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December newsletter

This month’s newsletter has information about upcoming events, as well as year-in-review pictures. Allow plenty of time and space for download. This is a big one! 43 weitere Wörter

Lone Star Miata Club

4-H Thankful for Volunteers

The following 4-H Youth Development article printed in the quarterly Oldham County Extension newsletter.

4-H is Thankful for our Volunteers

Now is the time of the year when many of us reflect on all of the things for which we are grateful. 232 weitere Wörter


Dinner Topics Newsletter: Christmas is about Jesus Christ

December 2016 Dinner Topics Newsletter: Christmas is about Jesus Christ


Dear Friends,

Welcome to Epicworld Dinner Topics!

CHRISTMAS IS NOT multi-cultural. Christmas is unique to Biblical Culture, for without Christ, there would be no Christmas. 1.943 weitere Wörter

Judeo-Christian Culture

PGT Newsletter -December 2016

The Institute for Academic Development PGT Newsletter (December 2016) is now live. You can download it from

The newsletter provides further information about:

Studying At Edinburgh

What? Another Newsletter?

Today, I noticed my newsletter had 76 new subscribers to sign up this month. WOW! That was awesome, but when I looked at the list I noticed some were Spam addresses (9). 158 weitere Wörter