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Dead Radiance: The Valkyrie Series Book 1

Name: Dead Radiance

Author: T. G. Ayer

Published: February 18, 2012 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


It dragged. That’s the main complaint I have, it was just long. noch 247 Wörter

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Last Night

Last night, I met with Odin and found Loki meeting me first. So, Odin and I talked.


The Strange Tale of Loki's Cat Children

It all started back in 2004. We were still living in Philadelphia at the time, in a not-so-great inner city neighborhood. Jo had recently moved into my house, and my now-ex was still living there but we were estranged; I had been married to Odin for two years. noch 1.655 Wörter


Beyond The Trudge (71)

I despise the poor misguided souls who get it so predictably wrong. Those who have found god after a life of debauchery and ego driven shit cuntery and all of a sudden they have all the answers tied up in a hateful bow of soppy judgment and they want to strike us down with their lightening bolts of wretched misunderstanding like they all of a sudden are judge and jury.They hate themselves so in return they take it out on somebody else.They come at you with page and verse, such unforgiving self righteous fire and brimstone bullshit, failing to understand the true nature of spirit and that they are mere children in this struggle between good and evil and perhaps they should shut the fuck up.They will quote you hollow scripture, that they feel vindicates their hateful lunacy and position failing to understand such wordplay makes them sound retarded.They are repeaters of cult mind thinking.The olde get line, join the queue, wait your turn, we are all in this together, its a follow the leader dynamic of shit. noch 1.606 Wörter

Mark of the Wolf, & new Perfume Sample Packs

Brand new in my shop!

Odin helped me design this necklace; it’s specifically intended to be worn by someone closely devoted to Him or to another deity connected with wolves such as Fenrir or Apollon, or someone who has Wolf as their totem or fetch. noch 685 Wörter


Thunder Hooves Necklace

Both Odin and Loki had input into the design of this necklace. It pays tribute to Sleipnir, who is Odin’s steed and Loki’s child, and could be worn by someone devoted to either Loki or Odin, to Sleipnir Himself, or someone who works with the Wild Hunt or has a horse spirit guide, totem or fetch. noch 289 Wörter


Collectively Devoted

Awhile back I discovered an Etsy shop that I adore. It’s run by a woman who is a wife of Odin’s,  and I’ve collected several of her beautiful pieces over the past year. noch 594 Wörter


Beth hat dies rebloggt auf Wytch of the North und kommentierte:

A lovely review of a few of my products from a fellow Odin devotee! I love getting this kind of feedback from customers, and getting to see photos of the things I make being used on actual shrines. Thank you so much for sharing this!