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A quick teaser

Working on another batch of vintage Chinese horoscope rosaries, coming to the shop soon! (This photo is from Instagram, which is why the photo quality isn’t quite up to my usual standards, but you can at least get an idea of what will be available.) I have Dragon, Ox, and Pig (which would double as a great stealth piece for Syr, Freyja’s Sow persona), and am working on Dog and Rat next. noch 200 Wörter


The hunt for the Crested Tit (Loch Garten & Loch Mallachie) - 2nd August 2015


Let me explain the game with the Crested Tit; I have lived in Scotland now for 11 years, and in that time I have never seen a Crested Tit. noch 1.346 Wörter

RSPB Reserves

Ragnarok, Volume 1 by Walter Simonson

Ragnarok volume 1, collecting comic single issues 1-6, is an interesting take on Thor and the world after Asgaard fell. I didn’t know much about the title or author going into the read and so was pleasantly surprised to find an interesting, nuanced, and unique story with solid, rich artwork. noch 427 Wörter

Graphic Novel

Ritual Perfume and Cologne Oils

I’ve just added three brand new oils to the shop, which are as follows:

Bast: In honor of the Lady of Cats, a heady blend of pure essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, amber, catnip, and chocolate (cacao). noch 2.144 Wörter


The Viking Age Temple at Gamla Uppsala

Woodcut depicting the Temple at Gamla Uppsala, in what is now Sweden, by Olaus Magnus, from his Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus (“Description of the Northern Peoples”), published in Rome in 1555. noch 2.200 Wörter


It's (nearly) That Time Again

The time for so many things!

In about a week Grendal and I are taking my nieces for their, and our, yearly renfair outing! My oldest niece is reusing a Halloween costume due to the fact that we are going during the fair’s ‘Steampunk Invasion”. noch 502 Wörter


Odin - Vendor Strengths and Cautions - Gartner


In March 2015, Parallels divided its company more explicitly into two distinct brands and business divisions — Parallels for the cross-platform solutions (focused on end-user support and application delivery) and Odin (focused on service providers, for hosting and cloud automation, Web management, and cloud infrastructure). noch 451 Wörter