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Everything You Need To Know For The Week Ahead

Well, it’s Sunday which means normally, you’d be thinking about Monday, but this weekend you don’t have to because Sunday is actually Saturday and Monday is actually Sunday. 597 weitere Wörter

S&P 500

Jobs Report Beats

The median estimate was for +190,000k.

Thanks to last month’s miss, you can be sure the punditry (and all market participants for that matter) will pay close attention to revisions. 526 weitere Wörter


FOREX Friday

The dollar sold-off ahead of NFP release today (Non Farm Payroll) . The institutions gave us a market with currency pairs all at critical levels. Trying to trade today is definitely gambling. 71 weitere Wörter


AmazingFiboEA: May 2017 NFP Settings

So after losing $175 in March, it made $175 back in April, with 4 winners in a row. Annoyingly, my VPS was offline for another trade at the start of that run that would have also hit TP, which would have made it 5 TP in a row. 193 weitere Wörter


Fed, Jobs, & France: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, so who’s ready for next week?

That’s right, today’s Sunday which means tomorrow is Monday and I guess that’s why we don’t quite understand why everyone gets so goddamn excited on Friday afternoon. 686 weitere Wörter