Of Mice & Men release new song.

Nu Metalcore band Of Mice & Men released track off of their coming 2016 release, Cold World, titled Contagious.

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A Hindu interpretation of the Khametic Doctrine of Ptah raising Ra from Nu by Khepera.

1. THEN was not non-existent nor existent: there was no realm of air, no sky beyond it. 212 weitere Wörter

chili's parking lot (Spotify Playlist #3)

This playlist was inspired by two things: sadness and anger. I personally love having a punk/hardcore/rock playlist handy for those nights when I stay in or when I just have work to do. 61 weitere Wörter


Introduction for the Advanced Trainer

So you have built dozens of teams, tried hundreds of Pokémon combinations, battled in the online rankings and want to learn even more.

If any of these characteristics sound like you, you might be ready for some advanced guides on how to become a better Pokémon trainer and compete in higher level tournaments. 87 weitere Wörter


A New Era of Competitive Pokémon

At PokéPure, our main goal is to create an environment where everyone can take part in competitive Pokémon at the highest level.
We believe our PokéPure Store has done a tremendous job of helping trainers everywhere get their teams ready for battle, but we don’t want to stop there. 51 weitere Wörter



Oportunitati zilnice, mari sau mici nu prea conteaza, ne schimba viata. Ne pun in fata unei rascruci de drumuri iar noi trebuie sa alegem in ce parte alegem sa mergem… 206 weitere Wörter

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