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Locks and lakes

Nicaragua is one of the up-and-coming destinations in Central America and is a popular alternative to Guatemala. Although it has both a Caribbean and a Pacific coast, most of the tourism is based near the Pacific coast. noch 2.001 Wörter


May We Set Healthy Expectations for Ourselves

Being a first year teacher is hard. Being a first year teacher in a subject you haven’t studied in-depth is hard. Being a first year teachers in a subject you hadn’t studied in-depth in a different country and education culture while sharing a classroom with another teacher…is hard. noch 854 Wörter

Peace Corps


25/06/2015 – Núria

Me rio en la cara de Frank de la Jungla. Ayer llegué a Managua sola y de noche. Cinco minutos después de pasar el control de aduanas me di cuenta que mi mente seguía en la seguridad de Barcelona y que no recordaba ni la dirección del lugar dónde me estaba hospedando. noch 385 Wörter


The Work Continues in Nicaragua

Good morning from Westminster, MD!

Time certainly flies! While I may not have posted for a couple of months, the work has not stopped in Nicaragua. noch 996 Wörter

Living in Flesh

He’d order cold cokes from the bar, tip his bottle over ice and starve his limbs in that march towards what is next for all living in human flesh. noch 495 Wörter

Short Story

The Grand Canal

My efforts here are primarily with issues in the Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) but my thoughts and efforts are with all indigenous people, especially those of Nicaragua. noch 908 Wörter


Nicaragua: Part II Esteli & the Cloud Forest of Miraflor

El Coyolito: Linda Vista

The bright green gate swings open on a tilt and falls shut behind me. I walk down the path lined with small palms that arc overhead to form a tunnel of sorts. noch 753 Wörter