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Nonsense by Jamie Holmes review

Nonsense by Jamie Holmes is well-written exploration of uncertainty. At times, I wondered where Holmes was going with his anecdotes but he successfully ties them all together into a cohesive thesis. 149 weitere Wörter

Mad Preacher Man

Filling us with lies
Like the famous Evil Woman
The Preacher has become dead
Lips cold and stoic in jurisprudence
Jaws set in filthily defiant acquiescence… 44 weitere Wörter

Original Works

Two Throwaway Poems

Isn’t it telling how memories of wrongs committed can outlast those of their apologies?


The Muddy, Mucky, Murky Mouch by Wes Magee

On a small asteroid

in the terrible void

dwells a filthy old slouch,

the vile m-m-m-Mouch.

He sleeps in spaghetti,

looks just like a yeti, 95 weitere Wörter

Hiatus blogwanking

I just went back and looked, and the last day I completely failed to post anything at all was December 23rd, 2014.  That’s nearly two goddamn years of at least once-a-day posting, and at  79 weitere Wörter


Nonsense Dictionary


The second ark built by Noah to transport a pair of Aardvs which had to be kept from other animals because they would eat anything living, man or beast. 62 weitere Wörter


Thursday's Nonsense

The intensity of my headache has lessened, but that’s not saying much.  I think it might be a reaction to sugar, so I’ve tried ( 256 weitere Wörter