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Galdr vs. Seiðr

Galdr (pronounced: GALd-r) „Incantations“. The intoning and singing of rún sounds or chants, and the use of Rúnar in spiritual practice in general. In opposition to the Seiðr, this is the holy art of the Goðin.

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Walking with Runatyr

I haven’t blogged anything for ages, mostly because of laziness, or lack of anything meaningful to say.  Or maybe too much to say and most of it political.  227 weitere Wörter



There is fray going on in the depths of my being

You brought that chaos

I had sought you for so long

I thought you would bring peace to my soul 373 weitere Wörter


the space beyond: a dream

The night after I pulled the Temperance card from the Mary-El Tarot, I had a dream.

Existing inside the card (yet bodiless), my consciousness streamed over the ocean. 94 weitere Wörter

Major Arcana

Bedtime life lessons

Mostly every night, Witchlette asks for Asguard stories before her lullaby.

Tuesday night, she asked for me to read from her Asguard Stories Book the creation of man. 301 weitere Wörter


Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology - a review

Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman, W.W. Norton, 2017.

Earlier this year I reviewed Carolyne Larrington’s The Norse Myths, a lavishly illustrated introduction to the Norse myths for a popular audience. 1.130 weitere Wörter



The flame of Odin’s candle flickered, thrown back and forth as if in agony. I took a breath but found no air. I closed my eyes but found no solace. 152 weitere Wörter