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Why a mutual?

Humanity has always been gripped by an urge to seek knowledge; “the truth”. Quite possibly because people believe having knowledge is most likely to help them live a happy and successful life e.g. noch 689 Wörter


Trying to Get There Pt.2: Remaining in Motion

“An object in motion tends to remain in motion while an object at rest tends to remain at rest.”

This (Newton’s Law of Inertia) is the adage I left off discussing in… noch 1.665 Wörter

My 10 Cents Worth

Today's style

So this is what I am wearing today. Just a relaxed business casual kind of day. We are having a big event at work today so I will be doing lots of running around, so I want to be comfortable. noch 125 Wörter

There Is No Hope of Perfect Research (Griffiths, 1998,p97)

As the statement goes, it’s true and conclusive that there is no hope for a perfect research. If the search ends perfect, then there is no need for a re-search. noch 872 Wörter


Hiring Professionals | Newton, MA | Casey Movers MA

A home is a special place that you love to make your mark on. It’s a place to hang your hat, but it’s a place to also showcase your style! noch 880 Wörter

Casey Movers

$10 Million Renovation Project Coming to Downtown Newton

NEWTON, Iowa – Big changes are coming to downtown Newton.

A $10 million renovation project will convert the former Hotel Maytag building into 30-40 apartments, commercial space and an upscale restaurant, … noch 19 Wörter


Eggs Berlioz

Berlioz was an uncompromising revolutionary. Wholeheartedly, he embraced the passionate fervour of Romantic idealism, urging the Parisian musical establishment to take on innovations in form, harmony and instrumentation. noch 505 Wörter