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Not So Grown Up

My parents have bailed me out of more situations than I can count. Seeing as they are parents, most would argue that this is their job. 382 weitere Wörter





Summer and


They came, they went.

Something thawed.

A night owl,

Hooted aloud.

A bat hanging,

Screeched from the bough.

In dark robes, 99 weitere Wörter

Nonsense And Nosensibilities

Guide To Understanding A Server Part 1

I’ve come to realize that the ‚real world‘ and the ’server world‘ have some huge gaps between them. Sometimes servers can be difficult for their friends and family to understand. 1.098 weitere Wörter


The Weather Cock (unfinished)

he had a golden weather cock
bolted to his nose
when it swung then he could tell
which way the north wind blows
though sometimes when it spins around… 15 weitere Wörter


The contract

You are free to do what you please if you abide by these rules:


1. Give me money I don’t really need to pay off a loan. 116 weitere Wörter


How To Avoid Unwanted Romantic Entanglements: A (Brief) Guide

Have you ever gotten swept up in the spur of the moment and ended up romantically involved with someone? Ever wondered how you can prevent such nonsense? 498 weitere Wörter


Just You (take it on the chin)

When it all seems to end,

Go back to where it seems to begin.

Soak, wash, and totally spin;

knock it all down like a bowling pin. 31 weitere Wörter

Just Thinking