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Trying like hell

To stop myself from thinking about her and the (billion trillion) things I could have (should have) done differently and how nothing that has happened in the last four months (yesterday, was it four months or four years ago or yesterday???) would have happened if she was still here. noch 327 Wörter


Symbols of our darker selves

I’d love to ride on a tiger

Or just admire its stripes from afar.
I’d love to see the pride of the lions
Or the eyes of a handsome cougar. noch 268 Wörter


Happy Valentine's Day!

What a happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish much

happiness and love

to all my friends, bloggers, and Kpop Lovers out there! 

(Including Choi Min Ho and Shinee World)



What you think you thought I said
Was something else I said instead
You said you know what you had heard
Before I even said a word… noch 60 Wörter



Pulse is quickening, feel the urge,
Longing for the sensation of thrust
Hear my breath, I’m on the verge
Closing my eyes, full of blind trust. noch 29 Wörter


Jurassic Lark

Iguanadon, Iguanadon
what have you done
You’re heading for a fall.
Iguanadon, Iguanadon
You don’t have your
pyjamas on,
You naughty big Iguanadon
you’ll upset one and all.

Musical Adventure

Otto was a little piano
He had three itchy feet
Set off to a journey to Milano
Down the stony street.

Tender hands had helped him out… noch 119 Wörter