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Week 33 : Amira (Egypt)

Having done Lebanon I didn’t think I would do any other Arab Middle Eastern restaurants this year for the blog as they seem to be mostly similar. noch 447 Wörter

Fame! At any costs!

– german – english below

Wir leben in einer Welt in der man, theoretisch, berühmt werden kann mit Instagram, Facebook oder Fashion Blogging. Dagegen habe ich nichts. noch 626 Wörter


Berlin calling

dwa intensywne
upalnie czerwcowe
dni w Berlinie.

Jak to zwykle pierwszego dnia w nowym mieście, trzeba spojrzeć, co w przewodniku piszczy, zobaczyć Reichstag i zdziwić się, jaki ten Berlin duży. noch 302 Wörter

W Podróży


Yes/No/Other/All is a performance series taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, starting 7.7.15, at CLUB, Biebricherstrasse 14 (Neukölln).

We are seeking performers and installation artists for our upcoming events, who make work relating to our mission: … noch 183 Wörter


Madame Zik : une soirée savoureusement féminine !

Publié le Mercredi 25 mars 2015

dans:Blog, Divers, Soirées

Créé avec l’unique intention de faire partager ses passions pour le voyage et les lieux insolites, le blog… noch 516 Wörter


Adjacency and Cosmopolitanism along Maybachufer

Unprecedented levels of globalisation has brought everyday life in cities to the forefront of discussions regarding multiculturalism and ‘living together.’ The city is, after all, produced and reproduced socially, embodying a vast range of power relations, and revealing cosmopolitanism through spatial policies and realities. noch 489 Wörter