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Failed Timer and Some Planting

My Orbit three-port timer died.  I took great care of it over the winter, so this made me really angry. I called Orbit and supposedly, I have another one on the way.  noch 79 Wörter


The Friday Face-Off: Renewed Shall be Blade that Was Broken

Welcome to The Friday Face-Off, a new weekly meme hosted by Books by Proxy. Join us every Friday as we pit cover against cover, and publisher against publisher, to find the best artwork in our literary universe. noch 348 Wörter

The Friday Face-off

JONGHYUN - Orbit (우주가 있어)

Uh You’re my, You’re my space

(Banjjak) Bitnaneun du nuni
(Oh kkamjjak) Nollaneun nae kkori
(Tto saljjak) Boran deut miso jisneun
Jangnanseureon ne ipkkori
Nege nege tto nuni ga (Nuni ga) noch 253 Wörter


Where The Mars Is

Hey, sky fans. Thanks for spending some of your Saturday night here. I’ve got the bottle of Traquair House Ale, and the “Meatballs” on the ol‘ DVD machine. noch 692 Wörter

orbit and orbital

Many students get confused over the difference between orbit and orbitals. As much as it sounds close in meaning, there are basic differences between them. noch 355 Wörter

General Chemistry