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Newton Circus, is it still a Tourist Trap?

Almost all the major tourism guides recommend a visit to Newton Food Centre, known colloquially as Newton Circus.

Its close to Orchard Road, Bras Basah and Little India with a high concentration of hawker stores that give a wide sampling of Singaporean cuisine. 551 weitere Wörter


Gravitasi Bukanlah Gaya

Sejenak mari kita lepas penat kita. Biarkan pikiran kita berelaksasi. Lalu biarkan sepenggal tulisan ini kembali menyegarkan pikiran Anda,dan membawa para pembaca ke dalam sebuah ranah imajinasi dan juga gambaran yang selama ini belum dan juga bahkan tidak pernah terlintas dalam benak dan juga pikiran Anda sekalian. 847 weitere Wörter


Law of Unreactivity #2

Hand on my cheek,
I waited for something to break my quiet contemplation.
And waited,
and waited,
and waited.
I reached down for a bruised apple, 11 weitere Wörter

Law of Unreactivity #1

I sat, hand on my cheek, in quiet contemplation.

I waited, and waited. And I waited.

I reached down for a bruised apple and threw it at the tree. 7 weitere Wörter

Evolution Evolves: Beyond the Selfish Gene

The title of this post is identical to title of a short piece written by Kevin LeLand and and published in the 24 September 2016 issue of the “New Scientist.”   The cover of the issue notes that the theory of life needs an update.  304 weitere Wörter

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Halloween pranks with Newton!

Some kids really love to prank other kids. Halloween is a great time of year for good, friendly fun. Trick or treat, and today was the trick. 127 weitere Wörter


Treat yourself this weekend in Lincoln

Lincolnshire Sausages, famous Lincolnshire people and a Sci-fi show – an eclectic selection of attractions in the historic City of Lincoln over the coming weekend: 306 weitere Wörter