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Dark Berlin Christmas.

Back to Berlin ( no surprise ) for the Christmas weekend. It seemed darker than ever and – because of the holiday season – the streets were particularly empty and haunting. 72 weitere Wörter

So grey - so colourful

It’s a really grey and boring looking day today that’s why I was happy to see this colourful mix of street art and advertising posters at S-train station Neukölln this morning. 10 weitere Wörter

Street Photography


by Candice Nembhard

I have always been fascinated by the dynamics of space; how we utilise it, what we decide to fill it with and what our own space says about us. 41 weitere Wörter


Hidden Gem

Can you spot the well camouflaged street observer? 😍

Street Photography

Winter in Berlin, Germany

Winter in Berlin has turned out to be such a treat so far!!  It all started with the December frosts – everything was cold, you could see the ice on the leaves and people scraping their windscreens in the morning.  401 weitere Wörter


Colors from the streets in Berlin

The East Side Gallery is just one of the many places where you can see and touch the Berlin street art and taste the history in its most eclectic form. 86 weitere Wörter


Black and White Light

I love when the sun comes out and makes everything instantly look cinematic. Especially in the winter times when the sun never rises very high and thus creates dramatic background light, silhouettes, shapes and shadows. 89 weitere Wörter

Street Photography