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Gravity & Gyroscopes & The Scientific Method

Real World Physics Problems published a simple explantion of gyroscope physics here and their principal drawing is as follows:

The explanation involves differentiating particles in the top half of the spinning wheel from those in the bottom half and treating them as Newtonian objects. noch 110 Wörter

Laws & Principles (Observational, Not Legal)

There are some laws and principles used in American journalism that are referenced very often. It’s presumed the audience knows them by their name.

Unlike Einstein and relativity, or Newton and gravity, I suspect everyone knows the ideas presented below, but not the man or woman behind them. noch 504 Wörter

American Culture

Boxing Kickboxing and Karate classes

Boxing Kickboxing and Karate classes located at 13 Main street in Clendenin WV.  Open Monday thru Thursday at 6pm.  Classes are for all ages and skill levels.   noch 7 Wörter

#9: Smells Like Dead Cat

Originally released 15th April 2013

Rhys struggles to grasp the concept of a thought experiment and Mia comes to terms with the fact that Ozzy Osborne is a mutant. noch 16 Wörter


Missing Boston College Student Found Safe

NEWTON (CBS) – A Boston College student who did not show up for graduation on Monday has been located safely.

Dana Morrissey, 23, was last seen at 7:30 a.m. noch 181 Wörter


5 Historical figures who struggled with anxiety

1. Sigmund Freud.

The founder of psychoanalysis would take cocaine to help relieve the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.

2. Isaac Newton.

He might have been responsible for the formulation of the laws of motion and universal gravitation, but after discovering calculus he kept it quiet for ten years because he was too anxious and depressed. noch 101 Wörter


The Block

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. – Newton’s third law

Everything works on the healthy alliance of opposing forces – good vs bad, health vs sickness, yin vs yang, etc. noch 386 Wörter

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