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Swimming in the intoxicating lake, Akvavit

Here’s a trip for the person who likes to combine swimming with mountain fun.

The high Mountain Lake, Akvavit, is a gem of a lake located in the jeweled crown of the Northern Alps. noch 793 Wörter


Witches of November and Haunting Dreams

So the past few days here in the Midwest have been windy and chilly. Not to mention we had sudden rain and some amazing lighting. A little out of season and worrisome but beautiful nonetheless. noch 183 Wörter


My "For Odin for Thor for Asgard"free on Amazon

My “For Odin for Thor for Asgard” collection of science fiction and science fantasy short stories about the gods of Asgard mainly in cosmic settings is now available as a free  download from Amazon for the 3 days 20/21/22 November: … noch 8 Wörter

Science Fiction

Writing 101 - Day 15 - Asgard Live!

Have you ever wondered what Dr. Phil’s show would be like if he did a remote from Asgard?

My guess is, you haven’t, but thanks to my Writing 101 friend, … noch 305 Wörter


How to Flash Android 4.04 Stock ROM for Samsung phone


Please remenber that “Flashing a phone yourself will void its manufacturer warranty.” and “Data could be permanently erased or the phone could stop working completely… noch 166 Wörter