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South Korea, Guatemala Fail to Reach Agreement on Free Trade

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A free trade agreement between South Korea and Central America appears to have hit a snag. Earlier this month, the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy postponed bilateral talks between his country and South Korea over concerns from the Guatemalan business sector. 1.170 weitere Wörter


Where will you go for this summer?

Tribal Hotel sets the new standard for style and service as the finest boutique hotel in Granada.

Positioned in the heart of the colonial city, Tribal Hotel offers guests the perfect location in Granada to enjoy the charm and treasures of the historic sites, culture and excellent restaurants. 171 weitere Wörter


Day 18 Farewell Nicaragua

For some reason Liam didn’t want to try the shortcut I had mapped out for today. I think he has developed a newfound fear of the word. 239 weitere Wörter

Log Entry X - Nicaragua

„Gazing into the sky & the emptiness of the land below, sipping home grown coffee, when the rain starts. Slowly, merely a trickle but quickly intensifying, laying over the fields and forests like a think carpet washing away the impurities in air and on ground. 632 weitere Wörter


Bluefields and beyond: How to reach East coast of Nicaragua

As you could read in the blog about Little Corn Island  the East coast of Nicaragua is the perfect getaway for a couple days (or weeks) of beach fun with plenty of sun, cocktails, sharks, coconuts, Rondon and snorkeling. 1.015 weitere Wörter

Central America

My Top Three Spots for Costa Rica

1. Nicaragua!

I know, I know! Nicaragua isn’t Costa Rica! It doesn’t belong in the same list!

Hear me out! Tamarindo Shuttles have a one-day tour package that picks you up in Tamarindo (or along the west coast) and gives you a tour of Nicaragua. 245 weitere Wörter


Spring Happenings

I sit here almost 3 weeks into my summer vacation and wonder how it’s here already. As always, the Spring semester flies by in a blink of an eye–a whirlwind of activities & trips. 696 weitere Wörter