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Space junk and what to do about it

This image illustrates that space junk is a problem. Remember, though, that none of these bits are even as big as a pixel much less as enourmous as they seem to be in the image. 36 weitere Wörter


Lack Lustre

As I’ve lost all get up and go for poetry and arts and crafts, I thought I would play around with Kerbal Space Program and my video editor. 22 weitere Wörter


Francisco Lindor dominates Astros' mascot Orbit in lightsaber battle

Houston Astros‘ mascot Orbit was up to his typical and goofy antics Friday night during the defending World Series champ’s home game against the Cleveland Indians. 212 weitere Wörter


orbit //

someday it will stop,

you will no longer

cut me open again

over and over

right at the seams

that i thought i’d mended

a thousand times. 191 weitere Wörter


Book review of Red Claw by Philip Palmer

This review of Red Claw by Philip Palmer was written in 2010 for the British Science Fiction Association‘s magazine, Vector.

Orbit, 2009, Paperback, 496pp, £7.99, ISBN 1841496243… 414 weitere Wörter


Microscopy May 2018

Quiet session this month, possibly because of it being busy with the recent ARVO meeting, the ECVO meeting, and the upcoming RCOphth Congress. Still, 642 weitere Wörter