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Cruiserweight: 2014, Jul 21-27

Argentine Gatekeeper Victor Ramirez continued his rather leisurely comeback on Saturday, knocking out low-level Brazilian journeyman Cleiton Conceicao in 4, having dropped him twice in the final round.   noch 1.044 Wörter

Hernandez-Afolabi To Be Aired On Channel 5

Hennessy Sports and Team Sauerland are pleased to announce that the IBF world cruiserweight championship showdown between Yoan Pablo Hernandez (29-1, 14KOs) and Ola Afolabi (21-3-4, 10KOs) will be broadcast live on Channel 5 (8.30-10.30pm). noch 210 Wörter

What is Sexuality in our society?

In our society today sexuality has very different meaning to different people of different races especially for African American Women. African Americans are always portrayed ghetto fabulous millionaire, in the “Bling Bling” where the man is can only be recognized by the diamonds on his body to get the women’s attention, whereas woman in our society are portrayed as baby mamas, gold diggers, ghetto, uneducated and divas our society makes assumptions about black women off the past events. noch 384 Wörter

Cruiserweight: 2014, Jan 13-19

No action of note last week.
Dan’s Top 20 (weeks in current position-weeks in top 10 (if applicable)-weeks in top 20)
Champ: None
1) Denis Lebedev… noch 767 Wörter

Year-End Awards: Cruiserweight, 2013

Welcome to my 2nd Annual Cruiserweight Year End Awards and Wrap-Up.  First, a list of awards for the division.  Then, a look at the 20 fighters that did the best work in 2012 specifically, followed by a rundown of the year’s rankings history.  noch 2.266 Wörter
Yoan Pablo Hernandez

Cruiserweight: 2013, Nov 4-10

#20 Steve Herelius is now not only out of the rankings, but appears to be done as anything but the most basic measuring stick.  Herelius- who beat Firat Arslan a few years ago, but has been greatly outlasted in terms of career prospects by the much older Arslan, who appeared finished at that time.   noch 1.358 Wörter

Cruiserweight: 2013: Oct 28- Nov 3

Fast-rising undefeated Russian Dmitry Kudryashov cut through an overmatched Shawn Cox Saturday in Rostov, Russia.  Cox is a capable operator that has already spent his share of time in the top 50, though I’d say he was shy of that status coming into this fight due to a string of recent losses.   noch 1.014 Wörter