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No Gods for me

(Blue Morpho, surrealistic painting by artist Heidi Taillefer) Bring back the glory of the Gods
lost in the Greek ouzo of thoughts,
give me a Zeus to rule the world, 104 weitere Wörter

Endearingly Awkward - Seeking Beauty With A Flawed Humble 4MP Digital Camera

This post began as a second impressions review of the 2001 4MP Olympus Camedia C4040 Zoom I recently bought.

But what evolved, was a wider exploration of how all cameras are flawed in some way, and how we choose to embrace those flaws can ultimately result in the camera being far more endearing than a hi-spec auto-everything wonder camera that also makes us a cup of tea and massages our feet as it churns out clinically perfect image after clinically perfect image. 1.753 weitere Wörter


Another Five Minutes with the pink posey - RegularRandom

Hello again,

Here’s the second set of five minutes with the pinkest posey I’ve ever seen – see last week’s here.

Wanna join in the RegularRandom crew? 61 weitere Wörter


Traveling with Micro Four Thirds Cameras: Winchester, UK

A recent trip to southern England became a nice test for my Olympus Pen-F as a travel camera. I will keep adding posts about my new experience with the Micro Four Thirds format. 482 weitere Wörter


Fireflies and Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Capturing fireflies’ light tracks in camera is something modern high-sensitivity digital cameras can do very well. Micro Four Thirds systems have a nice trick to do long exposures even better and I was lucky I got an Olympus Pen F just in time for this year’s display. 407 weitere Wörter

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