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New post on ProfitF: Non-Farm Payroll Dates

New Post on NFP (Non Farm Payroll) – Released by the US Department of Labor – is the most important data in the US. Presents the number of people on the payrolls of all non-agricultural businesses. noch 21 Wörter

New post on ProfitF: Non-Farm Payroll Forex Strategy

New Post on How to trade effectively the Non Farm payroll ?

The Non Farm Payroll is the most significant data in the US , usually published the first Friday of each month , at 8:30 am EST , it is a major economic indicator that measures the employment situation on the… noch 12 Wörter

What the 2015 Budget means for Charities

The Chancellor delivered a number of announcements in Budget 2015, but what impact do these have for the third sector?

It is clear that whilst the economy is getting stronger, pressure on budgets will continue, which means that Council funded charities will continue to face downward pressure on income. noch 826 Wörter


Minyak Mentah Asia Kembali Turun Lanjutkan Pelemahan Pekan Lalu

Harga minyak mentah di akhir perdagangan pekan lalu mengalami penurunan yang cukup signifikan di bursa komoditas Amerika Serikat (9/3). noch 263 Wörter


Emas LLG Rebound Dari Jurang 14 Bulan Terendah

Harga emas di akhir perdagangan Sabtu dini hari lalu mengalami pelemahan yang luar biasa tajam, menggenapi fase penurunan untuk empat sesi berturut-turut (9/3). noch 299 Wörter


Post-NFP trade review and EURJPY hits profit target!

In anticipation of the spreads, I shorted the EURUSD pair much earlier on in the release of the Non-Farm Payrolls. Of course, I still watched this event unfold live. noch 166 Wörter


Let Me Invite You To The Pip-Fest (NFP)

Most people are afraid of trading the news, and particularly the NFP, as it is volatile and they do not really know how to read price action. noch 113 Wörter

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