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Irwin Law’s Canadian Online Legal Dictionary (Tip of the Week)

By Alan Kilpatrick

Are you familiar with Irwin Law’s Canadian Online Legal Dictionary (COLD)?  COLD is a free online legal dictionary and is composed of all the terms featured in the legal textbooks published by Irwin Law.  noch 181 Wörter

Tip Of The Week

Monthly OST Document

Starting in August 2015, the Online Services Terms (OST) document will be updated monthly.

Get the document here:

BBC Trust publishes provisional conclusions on proposed changes to BBC television and online services

You recently gave your views to the BBC Trust’s consultation on a range of proposals from the BBC Executive including reinventing BBC Three as an online-only service, launching a +1 channel for BBC One; evolving BBC iPlayer; and extending the hours of CBBC. noch 94 Wörter


Linking to American Case Law through HeinOnline (Tip of the Week)

By Ken Fox

I assume there will come a time when every correctly-formatted citation in every electronic document will have a hyperlink to its source (and maybe even a further future time when none of the links go to paywalls and secure sites, but let’s not get too crazy). noch 660 Wörter

Tip Of The Week

Lawyers Weekly

By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The June 26th edition of Lawyers Weekly digital edition is now available via the Members’ Section of the Law Society website… noch 41 Wörter

Online Services

Online Medical Services That Offer Consultation

Need medical advice but don’t have the time to visit a doctor? These four online medical services may be the perfect thing for you.

Finding your way to the doctor can be a difficult thing nowadays. noch 113 Wörter