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Odin or, depending upon the dialect Woden or Wotan, was the Father of all the Gods and men. Odin is pictured either wearing a winged helm or a floppy hat, and a blue-grey cloak. 361 weitere Wörter


Tasting The Mead

Happy Odin’s Day!

I tried mead for the first time this past Sunday. I’m not a huge drinker by any means (I have a drink maybe once every few months), but being that I’m a follower of Odin I’ve been wanting to try mead for a long time. 77 weitere Wörter


Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos Reveal New Details About Odin And Possible Doctor Strange Cameo

Filming for Thor: Ragnarok has been underway for weeks now.  And the latest report is that Odin will return.  Photographer Glenn Hunt posted this photo on his Instagram, from the Thor set, that shows… 251 weitere Wörter

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Day Sixty Four

Everyone knows I’m not a fan of mornings, right? Give me the inky night any day. Perpetual twilight would be pretty awesome too, indispersed with just the occasional perfect blue sky day. 1.117 weitere Wörter


Viking Jesus

To see how a religion works, one of the best ways is to observe their missionaries and how they adapt the stories and created in one historical and geographic area, for people and places wildly different. 822 weitere Wörter


The Cailleach and Odin

Odin is a god I have had a good understanding for and with for quite sometime. When I first started reading about the Cailleach, I was struck by the similarities between these two … as far as I could tell, they could be brother and sister, just from the general descriptions. 536 weitere Wörter

The Cailleach

The Mead of Poetry, Anxious Insides, and Shared Bodies

Gosh, it’s been way way too long since I’ve actually written about Norse mythology here, hasn’t it? Well, why not take on one of my favorites: Óðinn’s acquisition of the Mead of Poetry. 2.575 weitere Wörter

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