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Claro, Nicaragua: Get Bonus 4x, 05/27/2015

Promotion: Bonus 4x
Operator: Claro Nicaragua
Country: Nicaragua
Denominations: USD 5 and up

Terms and Conditions: – Claro network calls
– Calling International destinations
– Calling other operators (according to the user profile) noch 45 Wörter


Nicaragua: Little Corn Island

Our last stop (and longest stay) on our honeymoon was Little Corn Island on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Getting there from Ometepe was also our longest travel day of our honeymoon. noch 583 Wörter

Garner Globetrotters

A thing that I love

On the heels of moving out of the country, me and my buddy decided to cover this little tune. It’s Ed Sheeran’s “I see fire.” Not perfect, but we had a good time.  noch 8 Wörter


On Work, Trees and Español

“So what would you say were the biggest takeaways from your trip?”

Such a hard question to answer, but part of me loves being asked this after returning from some epic multi-month excursion. noch 810 Wörter


LOOTB #1114: Christopher

You will be given school supplies to Christopher. He is 13 years old, his favorite subject in school is Spanish and when he grows up he wants to be a professional baseball player! noch 106 Wörter


Should the U.S. Worry About China’s Canal in Nicaragua?

Following an agreement between the Nicaraguan government and shadowy Chinese billionaire Wang Jing, there may be a new canal in the Western Hemisphere. The possibility of a transoceanic canal through Nicaragua has been discussed for almost 400 years. noch 747 Wörter