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Party donations in Cornwall update

Back in February I revealed the sources of local party donations received in 2014. I’m updating that blog here and extending the coverage back to January 2011, although… noch 687 Wörter

Cornish Politics

Newton water rates raised

NEWTON, Kansas – Newton residents have seen an increase in their water rates the past two years. Some have signed a petition to bring it down. noch 90 Wörter


Aristotle: Dazzling Genius or Sadly Deluded?

This is indeed a diversion from the sort of pieces I intended to write here, but this has been a debate so intense in my mind that it was crying out to be heard on paper. noch 1.882 Wörter


Holocaust the competition by not sleeping !

So the next time you’re wondering why you’re not one of the world’s great tycoons, scientists, leaders or artists, check out your sleep schedule. I’m certainly not recommending getting less sleep than you need to function comfortably, but everyone has to find his or her own sleep rhythm. noch 512 Wörter

1801 Wave Theory

  • Young established the Wave Theory of Light
  • Light as a wavs propagating through a medium
  • The medium light moves through is ether, a subtle fluid…
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1687 Absolute Time and Space

  • There’s an absolute time that run throughs the universe
  • Motion is perceived differently depending on the observer’s frame of reference. Newton idealized a God’s eye view of absolute space and motion…
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