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Once in our life

We have got to get hurt

And make mistakes

It’s the only way

That we’ll get stronger,

It’s the only way… noch 15 Wörter


the bull was in the china shop

osiris and isis
were facing down a crisis
the bull was in the china shop
causing precious art to drop
‚til arthur turned the table… noch 56 Wörter

Poem; Poetry

Mark It Zero - Episode 26 - A Plea to the Colorado Rockies and NBA Hot Stove

Welcome back and welcome home to the 26th Episode of the Mark It Zero Podcast! Today’s episode features a plea from the Ben Den to the Colorado Rockies to hold onto Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon as the MLB trading deadline approaches. noch 99 Wörter

Mark It Zero

Can a lack of vitamin C be disastrous?


I have a sinus infection.

And guess why?

Not enough Vitamin C.

So, tonight, I stopped, on the way home.

For a large OJ. noch 171 Wörter



I dunno if this is a work of pure genius, or a sure sign that Cthulhu is soon to rise from the deep. It could go either way. noch 62 Wörter


Who Stilled Cock Throbbin

I could feel his cock throb
As I lay the length of him
I marked its prance
its peck and crow noch 46 Wörter

VIDEO | "Pluto" @nonsensehiphop

The New Jersey hip-hop scene is slowly coming into it’s own. Of course you’ve had artists like Redman and Joe Budden come from there in the past but now the indie scene is starting to be exposed. noch 161 Wörter