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Dance to your own beat.

I understand that we’re social beings. We need each other to feel part of something bigger than ourselves and that’s beautiful.

We need one another to love, to share jokes, to heal pain, to help each other and to get some perspective during those dark times when we feel strange and isolated and need reminding that maybe there are other people feeling those same feelings and going through those same experiences. 268 weitere Wörter


Marie-Louise Crona - Okay Café - new podcast episode

What do we want? CINNAMON BUNS! When do we want them? …Every day at Okay Café except Mondays, #dayoff! As part of my ongoing series documenting the talented women of the Berlin food world, on this latest episode of the Berlin Belly podcast we meet Marie-Louise Crona, aka Makki, chief baker of… 140 weitere Wörter


Mehana Balgaran

Im Süden Berlins, in Neukölln, liegt die Mehana Balgaran, ein kleines typisch bulgarisches Restaurant. Es befindet sich in der Karl-Marx-Straße 266 zwischen den U-Bahnstationen Neukölln und Grenzallee. 204 weitere Wörter

Restaurant Bulgarien Neukölln Berlin

Chapter 12 - “Good thing I wore my elasticated kilt…”

We rejoin our heroes sat at Lily Burger in deepest Neukölln, awaiting their burgers and attempting to at least partially block out the ear-splitting hip-hop to which the establishment insisted on subjecting their customers. 3.146 weitere Wörter


One day in Neukölln

Jeez, how weird it is to suddenly take off for holidays. Even though it is not any lusciously long leisure stay at Yukatan, just a two-day staycation in Berlin. 484 weitere Wörter


Auf Entdeckungsreise: Freies Spiel und sanfte Begleitung im 1. Jahr

Neue Kurse ab September 2016


Auf Entdeckungsreise: Freies Spiel und sanfte Begleitung im 1. Jahr

Die ersten Jahre im Leben eines Kindes sind Basis für das ganze Leben. 250 weitere Wörter