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Calendar Crows

My Odin’s Ravens: Hugin & Munin layered relief has enjoyed its share of attention since I completed it in late 2014. In 2015, it was featured on PBS’s… 280 weitere Wörter


Thor: Goddess of Thunder and Who Holds the Hammer by Jason Aaron


Thor, Volume 1: The Goddess of Thunder by Jason Aaron is a much better than advertised tale of Gods and Goddesses and the role of male and female even in the realm of the Gods of Asgard. 670 weitere Wörter

Comic Books

Baking spicy cat cookies

Out for a day to Nijmegen, to visit a knitter friend who is knowledgable about cats and arts and cooking. Wearing my Bleuet dress and store bough coat: 523 weitere Wörter

Day Trip

"Valkyrie’s Quest" Short Story in Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy

Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy from Elder Signs Press is now available! It features my story „Valkyrie’s Quest“ — a fun little yarn about being out of your element and putting your best foot forward even when it seems like the world is working against you. 165 weitere Wörter

Warriors of the Storm

Hello readers,

Let’s get started on my latest read. This is Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell, the author famously known for his historical fictions. 217 weitere Wörter

Book Review

PSO2 and Final Fantasy XIV Odin Collab

Screenshot from PSO2 during the FFXIV collaboration at the end of the Odin Emergency Quests, of both of us trying to be cool(being lame) posing for a photo.


The Gods in Our Genes

One of the most interesting theories about the origin of Norse mythology is that Odin was a chieftain who led his people into what is now Norway. 391 weitere Wörter