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'Newton' Review : Break-away into reality, from the reels of cinema!

Amit V.Masurkar puts up a whole democracy on a trial – files and fights a strong case against his own people, comes out winning – tearing down the facade, and destroying a masquerade party of a nation’s celebration of being the „largest democracy“. 589 weitere Wörter

Did Isaac leap or was he pushed?

In 2016 2017 it would not be too much to expect a professor of philosophy at an American university to have a working knowledge of the evolution of science in the seventeenth century, particularly given that said evolution had a massive impact on the historical evolution of philosophy. 1.573 weitere Wörter

History Of Science

Some people in Newton concerned for their safety after shooting

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s been just over 24 hours since a man was shot outside his home in Newton, and the search for the suspect continues tonight. 316 weitere Wörter


Newton Police Buried With Leaf Blower Complaints

NEWTON (CBS) – Since new leaf blower restrictions took effect this year, Newton police have received hundreds of complaints from residents.

The flood of leaf blower-related calls has forced the department to adjust how officers respond, concerned the contentious issue is putting a strain on their resources. 801 weitere Wörter


Newton Nursing Home Robbed Over the Weekend

NEWTON, Iowa  —  Early Sunday morning, the staff and clients at Nelson Manor Nursing Home in Newton got two unexpected guests.

“As the two males entered the building, they were armed with handguns, and they displayed the handguns and essentially demanded access to the medication,” said Rob Burdess, Newton Chief of Police. 230 weitere Wörter


No Place Like Home: Aristotle and Topos

For Aristotle, place or topos is not the abstract, absolute points expressed by a Cartesian grid extendingout into infinity.

Rather place is that which holds and contains; it has a sense of rightness and belonging which every being innately knows. 388 weitere Wörter


Newton Nursing Home Robbed of Prescriptions by Armed Men

NEWTON, Iowa  —  Police in Newton say two men robbed a nursing home early Sunday morning at gunpoint.

Police were called to Nelson Manor Nursing Home at 2:48am on Sunday.  54 weitere Wörter