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26th of November 2015

The Coming Week

  • Dinghy Sailing:   Is will not be on this saturday- see you all next saturday
  • WAGS:  This Wednesday.  Please see link below for Courses and Sailing Instructions.  
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[CNIE-L] Ateliers du REFAD - Hiver 2016

For my Francophone readers…

Ateliers de perfectionnement du REFAD de février et mars 2016

Pour le début de 2016, le Réseau d’enseignement francophone à distance du Canada…

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"By the Banks of the River" RHG Meeting Review (23rd November 2015)

Thank you to all those who attended the recent get-together. It was a brilliantly diverse crowd ranging from paediatricians to technologists, and from parents to managers. noch 656 Wörter


save the holiday letter

If video killed the radio star than Facebook killed the annual family holiday letter.

I take card writing very serious – I mail +60 and keep track of who sends cards back. noch 244 Wörter


Tonight ~ Gemini Full Moon Healing Meditation ~ 8pm Pacific

Please join us as a worldwide community as we celebrate ourselves and each other under the light of a most auspicious Full Moon in Gemini … below is our meditation focus. noch 1.751 Wörter