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Reading Challenge – 2016

Oh wow, yet another post about what I read last year.  Last year, I threatened vaguely hinted that I might list what I did/did not read, that filled the above Challenge list.  569 weitere Wörter


City of Sedgwick loses its EMS service

SEDGWICK, Kan. (KSNW) – The city of Sedgwick is home to nearly 1,700 people.

As of Wednesday, March, the town will no longer have a local EMS service. 426 weitere Wörter


Software review Newton

Name of software: Newton
App Versions: iOS, Mac, Android
App Release: 7.11.40
Use: an Mail app which after my mind replaces the apple mail app… 247 weitere Wörter


Edmund Halley's Ode to Isaac Newton (1686)

Lo, for your gaze, the pattern of the skies!
What balance of the mass, what reckonings
Divine! Here ponder too the Laws which God,
Framing the Universe, set not aside… 458 weitere Wörter

Philosophy Of Science

Newton Becomes a Welcoming City

by Paul Garver

Newton is a middle-sized city of about 85.000 in the Boston metropolitan area.

On Feb. 21st, the Newton City Council passed the „Welcoming City“ ordinance by a vote of 16-1. 158 weitere Wörter

Racial Justice

Not what it seems

There are many outstanding books explaining the latest developments at the frontiers of theoretical physics to general audiences. This is not an easy thing to do, but the physicists who have stepped up tend to be very good writers and expositors: I am thinking of people like Roger Penrose, Julian Barbour, and Lee Smolin. 897 weitere Wörter


Short hostage situation at Newton car dealership

NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – One man is in police custody after officers say he took one car dealership clerk hostage and assaulted another.

Sergeant Maurice Montano with the Newton Police Department says the incident started around 1 p.m Saturday. 114 weitere Wörter