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Azzam - 9/10

In my younger and more innocent days, I said Al Andalos’ falafel sandwich was the best-value meal I’d eaten in Berlin. I don’t want to knock them at all, €2.50 for a very nice falafel sandwich is excellent, but it’s a bit of a joke compared to the absurd amount of food you can get at Azzam for a couple of euros. 689 weitere Wörter


Neukölln: a Melting Pot with a Fascinating Past

Berlin’s most multicultural district is home to around 180 nationalities and an equal diversity of sights and sounds.

The vibrant district of Neukölln is famed for its pan- Arabic and Turkish culture and cuisine, and its international newcomers, but partly began as a home to Bohemian protestants fleeing persecution. 277 weitere Wörter


Al Andalos – 9/10

Al Andalos’ falafel sandwich is probably the best value meal I’ve eaten since arriving in Berlin. It’s on Sonnenallee, a Turkish/Arabic neighbourhood where about two-thirds of the buildings are döner and falafel shops, but on price, quality and choice Al Andalos really stands out. 603 weitere Wörter


Move #RegardingIran @ ORi – 9/10

Move #RegardingIran is an exhibition of contemporary Iranian art running from the 19th January to the 24th February at ORi, a small gallery, café/bar and events space near Hermannplatz. 578 weitere Wörter


La Stella Nera - 9/10

Berlin being Berlin, there are actually quite a few vegan pizzerias dotted around. La Stella Nera is the only one I’ve tried so far (I went there for the first time when I was doing Veganuary, which is far easier in Berlin than the UK) and it definitely sets the bar high. 654 weitere Wörter


Sahara Imbiss - 10/10

Sahara Imbiss is a Berlin institution, with branches in Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg serving some incredibly tasty and good value food. Most falafel places in Berlin are Turkish, but Sahara puts a Sudanese spin on the classic and it’s absolutely delicious. 368 weitere Wörter


Brunch in Berlin: Roamers

Brunchin‘ in Berlin is actually not that easy. There are lots and lots of brunch options, but finding a real nice brunch expert place requires patience and multiple „try and fail“. 127 weitere Wörter