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#OptOutside on #BlackFriday

Happy Black Friday! LOL…I’ve never shopped the day after and normally have chosen to #OptOutside by hiking or running or at least just walking. Today was no different as I chose to repeat my run from yesterday. noch 444 Wörter

Now Cancer-Free, Newton Mom Focused On Family And Jewelry Business

NEWTON (CBS) — Sally Waite is a mom on a mission.

She knows the demands of having a rambunctious 2-year-old and balancing that with her new online business. noch 366 Wörter


Fundamental Anagram of Calculus

The controversy around the invention of calculus and the priority dispute between Newton and Leibniz is widely known and often presented as they were isolated thinkers, working independently, not exchanging any thoughts. noch 287 Wörter



Bob hits out at Romel for spelling out ‘Intolerance’ in a public dias.

Romel ‘Dear Bob, I agree you are the most ideal individual who is an example of tolerance. noch 168 Wörter

Sunday Quick Hits

It’s Sunday morning and it’s GAME DAY! It’s shaping up to be a Sunday full of surprise performances, big time story lines and well, if you’re a Lions fan like I am, probably a day of disappointment. noch 462 Wörter