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Seeking the Greater Good

It’s a great privilege to journey with my clients through some of the most difficult seasons of their lives: huge transitions, infertility, pregnancy loss, family stress, marital conflict, etc. noch 328 Wörter


IVF and God's Will

Life is a gift, not a right.  God does not owe us children; but we do owe him something: obedience to his moral law.

{First off all, those conceived by IVF are no less human than any other person. noch 748 Wörter

NFP Improves Marital Communication

My latest article over at illustrates one of the main benefits of using NFP:

Couples using Natural Family Planning are accustomed to communicating deeply and frequently. noch 599 Wörter


SQT - Favorite Marriage Quotes

Please join me and other Catholic bloggers at This Ain’t the Lyceum for Seven Quick Takes Friday.

Since my husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary next week, I’d like to share seven of my favorite quotes on marriage. noch 518 Wörter


Why I Didn't Want to Wait

Spring is finally here, which means wedding season is too. Me and my husband’s wedding was held on a glorious spring day, and this April we’re celebrating three years of marriage. noch 673 Wörter

Family Life

Emas Masih Dalam Range Trading Sempit

Monexnews – Revisi tajam pada data nonfarm payrolls bulan Maret berhasil menopang Emas cukup stabil, di lain sisi pergerakan di pasar spot Emas masih terimbas oleh kejatuhan tajam kepemilikan ETF berbasis Emas. noch 161 Wörter


Market Movers: Indeks Dollar AS Menguat Sejak Pagi

Monexnews – Indeks dollar bergerak menguat sejak pembukaan perdagangan pagi ini. noch 233 Wörter