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Changes Underway at CanLII

By Gregory Walen, Q.C.
Bencher, Law Society of Saskatchewan

Most members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan are familiar with the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII). 540 weitere Wörter

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Nintendo Switch Online - Value Proposition

Guess I’ll give my opinions on the Nintendo Switch Online service today since more information was unveiled this week. I believe my opinions are going to be a bit unique here since I have no prior experience with any of the other console’s online services; I know roughly what they offer and what they cost but I have no experience using any of them. 1.074 weitere Wörter

Nintendo Switch

Turns Out, Donald Trump Jr's Wife Has Always Had Terrible Taste In Men

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O'Connor's Online: What is it?

This is the first in a four part series blog post spotlighting Jones McClure Publishing’s O’Connor’s Online.

O’Connor’s Online provides access to user-friendly law books geared toward the practicing lawyer. 263 weitere Wörter

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Join us live or online today and become part of Extend West, an anti-prolongination movement that seeks to replace all staff & faculty meetings that could have been an email with, well, an email. 63 weitere Wörter


Nerding out Extend

Wow, I had no idea it was that easy for just about anyone to make and up load a video in response to a prompt. Today’s Extend asked us to make a short video about something we are passionate about, something that makes us Nerdy. 247 weitere Wörter


How to Calculate the Worth of Your Crypto Coins in terms of Ethereum?

Are you a cryptocurrency trader? Have you become frustrated planning your crypto trades using unreliable tools? What method do you use to calculate the worth of your cryptocurrency in terms of ethereum or Bitcoin? 329 weitere Wörter

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