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I am that person who has a constantly expanding ‘too be read’ pile of books.

I just keep buying more and then not reading the ones I’ve already got. noch 457 Wörter


You can thank me later.

I’m overdue for a post, I know. I’m a mess… but life is messy! You’re messy, too, and we’re all doomed. Luckily, many of us get to witness and experience beauty before biting the big one! noch 462 Wörter


No. You Can't Have Sex With Your Brother.

Hands down the most horrifying part of parenting is when they start asking the sex questions.  Or the boob questions.  And the how did I get in your tummy questions.  noch 383 Wörter


Story Time

Once upon a time an HB pencil named harry and an eraser (that’s a rubber) named Coffee, went on an adventure. They we having little luck at home, their general day to day lives where, in a word… well… shit really. noch 460 Wörter


Things that need to be done

I don’t like a lot of must’s. But they are there. Activities that schools and kindergarten set out for the kids… and they just silently demand the parents to participate. noch 219 Wörter


In this verse I capture you

In this verse I capture you,
my dearest love and nightingale.
Your heart I ever will pursue
and never lose your secret trail.

In this verse I pour my soul, noch 99 Wörter

Retrospective on a Weekend

It’s been five years, two months, and two weeks since I believed in God, give or take a couple of days. For all the significant moments in my life that I remember exactly, I can’t actually tell you which specific day it was, but I can remember that it was in the first two weeks of March of four years ago. noch 1.489 Wörter