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I am living at the Villa Borghese. There is not a crumb of dirt anywhere, nor a chair misplaced. We are all alone here and we are dead.

An excerpt from The essential Feathersnatch.

Introduction from Feathersnatch scholar, Assoc. Prof. Sandy Kitchens.

The works presented in this collection are amongst the finest achievements of the late Augustus Feathersnatch, arguably the most original writer of fiction in the 20th century. 1.145 weitere Wörter



You’re like the ocean.
And I can’t swim.
You’re like space.
And I can’t breathe in the vacuum.

I’m like the stars.
And you a moth to a flame. 28 weitere Wörter

Only Connect - one for the nerds

There’s a quiz programme on the BBC which I like, called Only Connect, which used to allow viewers to submit puzzles to their website. For some reason, yesterday, I found myself constructing one of these puzzles. 155 weitere Wörter


Finishing Wagner Off

Stephen Fry just climaxed
on my TV screen
the way his mouth fell open
(a) a rather troubling scene
(b) to leave the larder clean
(c) just right for Lohengrin

your Danzig is drooping...

Walking the dog is usually a business-like affair for me. I want to get it done and over with as quickly as possible so that I can get back to whatever it was I was doing (aka: sitting on the couch). 430 weitere Wörter


​Joined at the hips with vanity
We danced at its many fairs
Buttocks swung our each and every way
And many corruptions over us held sway… 137 weitere Wörter

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