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Fri 9/13: Carbajal's anti-drilling bill passes the House. Join in to celebrate today and call your senators!

Action #1 – Congratulate Rep. Salud Carbajal for House passage of his bill banning off-shoring drilling!

All Santa Barbara Indivisibles and local activists are encouraged to attend Rep. 433 weitere Wörter

No one Knows What’s It, Why Is It There.

This floating mechanism has been in our waterfront for about a year now. It has not moved from there. Occasional occupants ferries themselves to and fro using a floating platform pulled across the water using a rope tied to the vessel and a pole on the land. 174 weitere Wörter

Cleaning the gunge

Just about anyone in South Africa who has broken a favourtie item has found a use for Pratley Putty – but the adhesives manufacturer does a whole lot more – including its new product, Gunge Spunge, designed to clean up liquid spills in the mining and other industrial sectors. 326 weitere Wörter

Autos And More

Husky Oil fined $2.7 million for oil pipeline spill into the North Saskatchewan River

The Energy East Pipeline approval application to the National Energy Board faced considerable opposition from numerous intervenors not least Indigenous communities, many of whom where concerned about the potential impact of an oil pipeline spill into the rivers and lakes  on their fisheries and rice fields. 443 weitere Wörter