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Where Do These Words Come From? by Charlotte Pomerantz

Hominy, succotash, raccoon, moose.
Succotash, raccoon, moose, papoose.
Raccoon, moose, papoose, squash, skunk.
Moose, papoose, squash, skunk, chipmunk.
Papoose, squash, skunk, chipmunk, muckamuck.
Skunk, chipmunk, muckamuck, woodchuck. noch 13 Wörter


Death Squad: Plot holes with echoes.

 What’s this, another SyFy movie of the week? Looks at DVD case. Nope, just another indie flick. An all-star cast is great for any movie, but it typically never saves the film from being a real stinker. noch 910 Wörter


Terminator series no longer trying at this point

After fans refused to take to Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in 2003, the series was to be rebooted into a new trilogy for a new generation with 2009’s  noch 1.416 Wörter

Beautifying and the Cat

Nutmeg, feline master of timing that she is, decided that tonight is love night.  This means rolling around on the floor, bringing me her happymeal soccer dolly, chirping and trilling at me to make sure I’m paying attention to her, lapcat time, and of course, head smashes. noch 130 Wörter



Babbling gently in the background,
It never ceases to sway and swell,
Sometimes hiding beneath the ground,
Yet it continues to be, it stretches
Further than anything else on the… noch 22 Wörter

Knapsack encryption

I think I wrote an implementation of the Merkle-Hellman knapsack cryptosystem once upon a time because it was simple and it was mentioned in a number theory book I had. noch 628 Wörter