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Ah lets talk about nonsense today, silly topic to be discuss. This is just pure my opinion, and ridiculously silly. Straight forward to the point, I am thankful for whoever invented glasses, sun glasses to be specific. 1.240 weitere Wörter


The Toaster of Lurve (more nonsense)

I just can’t get my muffin
in the toaster of love
it will not fit snug in the slot
no matter how I shove
I know it’s really measured… 18 weitere Wörter


The Unremarkable Man

Wendell Coombs is not invisible. He is, and always has been, supernaturally ignorable. After thirty-seven years of coping with the difficulties of his condition- the struggle, for instance, to simply attain a cup of coffee, let alone a place to live- Wendell does not mind. 159 weitere Wörter


Let's Summon Demons

I got my new favourite sweatshirt in the post today. Wearing this forever.

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Real Talk

Envisage Primer

Gunther is a mean grumpy human being with an amazingly insightful perspective of the universe.

His blog, which he apparently has forgotten about, has great posts.  65 weitere Wörter



There’s neon lights shining from a hundred feet high down a muddy, garbage-ridden, pathway in the park. It’s nighttime. There are around a hundred people in the park, all of them talking, all of them talking of things that concern their daily lives: God, taxes, rent, children, cancer, rheumatism, arthritis, poverty, corrupt politicians. 605 weitere Wörter