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Pun jab

Oh lawksamussy Celestine!
What’s a maid to do?
There’s a pahboo in my punjab
and a bulbul in mafoo!

No need to fear, Jocasta dear, 18 weitere Wörter


Something I Found

While perusing whatever creative projects happened to be going on in the news or on the internet, I stumbled upon something interesting. For a couple of years now, in the very heart of Orlando, Florida, there has been a massive festival celebrating creativity. 153 weitere Wörter

Nintendo Switch Headline Forecast

Gamers, if there’s one thing we love it’s getting things first. Pre-orders, open-betas, timed exclusives, day one editions, anything and everything, as long as we’re getting it earlier than someone else. 760 weitere Wörter


Cat Father

For the last eight months my daughter Quincy has been a cat.

Me: Go potty before we leave.

Quincy: It’s a litter box!

Me: Sigh. Fine.

638 weitere Wörter

Episode 94: #ShitBandit

Man, we’re not even sure how to break down this episode – this week we have the mega-OG pairing of Rocky and Chris, with Nicole along for the ride…and man, we just kind of go all over the place telling stories and trying to figure out who sings what song and what the soundtrack to our youth was. 20 weitere Wörter


Xin chào! - Hello :D

Hi,  First of all, I am Aki ^^  Wow, it’s amazing that you found this oldest post :o I am so happy to see you here. 175 weitere Wörter


Walking in the wind.

Think about the future, think about what you want to do with your life, make plans, try harder.
Wake up on a beautiful morning and start planning your journey, your next step, what you’re going to do first, how everything is going to be from now on. 36 weitere Wörter