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Chess games with a cosmic mind

The original idea that light from a point source diminishes in intensity with the square of distance was a proposal of Kepler, and it was also he who also incorrectly postulated that the strength of gravitational attraction obeyed an inverse-linear law. 5.316 weitere Wörter


Picture Speaks #4 -What story does the pic trigger in You

Images are powerful…. They operate at multi-dimensional layers of the human mind ecosystem…

They evoke memories…. They bring to life… emotions

They help dissolve boundaries…They help transcend time… 163 weitere Wörter

Create Your Story -Pictures Speak

Whale fall


Every time something new is proposed in science there is something of an odd scramble to make sense out of it. Everyone has ideas and guesses about how best to interpret things, which is good because it is advantageous to the scientific endeavour to have a multitude of candidate theories as opposed to one theory in trying to explain the diverse facets of reality. 2.599 weitere Wörter


Kendra and Kevin Friedberg | Goessel Kansas Wedding!

Say hello to the adorable Kendra and Kevin! This couple was married just last month in Goessel, KS at Alexanderwohl Church, with a a reception to follow at Meridian Event Center in Newton, KS. 158 weitere Wörter


Background Gravity - Time Dilation in a Flat Field

I got into an argument with a physics buddy not that long ago (a year, maybe), about gravity. We have an intermittent arrangement where we go drink beer and talk about physics at two or three pubs in San Luis Obispo. 970 weitere Wörter


Newton homicide suspect booked in Harvey Co. on capital murder charges

NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – Keith Hawkins has been booked into the Harvey County Jail.

According to jail records, Hawkins has been charged with capital murder and murder in the first degree. 321 weitere Wörter


Investigators head to Texas after Newton double murders

NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – One day after the horrific double murders of Alyssa Runyon and Zaylynn Paz, the Newton Police Department has investigators heading to Texas to talk to officers there about extradition for the man who police say committed the crimes. 263 weitere Wörter