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Who Next...?

The online “Who Next…?” to children’s authors has recently been updated with 50 new authors added and over 200 entries updated with more updates to come.  noch 21 Wörter

Online Services

Lawyers Weekly

By Melanie Hodges Neufeld

The April 29th edition of Lawyers Weekly digital edition is now available via the Members’ Section of the Law Society website… noch 41 Wörter


Microsoft CSP Billing and Support Questions

Beginning in Q1 of 2016, we have converted approximately 1,000 Microsoft Online Services users from the depreciated Advisor model to Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. The process has been fairly smooth, but there are a few recurring questions from customers concerning billing and support. noch 277 Wörter


Shakespeare Quiz

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that this year is Shakespeare’s 400 birthday. To show how much he has become engrained in the English language, Oxford University Press have put together a quiz based around a set of tweets from famous celebrities. noch 18 Wörter

Online Services

MealsGuru-Feel The Home Like Taste With Our Fabulous Meals

Food is the most effective source of energy and we can’t sustain without food. Presently, everyone is busy in their own work schedules and they don’t find enough time to cook for them at the end of the day.  noch 248 Wörter

Making our new website live

Today we have made our new website live at

We launched the beta version of our website on Monday, 29 February 2016. Since then almost 2,000 people have visited the website, and many of those visitors have sent us very useful feedback about the website’s design and information. noch 515 Wörter

Council Website

MealsGuru Cooking Classes in Chandigarh

Well, nowadays people believe to explore and learn more and more. Either it is the terms of personal or professional sphere. Now if we talk about food, people are currently enough passionate about cooking nowadays. noch 265 Wörter