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Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman / *****

It’s been kind of wonderful to see Neil Gaiman’s reaction to the runaway success of Norse Mythology, a book that, to be fair, really shouldn’t be as popular as it is. 579 weitere Wörter

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A Prayer to Odin

These two prayers were recently commissioned by my Patreon supporters: 

To Odin, for Dreams
(written for T.)
By Galina Krasskova

Ravenous for knowledge,
hungry for wisdom, 438 weitere Wörter

Hardship, Growth, and the Gods

Recent conversations with a young relative facing difficult times prompted a conversation that I think bears repeating here.

Heathens have a different relationship with our gods than the people of the major religions do, and as a consequence,  we also pray in a different way. 305 weitere Wörter

How Ravens Came to be Black

How the Ravens Came To Be Black

Once upon a time and long ago, Odin was walking under the branches of Yggdrasil when two ravens swooped down and settled upon his shoulders. 580 weitere Wörter


Uncollected Thoughts: Neil Gaiman's 'Norse Mythology'

For the first time, I’m rather disappointed by a new Neil Gaiman book, especially when the subject seems to be so close to his heart and his skills. 245 weitere Wörter


Board Game Blitz: A Feast for Odin

A Feast for Odin by Z-Man Games is a meaty Viking themed worker placement game designed by Uwe Rosenberg, that also combines resource management/collection with a spacial puzzle. 24 weitere Wörter


My "For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard" free on Amazon

*FREE ON AMAZON NOW* Odin, Thor and the other gods of Asgard as they should be written! Noble, powerful, cosmically aware, and capable of mixing it up with the toughest cosmic entities around. 31 weitere Wörter

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