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NFP is Stupid (and Smart)

After Dane was born, I had a conversion. If you’ve read my blog before, you probably already knew that, but what you might not know is that NFP was one of the hardest parts of that conversion. 1.052 weitere Wörter


Unequally Yoked: A Catholic Marries an Agnostic (Part III)

Read Part I and Part II to get up to speed!

Well, we got pregnant again, and I suffered a temporary setback. I remember throwing my pregnancy test against the wall, and yelling that I just couldn’t do this. 1.507 weitere Wörter


US Macro: Unemployment rate & NFP February 2017

US Macro: Unemployment rate & NFP February 2017

  1. Unemployment rate: In the long term in has very well defined the structure. It keeps going down like in any other expansion phase of the business cycle.
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Traders take profit on Dollar long positions following expectations for March rate hike

Last week’s Non-Farm Payrolls release continued to confirm a March rate hike for Wednesday. 236 weitere Wörter


27. Finding your Catholic support group

Where are the NFP support groups? Have you ever wondered that?

When we were first married, we needed an NFP support group, but we could hardly find a teacher. 396 weitere Wörter

Friday Humor: "It Was Fake Then, But It's Real Now"

I’m not sure whether to laugh at this or whether to just shake my head, but here’s Sean Spicer to explain how good jobs data under Obama was phony, but now that Trump’s president, that very same data is „very real“… 81 weitere Wörter


Where is DXY (Dollar Index) headed now?

Our favorite monthly NFP has just been released 2 hours ago, with actual figures beating both estimates and previous month’s figures.

But the strange thing is that the USD didn’t seem to move in line with the data release. 122 weitere Wörter