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Horse Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace, and custom rosary listings

For anyone who may have missed it, I launched my Chinese Zodiac Rosary Collection the other day, but since I haven’t showcased any of the individual necklaces yet, I thought I’d devote a few posts to that. noch 859 Wörter


I Had A Dream That I Wrote An Essay

I dreamed that I was giving in a honest essay about Other Worldly beings. I didn’t want to, but then I had this vision, which I thought was realistic, of one of my sisters throwing herself at me, which is…off. noch 1.664 Wörter


Odin and His Masks

This morning while running errands Sannion and I were discussing our respective theologies in some depth. We began talking about the Gods and whether or not the Gods had always existed external to Their mythos and if so, what the purpose of certain myths might be. noch 1.107 Wörter


Guide Super heroes the Avengers building blocks toy winter

The quest helper we downloaded was a simple addon that did not take much time to get working. Once we started using it, we immediately fell for it as we no longer had to spend time looking up what to do. noch 382 Wörter

Yggdrasil The Symbol Of Initiation

Initiation in shamanism usually means the passage into a normal mundane state of life into a higher state of mind when one is more connected with his/her own spirit and is able to live between this world and the world that can be seen through an altered state of consciousness, experiencing “death“through self-sacrifice. noch 459 Wörter


Aright, WTF

Hello, my friends!

So, it’s been a strange week. It started off with Frey outright claiming himself as my patron(or, one of them, anyway. More on that later) and telling me all that entails, and then disappearing for a few days. noch 758 Wörter


The Nine Alignments of Thor

The top voted topic for an alignment grid from our poll a while back was the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We did a really popular one for  noch 51 Wörter