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Vacation camera audition: Olympus XA

I’ve decided to take the Nikon N2000 to Ireland. The results were just too, too good. You all swayed me heavily in your comments on that audition post… 534 weitere Wörter


Friday Night Fireworks on Waikiki Beach

Friday Night Fireworks, Waikiki Beach – Honolulu, Hawaii

Every Friday night, the Hilton puts on a short fireworks show on Waikiki Beach. The popular show starts at around 7:45pm and lasts about 10 minutes. 354 weitere Wörter


Bonus Interlude (Nayeli Knossos, pt.1)

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Nayeli left as soon as she was able to, before Marquis could find the note. In those few brief seconds, she walked out into the street and quietly selected a darkened alleyway to disappear into. 2.734 weitere Wörter

Olympus OMD EM10 Mark II Update

I’ve been shooting with my new Olumpus OMD EM10 Mark II for a few months now.  The camera has delivered on being a compact camera that delivers excellent image quality (provided ample light). 511 weitere Wörter


Week 20: Photographer's Choice (II)

Below the images you can read our thoughts about each.

‚Owen is my best friend‘, she says now. I sure hope so. They’ll have their moments, just like I did with their mother and their uncle. 329 weitere Wörter

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