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From Financing to Fundraising: Altering Your Perspective

For generations, NFPs have placed their focus on raising funds from individual donations, endowments and grants to finance their operations and the services that they provide. 682 weitere Wörter

Business Tools

Natural Family Planning. Really?

If you have done any research into conceiving a baby, you will have come across all sorts of confusing terms, including BBT, CM, Implantation dip, and more. 675 weitere Wörter


Sitara's Story ~ An introduction

We have started a charity called Sitara’s Story in Canberra, Australia.
Our first campaign partners with „Identity Inlcusion“ in Bangladesh to raise funds for mental health awareness training directed at young girls and women in Bangladesh. 20 weitere Wörter


A quick word about he NFP sector

Local sporting club.


Charity organisation.

There is a running theme with my most recent internships and it has caused me to reflect on my career goals and aspirations for the future. 272 weitere Wörter


Dem Zyklus auf die Beine helfen...

Wie gesagt habe ich wirklich lange Hormone in meinen Körper hinen gepumpt. Irgendwie war es klar, dass nach dem Absetzten eben dieser nichts mehr so sein wird wie früher… 550 weitere Wörter


Lasset es bluten! 

Ich war verzweifelt! Am Boden zerstört! Mein Körper funktioniert nicht, er tut nichts was er doch eigentlich von Natur aus tun müsste…

Eigentlich habe ich überlegt wann ich meinen nächsten Beitrag schreibe. 126 weitere Wörter


Wounded Warrior Project

Kaffee Beans supports the great work of the Wounded Warrior Project. WWP has a mission to honour and empower veterans and service members who incurred injury from the physical to the invisible during military service on or after September 11, 2001.