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The Trump Logic of Fake

On this inauguration day for the president of the United States of America, there have been questions about the legitimacy of the person known as Donald J. 167 weitere Wörter


Maketh The Man

I put my socks on backwards
and my trousers inside out
then almost wore a tie today
made from a Mersey trout
but chose a plunging neckline… 41 weitere Wörter

A 2nd Grade Perspective on Donald Trump

A few days ago, a student in my 2nd grade classroom was perusing a Fly Guy book. The book was full of nifty trivia about the White House, but all a 2nd grade boy cares about are the Lincoln bedroom ghost sightings and the fact that the White House has a swimming pool AND a bowling alley. 420 weitere Wörter


Nonsense #35

If I had a time machine
I’d wind back the clock
Ten years or so,
And give little me some hope.
For dark days clouded… 55 weitere Wörter

Weekly review of the news –

Disclaimer, this relies mostly on reliable journalistic sources listed at the bottom and just a bit of my brain to entertain…

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Hello from me...

The pressure of the first post…

A bit of background. I sway on the sunnier side of life most of the time, in fact probably the majority of the time but I also have the worst anxiety…it’s not a big secret, but I have over the years became very good at hiding it from others and some of the time from myself. 971 weitere Wörter


Poem a Day: Horror Thrives

Zombies moan throughout the night,
Vampires arise at break of twilight,
Werewolves howl the moon’s delight,
The fey, the strange, myths alight.

Dead Cthulhu in R’lyeh sleep, 59 weitere Wörter