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Photo : Philharmonia ...

Subject : Philharmonie Luxembourg

Location : Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Taken with Olympus e-pl7. Art mode Dramatic.



This is my favorite image of the series.

Apparently an Olympus OM mount SLR is one of the most difficult cameras for me to ‘collect’. I got a Rolleiflex and a Leica (did, loaner) before I get to use the OM system. noch 52 Wörter

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Lost in the Loft

It seems like it’s been years since I started clearing out my mother’s house – it doesn’t help that I live so far away and can’t get down there very often. noch 368 Wörter


Telling You Some Olympus SP-610UZ Camera Photo Test

Olympus’ super-zoom camera line was extended with the Olympus SP-610UZ. This powerful mega-zoom camera is characterized by a 22x optical wide-angle zoom with double image stabilization. noch 18 Wörter

Last Garden Shoot?

I have some apple blossom plants in my front garden that are supposed to become a hedge. They have taken years to grow and finally (now that I’m moving) they’re starting to really take off. noch 77 Wörter


My Favourite Carnivore: scented sundews

I’ve always been quite delighted by the sticky-fingered sundew (Drosera sp.) that grows throughout Victoria. With my new Fujifilm X10 in hand, I decided to try out the super macro mode for some flower shots. noch 31 Wörter


Project 02 - My Results

OK, so for project 2 I went down to my local harbour to see what kind of old wood I could come across to Photograph. I used a variety of different subjects an old telegraph pole, a sinking tender, a pallet on the beach and the jetty. noch 36 Wörter