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April 2015 Newsletter

For the PDF version, please download here: WLF Apr 15 Community Newsletter

To All Of Our Neighbors:

For those of you who were able to make it to our annual Waterleaf HOA meeting, and those who sent in your proxies – we want to thank you. noch 1.950 Wörter

HOA News

Challenges and Separation | Transparency and Encouragement From Kanayo

Separation is the word for today.

Watch the video below as I share in total transparency about what I’ve been going through in this season. noch 354 Wörter

My Faith

March 2015 Newsletter

  • March Board Meeting
  • Erosion Control Project
  • Notes from the ACC
  • Projects in Work
  • Newsletter World

March Board Meeting

State law requires we hold scheduled board meetings open to the public. noch 765 Wörter


Spring Newsletter 2015

Spring Newsletter 2015

Notes from the Friends of Palewell Common – Spring 2015

Wildlife and conservation

As Spring comes upon us we can see the results of the work of the Friends last year in planting more daffodils around the pond area. noch 566 Wörter