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This blog is not dead.

This blog is not dead.

However, my devotional practice has definitely changed, as nearly six months ago, I started working with Odin too:

(Altar figures (l-r) Loki, Odin, ceramic, by artisan Dmitriy Kushnir from… 39 weitere Wörter


Gift for a Gift

You ask what price I paid to paint Ymir’s brains
across the cosmos? Sacrifice of hangman’s jig to
my own mortality, morality, I lost humanity come… 169 weitere Wörter



What would you ask of me, Alfather?
Old Man of the Roaring Northern Gale.
I have seen your blue cloak in auroras
your bloody hollow on yews of sacrifice. 156 weitere Wörter


Shed a Tyr for Loki

When I think of the Norse god Tyr, I can’t help but also think of Benedict, the brother of Corwin of Amber.*

When Benedict first appears in  752 weitere Wörter


Chrysocolla Earrings + Update

Beautiful Handmade Silver Hook Earrings with Chrysocolla & Chrysocolla Hearts

Chrysocolla belong to the Heart & Throat Chakra. Chrysocolla is a love gemstone, it supports love and balance. 140 weitere Wörter


Story of Odin

When you have lost everything, even your name, there is little point in going on. I was not churlish enough to leave my body hanging where I would be found by those who would be hurt by it.

55 weitere Wörter
Spiritual Work

Talking to Children - 5/22/2017

A couple years ago, I wrote about my girlfriend working on her garden and feeling the breeze, and wondering if Freyja was looking over us. My personal experiences with the gods, or to ponder if something experienced is the gods or their touch, is something I normally keep to myself. 991 weitere Wörter