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Gira de Nicaragua

Hola amigos!

Tomorrow celebrates my first week down since I decided to quit my 8-5, party on the weekend followed by Sunday scaries, rinse and repeat, life. 672 weitere Wörter

E.T.A. 169 Days

Well, everyone, my dream is coming true:  I’m heading to Nicaragua for the Peace Corps, and I’ve started the mountain of paperwork and procedures for medical and legal clearance.   151 weitere Wörter

Inferno's Oeuvre

Nicaragua is a hotbed of volcanic activity. A total of 19 active volcanos run north to south along the western side of the country, spanning from the northern border to the island of Ometepe in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. 1.731 weitere Wörter


El Pulso de la Semana. Edición No. 405, 18 de febrero 2017

Límites que asoman

El gobierno de Ortega ha actuado como si la holgura económica de la que ha disfrutado hasta ahora, y la impunidad política que esa holgura le ha propiciado, no tendrían límites. 734 weitere Wörter

El Pulso De La Semana

Nicaragua: une révolution confisquée

Le Nicaragua, accompagné aussi du Guatemala et du El Salvador, a été un des pays de l’Amérique centrale qui pendant les années 70-80 a connu d’importantes luttes armées. 195 weitere Wörter

Amérique Latine

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Colorful Contrasts in Nicaragua

My host in Masaya, Nicaragua, is a young man named Bernardo. He is interested in politics and conspiracy theories and eating pizza washed down with beers after midnight, so we get along great. 1.393 weitere Wörter