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San Juan Del Sur

During My Stay in Nicaragua I was able to go to San Juan Del Sur in the department of Rivas in the southwestern part of Nicaragua. noch 255 Wörter


PCV Spotlight: What Peace Corps Means to Me

This is a guest post by Tara in our PCV Spotlight Series:

Prior to introducing myself , I’d like to say thanks to Andrew and Emily (I think mainly Emily’s idea?) for asking me to be a featured guest on their blog!

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Peace Corps

Por Fin Me Voy a Nicaragua

¡Hola a todos!

My time has come. I can drive, my physical therapist and doctor approved my leaving for Nicaragua, and I have finally bought my ticket for the first leg of my travels to Baltimore. noch 165 Wörter


Introducing PCV Spotlight

In honor of Peace Corps Week, we are starting a series of guest posts from other Peace Corps Volunteers around Nicaragua.  Our hope is to help you get to know a little bit more of Nicaragua and Peace Corps through the stories of other PVCs (and perhaps even some RPCVs). noch 48 Wörter

Peace Corps


1st March

Nicaragua’s No.1 cash crop and the major source of income here in the highlands of the North West.  I’ve seen it in all its stages now – from bush to cup – and I still wonder (as I do with so many foodstuffs) what the hell made… noch 546 Wörter


The Heath Robinson of duchas

So Hugo had taken my roughly sketched design for the ducha caliente – hot shower – very literally.  Having arrived home from a long day’s graft, wanting only to have coffee and a sit down, instead we humoured Suyapa.  noch 204 Wörter



21 Feb 2015

I’m writing this on a bus packed liked sardines.  This is only possible because I’m seated. And that’s only possible because I’m not as polite as my national stereotype.  noch 115 Wörter