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What was the Ptolemaic-Aristotelian view of the universe, and how did Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton undermine it and institute an alternative?

The Ptolemaic-Aristotelian view of the universe preached that the earth was at the center of the universe. This view, called the Geocentric model, grew increasingly untenable as astronomers and mathematicians such as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton began contributing various truths that contradicted the model. noch 32 Wörter

Western Civ. 2

Sometimes You Have to Just Play the Game

There were many storylines and talking points about Super Bowl 50. But sometimes you just have to go out and play the game. 

For the past couple of week it feels like all the news was about three things. noch 719 Wörter


Newton’s Second Law: Incredibly easy so just added to find every variable involved but units yet to be improvised. Dedicated to the python lovers :) noch 167 Wörter


Rob Lowe Calls Cam Newton OUT!

Rob Lowe had some choice words for Cam Newton’s sportsmanship after the big LOSS at the Super Bowl. As we know, he was very short during the post game press conference. noch 45 Wörter

Brief standoff in Newton leads to arrest

NEWTON, Kansas – A man who was wanted for questioning in an arson, burglary and criminal threat case has been arrested.

According to Lt. Brian Hall of the Newton Police Department, it was all thanks to tips from the community. noch 70 Wörter


Cam's Right to be His Cam- and Not Yours

Cam Newton might say that the controversy that surrounds him is not about race, and he might very well not want it to be about race. noch 2.027 Wörter

Giving WiFi To An Apple Newton

The Apple Newton gets a bad rap, partly because of the bad handwriting recognition of the first version of the firmware, and mostly because Steve Jobs hated it. noch 327 Wörter

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