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Thoughts while watching Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Friend: What’s the name of the Asian guy in this movie?
Me: I dunno, let’s just call him the Cute Guy.

1. I hope there are no spiders in this one.

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Interviewer's Job

Interviews are the opening door for may opportunities. Some times many people I spoke gets confused about their performance in an interview. When a few people are lucky to pass though a poorly performed interview while a lot more are unlucky to get an opportunity they did well. noch 439 Wörter

I Speak Rubbish


There once was a cat known as Spam

who sat in the branch of a tree,

and called to a lovely big crow:

‘My dear, come you here, talk with me!’ noch 59 Wörter


Day 16 of 100 Pleats ........ And a Little Bit of Quirky Madness

Day 16 of the 100 Pleat Challenge and I’ve gone all curly, girly and silly with a French pleat that sort of tumbles into a side-ponytail. noch 573 Wörter






For seven years I lived on a dead end palm-tree lined, and well paved neighborhood Street. For six years the house was well maintained and manicured properly then everything changed. noch 314 Wörter

Facebook Pwincesses

Another rant on facebook names:

Once again I’m bothered by what doesn’t concern me and feel the need to rant on about it. Maybe it’s the feminist in me longing to strut and sashay out in pink shorts and taupe (not tan) shirt, because tan makes me look bloated or the mysoginistic prick who slaps the other guy back to his senses that I often (why does often have to have a silent -t-?) feel offended by facebook names that have ”Barbie” or ”princess” in them. noch 835 Wörter

The Revenge of Dr. X-Um…wow…

So yeah. That happened.

This one is a rare gem (if the word “gem” was Latin for “dog turd”) that was brought to my attention by Bill Mulligan. noch 1.547 Wörter