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the longer the note...

the longer the note, the less sense
it makes it seem like that-
it was the article about it
and it is really not bothering you

Bad Poetry

'Cause boy, do we think.

Thinking. Thoughts. Brain waves. Boy, did a lot of those go into our decision to start blogging. Psh! Not really though. I mean, it’s the internet, skip the drivel, let’s get to the content, ya know? 112 weitere Wörter


Will this day be one of your favorite memories?


So many plans.

Can’t wait to get things done.

Oh oh.


Something happened.

It is called „who gives a @%$%5@%@@%“.

Off to the bar. 69 weitere Wörter



We the people jointly accept a death tax of 30.000 people per year on the road (NHTSA 2015). That means that by the time you tear your eyes away from the device reading this, someone will have died in a traffic accident somewhere in the US. 322 weitere Wörter



would only
hurt me.

I’ll die
Then I’ll live

Original Works

Nothing is real

All of us take the stage
overflowing with sweet nonsense
Delusional eccentricities
poach our collective memory of uniform
Leaving our dopey grins,
our „I can change everything“ hearts… 34 weitere Wörter

Behold The Regal Pamplemousse!

„behold the regal pamplemousse!“
said Pierre to his friends
„it’s top is in its bottom
and has horns on both his ends,
there’s wings upon its yellow face… 20 weitere Wörter