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Thor (Jane Foster) VS The Destroyer Armor

Cul, also known as the Serpent and the brother of Odin, is controlling the Destroyer armor.

From – Thor Vol. 4 #7


Brand new Witches' Ladders

All of these were just listed yesterday, on May Day!

GODDESS ISIS: three groupings of nine beads each–8mm sparkly blue goldstone, 8mm orange sodalite (with gorgeous shades of royal and navy blue, white, peach, and orange all swirling together), and 6mm vivid green Russian amazonite–interspersed with gold-plated pewter scarabs, fire-polished royal blue and metallic gold Czech rondelles, 12mm carnelian rounds, and metallic gold seed beads, on cornflower blue silk cord. noch 659 Wörter


Mimir's Well

I trow I hung on that windy Tree
nine whole days and nights,
stabbed with a spear, offered to Odin,
myself to mine own self given…

noch 355 Wörter
Encyclopedia Entry

Ancestral Memory and Poetry

People write poetry for many reasons. Any that is written is not poetry, though, but an incantation that allows for poetry, a force within the universe, to appear. noch 1.221 Wörter


Download Odin for all Samsung devices

This will be the best rooting guide for Samsung users those who need a proper way to root their device. It is easy to guide Samsung users than other Android users as they have better processes for any function they would like to do with their device. noch 380 Wörter

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A Walk in April in Spain - 15 Photos

Odin and I have had some nice walks, when I came back after being away for about 7 weeks. Here you see the Almond Trees and the almonds are already now big… noch 109 Wörter