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Tidal Aint The Wave

But it’s here. The most puzzling aspect of the Tidal business model is that it assumes fans are thirsty enough to throw common sense out the window and jump off a financial cliff for their favorite artists. noch 141 Wörter

Alicia Keys

Changing Technology - What it will look like in 5 years

Think Marty McFly on the hover board ; think Bender, the robot you can drink with, technology in the future has always been projected as exciting, rapid advances, change that has catapulted in strides as the creators/inventors springboard on the shoulders of the previous generation’s great advancements. noch 442 Wörter

Information Technology

Ease of Access to Online Services

There’s a certain element of irony in this blog title. The first part of any blog is to research what exactly you will be talking about. noch 339 Wörter

Changing Technology

CanLII’s Note Up and Citation Linking System Improved – Tip of the Week

By Alan Kilpatrick

CanLII has recently improved its note up and citation linking system.  The system, known as Reflex, has been upgraded to include greater functionality and additional automation.  noch 174 Wörter

Online Services

Enjoy doing work from home and enjoy your work to the fullest

You will come across many websites and these websites are doing pretty good work in providing jobs to everyone. There is no reason not to believe in the site as there are many people who have already got pretty good jobs from us. noch 450 Wörter

Work From Home CA

E-Commerce Services

We have 5 years experience running a few e-commerce websites and also selling on major marketplaces in Malaysia and Internationally.

The services we provide includes but is not limited to:- noch 134 Wörter

Our Services Sexy Delights Of Europe

Date: February 2015
Agency: adam&eveDDB
Country: United Kingdom

This cheeky spot, timed for Valentine’s Day’s spontaneous lovers is a cultural and suggestive romp through Europe’s top travel destinations. noch 12 Wörter