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Can you use NFP with a Contraceptive Mentality?

This article is an unexpected follow up to an article I wrote recently called “The Myth of the Contraceptive Mentality.” Based on the feedback from that article I thought it would be good to dive into what exactly a contraceptive mentality is and why couples who use Natural Family Planning (NFP) can never be guilty of such a thing. 1.114 weitere Wörter


The Myth of the Contraceptive Mentality

If you have run in Natural Family Planning (NFP) circles you have likely come across an idea that I’m going to call (though I’m not the first person to use this term) “providentialism.” This is the idea that Catholic couples should completely rely on God’s providence when it comes to how many children to have. 1.111 weitere Wörter


Harga Emas Naik Terbantu Pelemahan Dolar AS

(Vibizmedia – Commodity) Harga emas menguat pada akhir perdagangan Jumat dinihari (02/02) terbantu pelemahan dolar AS. 344 weitere Wörter


5 Things I Hide From the Children

Now I have a few things that I prefer to hide from my children.  And I know you’ve got a few things that you hide from your children too.   385 weitere Wörter

Life Is Worth Living

Swarm in a tea-cup (curating in a CIC)

As well as creating my own work, I curate the exhibitions at The Art House. This is a cafe/gallery/venue (i.e. a multi-use space, something with challenges I’ll write about another time) and is a CIC, or Community Interest Company. 641 weitere Wörter


The Prayer That Changed My (Sex) Life

My husband and I are a CCL-certified NFP (Natural Family Planning) teaching couple. And as such, we like to share a little TMI sometimes…  1.208 weitere Wörter

Prayer Life

How to Handle a Nonprofit Crisis

The famous words, “there is no such thing as bad publicity,” is a saying that’s accredited to circus owner and showman P.T. Barnum. Today, it’s widely quoted by public relations professionals to calm their anxious clients. 577 weitere Wörter

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