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The 10 best places in the world to retire in 2017

There’s a new best country in the world to retire, according to the experts at International Living (IL), an authority on global retirement and relocation opportunities. 2.106 weitere Wörter


The Struggle of Being a Type-A Traveler

Of all the terms I could use describe myself, one would definitely be „compulsive planner.“ I’m talking a making lists for the heck of making lists, Excel is my best friend, let’s replan something we’ve already planned, compulsive planner.  691 weitere Wörter


Nicaragua, again...

„We are all one“ at the same hostel as „You’re exactly where you’re supposed to bee“, in San Juan del Sur, summer 2016.

Dried And Pressed Flowers

Soy una Chela! (I'm a local... kinda)

I’ve been here in León for 3 months, but during my TEFL course I stayed at accommodation suggested by the school. Now, I’ve found my own house and moved last week – so I feel like it’s official, I’m properly living here (for now anyway!)  I live in a large house with a beautiful green garden of palms that is lovingly watered morning and night by the VERY attentive manager. 738 weitere Wörter

The Americas

day eight: we're live!

…and with a week’s worth of posts, i’m sending my lil blog out into the world. hello public space! you’ll be updated soon.

First Week

First Impressions

We arrive bone tired a weary around noon on May 1st. Growing up in America I knew that there where places where people lived in huts and sold things on the street for a living. 95 weitere Wörter


Taking Off

There’s something exciting about a plane take off. It’s thrilling as it starts to build up speed. Then a kind of terror passes through you as the wheels leave the ground, and you realize that you are in a metal contraption flying thousands of feet in the air with your life in the hands of someone you never met. 96 weitere Wörter