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Welcome back to Nicaragua, my lovely readers!

This post is the third installment in my recounting of the Nicaraguan countryside and lifestyle, and I want to start with an apology for the delay.  619 weitere Wörter


Nicaragua: Más apoyo para seguridad jurídica

Este es el tercer préstamo del Banco Mundial para Nicaragua aprobado en esta semana en la Asamblea Nacional.

La Asamblea Nacional ratificó el día de ayer un préstamo de US$ 50 millones de dólares otorgado por el Banco Mundial para el Programa de Ordenamiento de la Propiedad en Nicaragua (PRODEP). 42 weitere Wörter

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Alejandra A. 23.05.18

Thus far, I have only been posting from people that I know personally as to assure the veracity of the stories I post. I would like to make an exception for this post, as it relates to an important happening last night in the city of León and it was backed up by the local news source… 777 weitere Wörter


Spring and Nicaragua

Happy Spring! After a long weekend of camping with my family and nothing but a few more blissful days of „stay-cation“ awaiting me this week, it seemed the perfect time to catch up the world on our goings-on, coffee in hand and sunshine streaming through the open windows. 2.023 weitere Wörter


Cardinal: Nicaragua Talks at Impasse, Suspended Indefinitely

Talks broke down Wednesday between President Daniel Ortega’s government and opposition and civic groups on resolving weeks of unrest in which dozens of people were killed. 223 weitere Wörter

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The Importance of Rest: My Time in Washington, D.C.

About a month ago, my life changed forever. Violence broke out in the safest country in Central America–Nicaragua, my home country. Before flying to Nicaragua earlier this May, I had the privilege of spending a week in Washington, D.C. 369 weitere Wörter


Ometepe, relaxation heaven

Ometepe was without a doubt my favourite place in Nicaragua. It is an island within the country, with two striking volcanoes surrounded by lake – incredibly beautiful and wonderfully relaxing due to where we chose to stay on the island. 1.800 weitere Wörter