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The Life Sucking Monster

That awkward moment when you realize that for the last three years you’ve been attacked by a life-sucking monster and had no idea.

* The below post is an article published in „Family Foundations“ a Natural Family Planning magazine published by the Couple to Couple League ( noch 943 Wörter

Theology of the Body to Focus on Mercy and the Family #TOBTalk

2016 Theology of the Body Congress to focus on mercy and the family
Archbishop Jose Gomez, Dr. John Grabowski and Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield to give keynote presentations… noch 655 Wörter


Non-farm payrolls attraction short lived

Friday’s Non-Farm Payrolls release showed a whopping 287K new jobs causing the Euro to drop 60 pips, but just 60 pips.  noch 540 Wörter


'Mr.Market' is a little nervous, isn't it!?

It’s not strage to see a strong down/up moves like this in the market, after an amaizing NFP data today. Why? Well, strong NFP data suggest the market players that the FED could hike soon, but on the other hand,  other indicators and new problem with’the Brexit‘ are quite worrying for the future of economic global developments. noch 78 Wörter

Important Events And Economic News

US Non Farm Payrolls and Unemployment rate, coming up!

Nonfarm payrolls is an employment report released monthly, usually on the first Friday of every month, and heavily affects the US dollar, the bond market and the stock market. noch 185 Wörter

Important Events And Economic News

Emas Naik Pesat Berkat Pelemahan Dolar dan Risk Aversion

Monexnews – Emas naik sekitar $20 per troy ons pada hari Jumat dengan pelemahan dolar AS yang membuai pasar komoditas dan petunjuk sentimen risk aversion… noch 119 Wörter


Understanding the link between Ladycomp and Hypermobility: knowledge is power

Using my pearly has given me an understanding of my body, and how amazing it is.

I am lucky enough to be one of many who suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS) aka being double jointed, with a lot of extra grievances. noch 130 Wörter