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Little Terrors

Little terrors.
They scream with laughter
As they slide past, small
Feet in frilly socks
That slip on the shiny floor.
They jump onto the mat… noch 44 Wörter

That First Nonsense Post

Hi all,

I’ve decided to start blogging my life in Korea teaching English in Busan, South Korea. I’m the type of person who likes “living in the moment” more than “capturing the moment”  so there may or may not be many photos to accompany my posts. noch 139 Wörter


Little Ditty

ein Penner
zwei Penner
singen in the rain
beide Penner
full mit Beer
warten auf the train

Are Being Knowledgeable, Being Well-read and Being Educated Mutually Exclusive?

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would simply kill it at that. Let’s give it a thought, like the usual ‘bakchodi’- the way Indians  term it as heheh. noch 293 Wörter


This is utter nonsense. Emphasis on UTTER.

That’s the downside of the internet, if you have two brain cells to rub together and know how to post a quote that you can attribute to some author, you can make next to anything go viral.

noch 412 Wörter
Harry Potter

Four Accusations For Partners Who Want To Break Up

1. “You always leave the washroom in a perfect condition, like you licked it clean, can you at least leave some soap water sprays on the mirror or NOT adjust the towel in a right angle.” noch 73 Wörter


Top 10 Tips to Trigger a Textual Tornado- Writing Advice from Beautighe's best bibliophillerupperers

What to write? And more importantly, how to write? Wouldn’t it be useful and realistic to have  practical, applicable, universally relevant advice on these very subjects presented in one unpretentious, no-nonsense article?  noch 1.908 Wörter

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