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Dijual Apartemen Di Bandung @ Newton Superblock

  • Lokasi : Apartemen Newton Superblock
  • alamat : Terusan Buahbatu bandung, Indonesia
  • Spesifikasi : Tipe Studio, luas 27 m2
  • Sertifikat Starat Title
  • view : Bandung City dan swimpool…
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Newton Burglary Caught on Video

NEWTON, Iowa — A brazen burglar ripped off the Fore Seasons Golf Practice Center in Newton early Sunday morning, and the whole crime was caught on camera. noch 288 Wörter



Ilie Badescu, unul dintre stalpii sociologiei contemporane romanesti, ne atrage atentia ca “…marile revolutii se dezmiarda in mediul cel mai reactionar cu putinta. Marile reactii, procesele reactionare, sunt tot atat de necesare, ba poate ca acestea sunt, pana la urma, cele care confera sens, atat cat poate fi acesta, oricaror revolutii”. noch 997 Wörter

Tara Din Care Traim


Gym makes me feel alive. When I came home after a workout it feels right, feels complete. Body pains but I become more and more fit, you have to let go something to achieve something, thats the rule of nature. noch 165 Wörter

Strange fruit

Gird up your loins, folks, this is going to be a long one!  That dread admixture of too many ‘ideas’ and the lack of a decent (or, indeed, any) editor.   noch 1.142 Wörter

Police: Man arrested after calling in bomb threats in Newton

WICHITA, Kansas – Law enforcement officials in Harvey County are frustrated that their resources that were stretched thin in tracking down the suspect who was responsible for multiple bomb threats in Newton Wednesday. noch 365 Wörter


Use the force, Newton!

A lot of people, when they hear the name Isaac Newton, think of some British bloke with funny hair who invented gravity. I mean they’re not wrong; he is a British bloke with funny hair but by no means did he invent gravity! noch 782 Wörter