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I am a thirsty ass child right now. I am in want and need of glorious liquids that will satisfy my needs as an adolescent. No, I am not the sexual kind of thirsty, nor am I the deprived of water thirsty. noch 194 Wörter

The Story of Flemlitch Ankelblowwer

Flemlitch Ankelblowwer was a Flemisch Sheepherder in his spare time, although no one knows for sure if he herded the sheep himself or just had a dog do it — or what the difference was. noch 379 Wörter

Humor Stories

Run-on Sentence Injures Homonym

Mr. Zeugma was found this evening gored by a runaway oxymoron. The syllable kicked the doors out of a passing train of thought and was finally caught by a third person. noch 148 Wörter

Humor Stories

Day Ninety-Three

So day 93 was a bit different. For the other ninety-two days I’ve headed out alone – a solitary plodder- but today I ran alongside 30,000 other runners in Manchester. noch 256 Wörter


just dessert

she was his icon
she was his dream
he had his eye on
this vision in cream

she was bananas
he was hot fudge
sure he was nuts… noch 36 Wörter

Poem; Poetry

Pining for the fnords

Not a word is a phrase the volunteer grammar militia like to deploy as if it’s a tactical warhead, a megaton-level delivery of dismissal and shame meant to obliterate whatever invention or mutation is too recent to have been granted what they imagine is legitimacy by appearing in The Dictionary. noch 572 Wörter

Linguistic Innovation


They were candy floss clouds
Today, huge white bits of fluff
Hanging quite low.
It looks like a stairway,
Perhaps it is! A sugar spun… noch 10 Wörter