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New on 500px : Muelle del Tinto. Panoramica. by DeMadriz

En Hueva, un antiguo muelle destinado a la carga de mineral procedente de Rio Tinto ha sido restaurado para disfrutar de un agradable paseo y disfrutar de unos bonitos atardeceres. noch 7 Wörter

Real Estate And Mortgage

Olympus: Ring of the Magi

Olympus’ third episode takes ‘caught – escape – caught again – escape again’ to the next level. The lead characters (Tom York and Sonya Cassidy) should be more in control, instead of sensing someone’s after them and then getting ambushed anyway. noch 394 Wörter


Modern architecture - Seoul City Hall

From the outside, the city hall of Seoul is a giant wave made of glass and steel. Or at least that is what it looks like, even if the official statement seems to be that the shape was inspired by the slanted roofs of traditional Korean houses. noch 345 Wörter


Jual Kamera Digital Bekas - Olympus VG 190

Kamera Digital Bekas – Olympus VG 190
16 Megapixels – 5x Zoom
Rekam Video – Fisik 90%
Kelengkapan: Fullset
Harga: Rp. 600.000,- (Ada)
Pm. 0341414342

Kamera Bekas

Why I love my Olympus...

Having been wed to Nikon for long enough, first with my FM2 bought in 1991, up to the D300 2009-2014 I was a tad sceptical about my mirrorless Olympuses (Olympi??). noch 155 Wörter