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A Feast for the inspired

The best thing about brunching adventures is not only being able to share the experience with friends, but also having the opportunity to support local businesses. noch 833 Wörter


Stealing Jenny #Free on Kindle until Saturday

My third novel, Stealing Jenny, will be FREE today (April 14) through Saturday (April 18) on Kindle.

Jenny Callahan is happily expecting her sixth child. noch 226 Wörter


The tribe of five

I know, I know, I’m a day late, but I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday so get over it! Of all the random, made-up holidays, #nationalsiblingsday has got to be the best. noch 85 Wörter

CMM220: Week 6

DB Post

My NFP is I love Living on the Peninsula which has no income and will be relying on free services to help its media announcements. noch 75 Wörter


Perdagangan Emas LLG Sesi AS Berakhir di Zona Merah

Pada akhir perdagangan Rabu dini hari tadi harga emas akhirnya harus menyerah kalah dan ditutup di teritori negatif (8/4). noch 302 Wörter


Meet a Member: Bonnie Atwood

Bonnie Atwood is the immediate past president of Virginia Professional Communicators. She was an outstanding president and would always keep me posted on how the affiliate was progressing. noch 538 Wörter