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Venus | Inferior Conjunction | 2017

Venus is closer to the Sun and orbits faster than Earth. Earth takes just over 365 days. Venus orbits in just under 225 Earth days. During the recent few months, Venus was bright and easily visible in the evening sky as it caught up to and passed Earth. 425 weitere Wörter


(Pluto Poems 4) Corona

I don’t want to orbit the sun anymore.

Her warmth is poison to me

you see its easier to simply

float alone, frozen than

pick away at the nitrogen ice… 123 weitere Wörter


Linked - Friday March 24

A weekly roundup of what’s good to read in baseball.

  • A Redditor decided to go right to the source and ask major league teams why he should become a fan.
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Space tourism companies are going to write their own safety rules because the US government can’t

Within a year, says Blue Origin, it will begin flying humans to the edge of space. That would grant the company, founded by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, a symbolic victory over competitors like SpaceX, Boeing and Virgin Galactic, who are also pursuing plans to fly paying passengers beyond earth’s atmosphere. 1.578 weitere Wörter

Ian Graham, author of Monument, Q&A

I’m VERY pleased to be joined today by a really fantastic writer, Ian Graham. I reviewed one of his two new books a couple of days ago… 1.483 weitere Wörter