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Watching Sunsets in Berlin

Find out, at what time the sun sets in Berlin today here

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PS: Thanks to Roman for inspiring me to create this map. Дуже дякую. :)


Where to get Cider in Berlin

Cider is amazing. However, Germany has been slow to catch on to its amazingness. Which makes sense, the beer-drinking country of the world isn’t going to give up its best asset easy. 588 weitere Wörter


The Grocery Show

Apples. Bananas. Mushrooms. Cauliflower.

Your eyes scan the various produce and products on offer until you find one that beckons to you. You then bring the selected item to the back of the store, pose with it, and have your photo taken by a man in a newsboy cap and black sunglasses. 1.327 weitere Wörter

10) Die Enden des Regenbogens

Gedanken zur Lage von LGBTI*-Menschen, Pinkwashing und Diversity.
Sophia wird schwarz vor Augen.

Ich bin kein großer Fan des Eurovision Song Contests, obwohl ich schwul bin, ein warmer Bruder, eine Schwuchtel, eine Tunte, ein Schwanzlutscher, ein Arschficker, 656 weitere Wörter

Dialog Mit Massimo

The Berlin Neukölln Tasting Tour

When people first settled in Neukölln in the very south of Berlin, it was like a new colony, hence the name. King Friedrich Wilhelm I welcomed Czech refugees to the area in the 18th century. 414 weitere Wörter