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3 of the Best... Bridges in Australia

3 of the best … BRIDGES … in Australia

I am honoured to have been invited by PerelinColors to write a monthly feature about some of my favourite things here in Australia. noch 1.140 Wörter


Ended (Dark Side Thursday)

For Andy Townend’s Dark Side Thursday.

Andy has provided an outlet for our dark sides. I wrote this a few weeks ago (on a plane, of course!) but I thought it was too dark to share. noch 450 Wörter


Olympus Zomerpromoties

Haal nog meer uit je fotografie met dit exclusieve voordeel van OLYMPUS. Koop een van deze hierboven afgebeelde objectieven binnen de promotieperiode 12 mei – 31 augustus 2015 en begin gelijk met het vastleggen van nieuwe perspectieven en avonturen. noch 136 Wörter


Review: The Olympus E-M5 Mark II

 My usual deployment: handheld video, with HLD-8 battery grip, Zeiss ZM 1.4/35 Distagon rin an adaptor, and a Zoom H5 audio recorder. I am working on fixing the hard/sharp/uncomfortable edges of the battery grip with a silicone putty compound called… noch 3.423 Wörter