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War Painting in print idea

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I have had over the past couple of years a lot of interest in the war in Rhodesia, and a lot of my followers are from that era.   180 weitere Wörter

Historically 'This Is Who White America Is:' Exploring The Deaths Of Unarmed Black Men

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton weighed in on the horrific shooting death of Terence Crutcher during an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show.

„How many times do we have to see this in our country? 460 weitere Wörter


Judge Orders Texas Officials To Reprint Misleading Voter Education Materials

A federal Judge in Texas has ruled the state violated an agreement it made in July to soften its voter ID law, one of the strictest in the country and as a result, will have to reprint their voter education materials. 482 weitere Wörter


Court Rules It’s Okay To Discriminate Against Black Hairstyles

A federal appeals court ruled that banning an employee from wearing dreadlocks is not racial discrimination. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a case brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 222 weitere Wörter


Crafted Newsletter #220 - Pumpkin Season

We’ve got some more great beer for everyone, and hope to continue getting in your requests!

New Bottles and Cans
Highland Clawhammer
North Coast Old Stock Ale… 263 weitere Wörter


Georgia cop charged with shooting herself then blaming it on 'black man'

JACKSON, Ga. – A white police officer is being charged with four felonies after apparently shooting herself and then falsely blaming it on a black man as part of her botched cover-up. 219 weitere Wörter


CSA week 19

Here’s what we hope to bring you:

Regular Share
-Bell Peppers
-CHOICE: Eggplant OR Carrots
-CHOICE: Lettuce OR Arugula
-CHOICE: Dill OR Parsley OR Cilantro… 25 weitere Wörter