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Panama: Panama Fever

An in-depth look at the 34-years of hardship, engineering, and political intrigue that went into the construction of the Panama Canal.

Country Focus: Panama

Panama Fever: The Epic Story of One of the Greatest Human Achievements of All Time—the Building of the Panama Canal… noch 311 Wörter

World Literature

Nicaragua - Day 3

Monday February 29th

We started the day with fruit and I was so happy!  We also had pancakes and frosted flakes.  Around 8am we piled onto the bus and headed to help a community build a well.   noch 974 Wörter


Mission Nica 16 :: Day 12

Our journey in Nicaragua ends today… but the mission does not.  This is something we train and press in to all of our mission teams.  We are not missionaries because we go on a mission trip, but simply because we are followers of Christ.   noch 644 Wörter

Mission Life

El Pulso de la Semana. Edición No. 381, 30 de julio 2016

Entendible, inentendible, injustificable

Los principales hechos políticos de la semana que termina, entendibles algunos, inentendibles otros, injustificables todos, forman parte de la misma lógica autoritaria del gobierno y de quienes se subordinan a la misma. noch 727 Wörter

El Pulso De La Semana

Nicaragua - Day 2

Sunday February 28th

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.  The drip shower was not warm and creatures of all kinds were making noises all night.  The walls are also very thin, so you could hear the people below us talking too.   noch 1.001 Wörter


Harlequin Land Crab
Gecarcinus quadratus (Wild)


Arrival in Managua

Arrived safe and sound in Managua. This is a photo from my seat in the old school bus I took from Jinotega to the capital. Jam-packed. noch 433 Wörter