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Abandoned Berlin: BLUB Neukölln.

Doomed from the very beginning. Built just thirty metres from the Teltow Canal at a time before the residential ausländer settled in – injecting thousands in foreign currency to Neukölln – the Berliner Luft und Badeparadies or BLUB swimming pool and leisure centre was a West Berlin ‘bathing paradise’ to swim and frolic. noch 270 Wörter


Día del Libro 2016

Un año más celebramos el Día del Libro con una lectura bilingüe en La rayuela.

Esta vez leeremos „El dragón rojo“ de Max Velthuijs en alemán y español. noch 49 Wörter


Berlin22: Eins44

Since I’m splitting my time between Berlin and Istanbul, I thought it fair to create a ‚Berlin22‘ subhead to denote my sporadic German discoveries (the first of which was… noch 415 Wörter


Unprecedented globalisation has brought cultural coexistence to the forefront of discussions on urbanism. As socio-political shifts in global living standards pave the way for further migration on an exponential scale, the crafting of diverse metropolises becomes an increasingly urgent ambition for policy-makers and theorists alike. noch 10.192 Wörter

"150 New Businesses in 2 Years"

CASE STUDY: Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

An interview with Stefanie Raab architect and owner of Coopolis. In this case study Raab will tell you something about Neukölln, a district of West Berlin. noch 183 Wörter

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Infografik für EHAP (Europäischen Hilfsfonds für die am stärksten benachteiligten Personen)Neukölln