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52 Documents in 52 Weeks #3 - Samuel Longcor's Grave Site

Person of Interest: Samuel Longcor of Sussex County, New Jersey
Relationship: 3rd great grandfather

Source Citation: Newton Cemetery (19 Lawnwood Ave, Newton, New Jersey), Samuel and Hannah Longcor marker; photographs taken by William Charles Strait, 30 August 2017. 800 weitere Wörter


Should I be a tragedian?

(2nd Part: Poetic Choice)

A crossroad I’ve reached,

where three roads meet,

which lead to three directions

with many different diversions.

Beauty, Tragedy and Satire, 160 weitere Wörter


Newton's Laws of Motion

Today we have a simple post which will break down Newton’s laws of motion so even the layman can understand them inside out (hopefully). Mathematical formula will be introduced, though no previous knowledge of mathematics is required to follow this through – i’m going to explain every single piece of notation as best I can. 1.352 weitere Wörter


Semnificaţia numărului 6 [prima parte]

Sunt sigur că vrei să știi ce înseamnă cu adevărat 666.
Te-ai săturat de citit prostii și interpretări jalnice ale Apocalipsei lui Ioan. Am căutat și eu, de curiozitate, să văd ce concluzii îți oferă internetul în privința aceasta. 1.932 weitere Wörter

Adevărata știință

What makes us human.

As long as we can remember, the human race has gazed to the skies in wonder. We looked at the birds, the bees, the clouds… We wondered why and how that silver ball, our moon, was up there. 521 weitere Wörter


Let me sing my natural song

Lend me thy ears;
have mercy on my tears.
I’m a lonely old bird,
now in a cage,
a beautiful cage, made of pure gold… 171 weitere Wörter


All physics is wrong!

Quantum Mechanics: wrong! General Relativity: wrong! The standard model of particle physics: wrong, wrong, wrong.

All physics (actually, science in general) is wrong—to some extent. And scientists know about it, too! 424 weitere Wörter