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Newton Review

Quite silly to review such an acclaimed and already loved film, I know. People are sulking that it didn’t make the cut to the Oscars after all. 1.094 weitere Wörter



Isaac Newton, in his Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy of 1687, used the heading “Axioms (or laws)” for what we know as the three laws of motion. 714 weitere Wörter


New Shoes!

I purchased my first pair of Newton Running shoes in December 2015. I had gone through 3 pairs of Saucony Hurricane 16’s since I started running again in 2014, but I decided I wasn’t totally happy with them anymore. 305 weitere Wörter

There’s a Newton in each one of us. Why India’s official entry to the Oscars “Newton” strikes our conscience.

“Newton” is a Bollywood movie in the most unlikely Bollywood terms.

It portrays an India that urbane Indians have never seen. It questions the meaninglessness of democracy and then answers the quest for meaningful democracy through a single honest electorate officer who is fighting against a world that doesn’t see the point of selfless honesty. 416 weitere Wörter