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Neukölln's Shops & Shopkeepers

Photographer Katharina Fitz is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From her project ‚We Are Neukolln‚. To see Katharina’s portfolio click on any image. 145 weitere Wörter


Bear heist. Part one.

Beats and flies

So Heinrich-Heine has now officially moved in. We don’t talk about the webs or how I keep taking them down when he isn’t looking. 892 weitere Wörter


Thrifting Through Berlin

Sometimes I feel like the Indiana Jones of thrift shops as I hunt for an ancient, vintage treasure. It didn’t take long for me to turn into a thrift shop enthusiast once I reached the age where fashion and money both became factors of my concern. 751 weitere Wörter


The Weekend Edition July 30-31

Welcome fellow travel devotees, this weekend cozy up with your iced coffee and some light entertainment from That Travel Thing.

This weekend, bringing you the best of… 17 weitere Wörter


Tiny Caravans Replace Rooms at This Berlin Hotel

Design lovers looking for unique vacation lodging: add this camper hotel in Berlin, Germany to your bucket list, stat. Located in the hip, artsy neighborhood of Neukölln, the… 263 weitere Wörter