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Skeptic tank

i am a big fan of the scientific method. there’s not much choice there really; as the saying goes, it works whether you believe in it or not. 860 weitere Wörter



my bellybutton has no fluff
to keep it warm at night
I guess I could use cotton wool
if I roll it up just right


Throwing Normality Out

The issues with normality are many!

I have it in my mind the phrase I have just repeated was given to me by a hamster with a habit of vibrating when nervous. 329 weitere Wörter


Life as sitcom fodder

idea for a sitcom: ‚your incredibly shitty life – starring you‘

opening theme: ’nola‘ by les paul


life is like a cosmic semi-reality series in which the writers are waiting to unleash the big let-down moment when the main character has gone to celebrate some sure thing, and goes out to buy drinks on the house and puts a down payment on the sports car he always wanted and tells the boss to kiss his ass, before they write in the part where the phone rings and they tell him they had the the wrong mr. 42 weitere Wörter


Hi blog!

So yeah, I’m back at it again! and guess what – I have been wondering lately whether to move in tumblr or to stay in wordpress. 242 weitere Wörter


the bold and the beautiful

Months have passed, but my cubicle’s still here and I’m not going anywhere. Or so I thought before my current biggest account announced a pitch. It came as a surprise to no one except our CEO who seems to think we’re still in the 90’s when he was running the biggest (read… 149 weitere Wörter

No Nonsense Explanation On Why Cars In Singapore Are So Expensive


In Singapore, there is no such thing as getting a good car deal that makes financial sense. A car, even a “cheap” one, is a luxury that the average Singaporeans (despite our high spending power) will struggle to afford. 729 weitere Wörter

Money Matters