Schlagwörter » Nonsense


Crazy thoughts cut through me,
like butter through a knife.

Yes, I know that it’s the wrong way round
— it represents my life.


The Nonsense Experience (Part 1): Windows

The funny thing about windows is that while you might be staring in or staring out, the window-

Doesn’t care.

It’s a funny thing being a window, because while mostly people want you, open or closed, in a room or in a door, someone always wants something from you, but mostly, mostly they ignore you.  97 weitere Wörter

Creative Writing


Oh my God,
Are you SO blind?
I couldn’t give a damn!
You ask much of me
And give very little care,
Yet I am expected to deliver… 64 weitere Wörter

WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Hugotontheonbiquiffinarians

Not only have I picked the most unusual Word of the Week ever, it’s also a mystery (wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma, to misquote… 454 weitere Wörter


Sour taste in my mouth

Don’t you just hate assholes? The holier than thou ones being the worst. I mean everything out of their mouth is OK but if you repeat the same thing, you are a complete piece of shit?Or you get jumped by someone or a group and that is OK but if you do it, not only are you an asshole but are also the only one that gets in trouble and threats galore. 128 weitere Wörter

Bad Mood

Winter Hill

So life got in the way of my blogging recently and I’ve been absent from here for a week or two. I’m currently trying to catch up with everyone’s adventures in the blogiverse. 317 weitere Wörter


High & dry

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky.
I left my speedos on the boat, and they should soon be dry.