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Newton Food Centre reopens with a posher vibe


After three months of upgrading works, Newton Food Centre has reopened with a slightly posher look and occasionally higher prices.

The hawker centre, which returned to business last week, now boasts more spacious aisles as well as new toilets, tables and chairs. noch 358 Wörter

Current Affairs

Newton's Third Law Explained

Class, I’ve been getting some complaints about me not explaining Newton’s Third Law sufficiently. Apparently, a bunch of you numbnuts just have to know why anything on Earth moves if every action has an equal and opposite reaction. noch 405 Wörter

Layman's Terms

Space, Time and Pinhead Economics

What happens instantaneously on a pinhead that exists nowhere and everywhere? Most economic activity according to the dominant strain of economics. The absence of space and time is just one reason why such economics is so unhelpful in addressing questions of justice, equality and the environment. noch 1.667 Wörter


Newton Man Hopes Hands-Free Umbrella Invention Will Take World By Storm

NEWTON (CBS) – Do you ever fumble around using an umbrella and wish you had both hands free?  Well a contraption invented right here in the Boston area may be something to look at, especially during the wet week we’re having. noch 321 Wörter


Newton Named Third-Best Place To Raise Family In US

NEWTON (CBS) – One of the best places to raise a family in the United States is right in Boston’s backyard, according to a new ranking. noch 51 Wörter


2 Boats Destroyed In Newton Yacht Club Fire

NEWTON (CBS) – Two boats were destroyed but firefighters were able to save several others from a devastating fire at the Newton Yacht Club early Tuesday morning. noch 297 Wörter


Optics: 6) Experiment that changed our thinking

today I will again write about optics but I have to return at the very beginning of 19th century when Thomas Young proved that light is behaving like a wave. noch 506 Wörter