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Like a sponge.

I sit surrounded by school books, a suitcase, and my Bible opened to Mark 8. Hymns are streaming throughout my room, and I’m not sure my heart could be any more full. noch 618 Wörter

Claro, Nicaragua: Enjoy Bonus 6x, 03/27/2015

Promotion: Bonus 6x
Operator: Claro Nicaragua
Country: Nicaragua
Denominations: USD 5 and up

Terms and Conditions: – Claro network calls
– Calling International destinations
– Calling other operators (according to the user profile) noch 43 Wörter


NIicaragua Trip 2014

I’ve avoided writing this post for the longest time fearing that I would break down in tears, especially this week. The Junior class is currently in Nicaragua on their missions trip. noch 626 Wörter


It's raining pregnant cats

Life in Nicaragua is pretty great most of the time. But last week, I had a sh*tty day. Like guano sh*tty.

Allow me to explain. I’m staying at a volunteer house called… noch 1.408 Wörter

Case Study Coffee Roasters Two Ways: Finca Los Congos

I got tremendously backlogged on coffee reviews at the beginning of 2015 and this is one of my last for the excellent Portland roaster, Case Study Coffee Roasters… noch 917 Wörter


Fundraising Tips!!!

Thanks to all the wonderful support I have from my amazing family and friends I managed to reach and exceed my fundraising target within three and a half weeks. noch 1.231 Wörter

Volunteering - Raleigh International ICS