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Las Fiestas Patronales

Every town and city in Nicaragua (that I know of) has an annual celebration in honour of their patron saint. Sabana Grande had theirs (San Isidro Labrador) back in May, which was a small affair with a religious procession and a small fair in the afternoon. 660 weitere Wörter


Walking the Streets and Cathedral of Granada, Nicaragua

Our tour’s first stop in Granada, Nicaragua, was for a stroll along the beautiful Calle la Calzada.  This pedestrian street is lined with colorful buildings, statuesque street lamps, and tree-shaded benches.  345 weitere Wörter


The God That Doesn't Make Sense

It’s  nine letters.

But never did I expect these 9 letters to come with such brute force.

Restlessness. Fear. Nervousness. Excitement. Inadequacy. Unprepared. Leadership.

Nicaragua. 250 weitere Wörter

Bucket Showers and A Day in the Life

It’s my second week in country and things are moving quickly as I continue to integrate into my new community. Today I thought I’d share what a typical day in training for the Peace Corps looks like. 1.120 weitere Wörter


Introducen en Nicaragua autos chinos Fotón

Nuevo Diario. Hace aproximadamente dos años inició operaciones Autoamérica, una empresa con capital ciento por ciento nicaragüense con el firme propósito de ofrecer al consumidor nacional vehículos que suplieran necesidades puntuales y específicas, importando para alcanzar ese fin dos marcas reconocidas en el continente asiático: Foton y Haima. 444 weitere Wörter

22 De Agosto China


So, this summer we took a family trip to Nicaragua and it was AMAZING!

Every time we go, we usually stay with my grandma. . This time however; we decided to rent out a villa in the beautiful city of San Juan Del Sur. 436 weitere Wörter