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New Dutch report says Anne Frank didn't die in March 1945

Verily, this is a historic day in the history of questionable events. Lampshade Inc. shares have increased by 6,000,000%, as a new Dutch study says the death of Anne Frank must have occurred in February 1945, instead of in March that year. noch 208 Wörter


Imagine dancing faces on a row of teeth.

syntax is your enemy,
Liquor is your destiny,
This rat on your face an epiphany.
Like a biscuit built out of rotten strawberry.


Bright future, anyone?

When I was a kid, older people always said something like “their generation is the future” about me – about us. I’m 28 now, and I keep thinking about my daughter exactly the same. noch 155 Wörter

My Experience

An idiots guide to choosing a wife in Singapore.

After 46 years of ground breaking research, we finally have a matrix that breaks down how you should evaluate the women you’re dating for marriage potential. noch 67 Wörter


sometimes nonsense sounds idiomatic.

All sick gloves bring fresh vegetables to work.