDE” where they produce… … noch 15 Wörter

Toyota GND

Toyota GND

Architect : Tortrakul Nisawatthananun
Location : Chonburi


Vägen mot att bli en bättre löpare och vart jag står idag!

Det är en kall februarikväll någonstans i den norra delen av vårt land. En löpare kommer springandes på vägen och hennes blick är målmedveten och stegen lätta. noch 2.789 Wörter



Year 2016. “Home is your sanctuary.”  Daria Werbowy