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CO Leak In Newton School Puts 2 In Hospital

NEWTON (CBS) – Two people were rushed to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak at a school in Newton Friday morning.

Firefighters were called to the Franklin Elementary School on Derby Street just before 7 a.m. noch 321 Wörter


Hunting up the Ghosts of Elements

If you’ve seen the flash of yellow-orange flames when a pot boils over on a gas stove, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the ghost of an atom.   noch 1.002 Wörter


Car Crashes Through Boston Sports Club In Newton

NEWTON (CBS) — Employees at Boston Sports Clubs in Newton were alerted to a bang when a car suddenly came crashing through the wall making it halfway inside. noch 237 Wörter


Oskaloosa- Newton Top List of Affordable Small Towns Where You'd Want to Live

OSKALOOSA, Iowa- has named two central Iowa towns to the national “Top 10 List of Affordable Small Towns You’d Want to Live In.”

Oskaloosa was named #1 on the list, and Newton was #4. noch 266 Wörter


The glorious gospel.

The Gospel of Christ, the glorious Gospel of the blessed God—is the only effectual means for reforming mankind. ~ John Newton 

Thoughts On Faith.

Gravity – humor, history, and some facts

Hungarian stamp commemorating 100 years of general relativity. Image from

…: “Gravity, where did it come from?”
when a four-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian manifold and a Landau–Lifshitz stress-energy tensor love each other very much, they produce a geodesic in curved spacetime.

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