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Borrowbox is the new e-book and e-audio book service from Denbighshire Libraries. You can borrow up to 10 e-books and 10 e-audiobooks at a time, for 21 days. noch 59 Wörter

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Uber - Worth The Ride [Review]

In need of a cab? Use Uber; its revolutionised the taxi / cab industry and is steadily launching in countries all over the world. TechVise takes a look at how it works… noch 112 Wörter


HR A Contender for CEO!

HR – HUMAN RESOURCE, It’s all about people here.

HR loves achieving results through people and I believe that organizations can win in the marketplace if they get their talent strategy in place. noch 488 Wörter

$20 Off from Crowd Spring

$69 package: $20 Off + free Promo feature ($49 value). Start a Project coupon code: CSPROMO Starts: 2015-01-29 Expires: 2016-08-21 view all offers from Crowd Spring

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Lawyers Weekly

By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The January 29th edition of Lawyers Weekly digital edition is now available via the Members’ Section of the Law Society website… noch 42 Wörter

Online Services

Win an iPod Shuffle of £50 of Oxford University Press Books

In which century did monkey bars enter the English language?

Use the Oxford online resources to find the answers to the questions for a chance to win either an iPod shuffleTM or £50 worth of Oxford University Press books! noch 17 Wörter

Online Services

Some Important Steps Followed Closely By An Expert Mold Removal Company

The form may be the most typical development that may be seen in damp areas and homes particularly in slow like basements. It’s like you have observed adverse development about the houses’ surfaces. noch 473 Wörter

Mold Removal