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Wyrd is a very complex concept, and I’m sure that I can’t do it justice within the space of a single blog post. In a way, it is the concept of fate, but a fate broken into distinct parts. noch 1.565 Wörter

Do the gods respect our boundaries?

I can’t remember what convoluted pathway of internet links I went through to find this post, but it really resonated with me:

It’s about how the author’s relationship with Dionysius was pretty much ruined by other people giving her a negative image of him. noch 2.156 Wörter

Gods And Spirits

Sunrise in Spain Today - 12 Photos

After many days with cloudy weather here, I found a beautiful blue sky, when we went out at our walk in the morning

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them… noch 23 Wörter


Sunrise & Cloud Formations in Spain - 9 Photos

The sunrise and cloud formations this morning over the Mediterranean Sea

Remember that you can enlarge the photos by clicking at them

Odin enjoy his break… noch 23 Wörter


Joe Sinnott’s Fairy Tale Thor

Your appeal has reached my ears Thor! What trouble besets my favorite son? – ODIN

Journey Into Marvel – Part 87

Extremites, if you’ve followed this series with fanatical vehemence, and some of you have, you’ll be familiar with ‘

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Who is Loki?

There are a lot of theories out there about what kind of god Loki is, and there are theories out there that say He isn’t a god at all. noch 626 Wörter


Ok Woden, I'll hang With You a While

First things first. I got a pendulum. It’s so pretty!

I got the pendulum to see if I can get a confirmation or rejection of my interpretation of other omens. noch 852 Wörter