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An Island Getaway (from me): A 100-Word Story

She met him at the airport in Dubai. Blushing and hopeful, she waited for him to embrace her.

But he never would.

He offered a tentative smile and motioned toward the gate with a nod of his head. noch 114 Wörter


Hamster Terrorists

NSA announced they’ve discovered, using evidence from their cell phone surveillance program, that hamsters are training for a mission.  They don’t know against who but have joined with the NRA in urging that if your kid has a hamster, you should consider arming your kid until they’ve conducted a study of hamster tweets, checked known and unknown cells and uncovered hamster goals, financing and location. noch 240 Wörter

I wanna make you happy

Electrocuted branches writhed under the stormy blue sky, which hurled upon the hills and ditches and pot-holes, golf ball sized droplets of acid rain