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Th Path to Odin's Lake: An Excerpt

The fear was real and palpable. Forty-something dads are not supposed to grow beards and disappear off into the wilderness in search of talking mountains. A sense of disapproval followed me around.

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Mel Gibson was at Cannes Film Festival this year promoting his new movie, „Blood Father“ but while he was there he had time to comment on superhero movies. noch 279 Wörter

A dog that does not believe he is a dog

In one of my previous blog posts, you have already met my lovely Border Collie, Odin. Meanwhile, he is not a puppy anymore, but transformed into a sweet, but also tedious dog that is going through puberty. noch 629 Wörter


New Samsung Rooting - Download Odin

Samsung odin is considered as the best tool for the Android rooting, but if it’s any misplacement in your device this can be caused for the malfunction for entire functionality of your Android device. noch 372 Wörter


Medievalist Monday: Valhalla

Welcome to the first official Medievalist Monday. This is the fourth week, which means we’ll be covering something related to Medieval Iceland. Because so much revolves around the idea of Valhalla in Norse mythology it seemed like a good place to begin (next month we’ll follow up with Ragnarok, the other big thing that pops up quite often). noch 364 Wörter