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The Future Breakfast - 8/10

First, sorry for the lack of posts recently! I’ve just started a new job and it’s been taking up most of my mental energy. Things are going well, I feel quite settled and I want to start posting more reviews again. 500 weitere Wörter


Dschungel - 9/10

There’s a certain look the bars in Berlin all seem to have. You know the one: candles and low lighting, dark wood walls,  distressed but comfortable furniture, and an assortment of quirky flea-market ornaments dotted around. 510 weitere Wörter


Falafel Jakoub - 8/10

Hermannplatz isn’t an area that’s short of falafel; come out of any U-bahn exit and you’re immediately surrounded by options for a quick, cheap on-the-go meal. 279 weitere Wörter