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Using Managua as a base to fly, and wishing we could speak more Spanish!

After our 48 hours in Granada were complete, we planned our trip up to the capital, Managua. We had arrived into Granada in style (okay – only a private taxi, but this felt luxury to us after a week of public transport!), but were planning on a much cheaper route this time. 366 weitere Wörter

Central America

“Wait so, why are you moving to Nicaragua?”

I have been fascinated by missions for my entire life. I grew up going to church every Sunday and I remember getting so excited when missionaries would come back from their trips and share with us about how God moved! 826 weitere Wörter

Central America

I saw God at the Dump

I have heard Isaiah 61 preached. I have seen it proclaimed from the stage in drama.  I have sung it, but I have never heard it like I did at the dump in Nicaragua. 826 weitere Wörter


Nicaragua: two Volcanoes with surprises at the summit

Volcán Maderas – trip 1 (trip 2 coming in next post)

  • Elevation: 1,394m
  • Prominence: About the same?

I left the Zopilote farm, climbed through Elsewhereland, past our mirador, and began walking along cow fences directly towards the Maderas Volcano. 967 weitere Wörter


Volcano Boarding

This mornings activity is Volcano boarding. Having tried snowboarding and sand boarding in the past the opportunity to ride down an active volcano seemed like one not to be missed. 349 weitere Wörter


¡Viva León, Jodido!

León was originally founded in 1524, but after the eruption of the Momotombo volcano, which devastated the city, it was moved to its present site in 1610. 751 weitere Wörter


Lilliam's Journey

Hola! Yesterday was Helios’ Birthday! First we’d like to thank you for showing him how much you care by supporting his passion. Here is a quick update on the progress we have made: $2951. 543 weitere Wörter