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CCNA-SEC Lec#2 | Securing Management Plane

We will discuss at this lecture with more details about NFP and how to secure the three planes „Management plane, Control plane and Data plane“ 924 weitere Wörter

A Long Road to First Fellowship

It’s probably easier to celebrate glorious moment rather than reflecting on the long hard process behind it.

I was once again reminded by this simple fact at the end of my NFP fellowship November last year. 1.057 weitere Wörter


Wall Street Reacts To "Mixed" Jobs Report

So this morning’s jobs data was, well, not very exciting.

The headline print missed expectations and the unemployment rate ticked up, but it appears it would have taken a disappointment orders of magnitude larger to rattle increasingly ebullient markets. 650 weitere Wörter


USA economic news – January 6th 2017 13:30 (GMT+1)

NFP – an added 156,000 new Jobs in December.
The unemployment rate ticked up to 4.7% from 4.6% in November.

Dec. Jobs Data Misses, Unemployment Rate Ticks Higher, Wages Rise

Normally, you’d probably want to focus first and foremost on how markets respond. Especially rates and FX.

But we live in strange times. The most important thing to watch in the wake of today’s payrolls data is probably Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. 382 weitere Wörter


"Traders Get Religion When They're Making Money"

How important is Friday’s NFP print?

Well, probably not that important. Or at least it wouldn’t be if traders weren’t so keen on the idea that everything revolves around the Trump narrative. 409 weitere Wörter


Daily Kickstart (Jobs Edition)

Overnight I quoted Goldman on the way to explaining why a short yuan bias was probably still a no-brainer trade despite Thursday’s epic short-squeeze engineered by the heavy hand of the PBoC and overseen by the all-seeing eye of the Politburo: 771 weitere Wörter