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Lasset es bluten! 

Ich war verzweifelt! Am Boden zerstört! Mein Körper funktioniert nicht, er tut nichts was er doch eigentlich von Natur aus tun müsste…

Eigentlich habe ich überlegt wann ich meinen nächsten Beitrag schreibe. 126 weitere Wörter


FDA's Grassroots

             In the fall of 1937, ‘elixir of sulfonamide’ was shipped over the United States as a drug to cure strep throat; 107 people died from taking the drug. 632 weitere Wörter


Life's Craziness

So here’s your quarterly family update so Gracie and I are ready to give you a long update. Since she practicing her service dog role by sitting at my feet. 205 weitere Wörter

Low Histamine Diet

Should Your Website Include a Donation Page

An increasing number of nonprofits have started placing their donation button above the fold on their websites. What this means is that the donate now button is prominently displayed at the top of every page. 432 weitere Wörter

Business Tools

unverblümt ehrlich...

Die Idee zu diesem Blog ist mir in den letzten Tagen gekommen. Ich beschäftige mich im Moment sehr mit dem Thema Verhütung, Zyklus, Kinder bekommen und habe irgendwie nichts gefunden was so richtig zu meiner Situation passt. 876 weitere Wörter


Analysts Weigh In On What You Thought Was An Unambiguously Bad Jobs Report

Ok, it’s time for everyone to try and read the tea leaves from the August jobs report, although honestly, this seems like one of those cases where most of what you need to know is in the headline prints. 866 weitere Wörter

Manic Markets Reverse Jobs Knee-Jerk, But 'There's No Chance Of December Hike'

Talk about laughable.

The knee-jerk move lower in the dollar and yields reversed course in what, for humans anyway, was the blink of an eye. 362 weitere Wörter