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Caricature, Rodeo Austin

Caricature, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

Looking back at the photos I made this year at Rodeo Austin, I’m struck by how different they’ve become compared to my first visits back nearly ten years ago. 193 weitere Wörter



1/100 f/11 ISO 200 20mm Lumix Pen f

Diptych of an art dealer at Photo London

Left is my monochrome present and right is the RAW file. Straight out of camera.


Portraits at the Rodeo

Portraits at the Rodeo – Austin, Texas

You might that noticed that I’ve switched to a different style of photography from my initial coverage of this year’s Rodeo Austin, 205 weitere Wörter


WARNING: Stay away from Olympus!

Back in 2015 I was excited to get my new camera: Olympus OMD Em5II. The decade prior to that I used different Canon cameras and before that again, when I started photographing, I used an old Nikon film camera. 375 weitere Wörter


But what does it mean?

1/5 f/11 ISO 200 20mm Lumix Pen f

Another attendee at Photo London studies one of the works.


Turkey Races

Turkey Races, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

Apparently, turkey races is a thing. Something that I never saw before, even during my multiple visits to Rodeo Austin. 214 weitere Wörter