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Promotion...or the Strangest Place I've Ever Sold A Book

Since a self-published author doesn’t have a publisher to help with promotion, it’s important to take every opportunity to promote oneself. Keep copies of your books in your car, always have business cards or bookmarks in your purse or wallet and… 421 weitere Wörter


NFP Ambassadors Network!


Thanks to a great response from my last newsletter, I decided to make a Facebook group (oh no, not another one of those….?): The NFP Ambassadors Network… 102 weitere Wörter


US Consumer Spending & Labour Market

Markets have been range-bound for some time and here’s the time where I get some capacity to deep dive into some of the more fundamental side of macro markets. 211 weitere Wörter

Summer Newsletter!

Head on over to the newsletter archives and check out the latest issue of „NFP and Me.“

As a follow-up, email me if you are interested in learning more about becoming an NFP Ambassador for your parish! 33 weitere Wörter


I Was Blind, But Now I See #TOBtalk

My latest post at Catholic

When I was eight years old, I had no idea that what my eyes were seeing was, in actuality, a huge blur. 1.131 weitere Wörter


An Honest Conversation about NFP: Seeing Through the Myths to the Truth

Natural family planning.  It’s a topic that I’ve written on several times before- most notably here and here.  I have attempted to disprove several common myths surrounding NFP in an attempt to defend it against those who would have you believe that it is not a legitimate form of preventing conception, but I have also warned about the temptation to turn NFP into just another form of contraception, albeit a natural one.  2.571 weitere Wörter

Personal Reflections

Zoo Wars-How Long Has Big Cat Rescue NOT Been Paying State Sales Tax?

NOTE-State of Florida offers a reward for reported violations: „Rewards for reporting tax violations are authorized by section 213.30, Florida Statutes, Compensation for information relating to a violation of the tax laws and Rule 12-18, Florida Administrative Code, Compensation for Tax Information“ 862 weitere Wörter