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"refresh" - 48h Neukölln, Berlin, 22.-24.6.2018


Alte Neuköllner Originale werden zu neuen Originalen – Kunstwerke im öffentlichen Raum werden durch Interventionen – von der subtilen Ergänzung, über einen performativen Umgang bis hin zum radikalen Neuentwurf – neu interpretiert. 279 weitere Wörter


Auf der Sonnenseite

Christine (und Bernhard) vor ihrer Ausstellung / in front of her exhibition ”Auf der Sonnenseite” im Kunstraum Reuter, 2018,
Illy Cam, Belichtung / exposure: 8 min, Rollei Planfilm / sheet film, 25 ASA


Rainy Berlin

After a day of 38 C heat there was a sudden downpour which disappeared after 30 minutes .. Weserstrasse – Neukölln.

Indonesian Burgers @ Kauz und Kiebitz – 9/10

Kauz und Kiebitz is a cosy, comfortable bar in Neukölln (the atmosphere kind of reminds me of an upmarket British gastropub) which, as well as having an excellent drinks selection, hosts a lot of delicious-sounding food pop-ups. 471 weitere Wörter


Escape the city: Britzer Garten

Happy August! Can’t believe we are already here, on the eight month of the year, and look at me, writing two posts this week…wow! hahahaha it sure has been a while since I’ve done this, but every time I write a post, I think to myself that I must do this more often and let the laziness behind me. 744 weitere Wörter


Two Planets - 8/10

Two Planets is a mostly vegan café which sits unobtrusively among the kebab shops on Hermannstrasse. I treated myself to brunch there before heading to Schönefeld airport (not a place you ever want to have to buy lunch) and found it a lovely, relaxing place to spend the morning. 560 weitere Wörter


A Few Photos from my Trip to Berlin

My first time visiting Germany has been a lot of fun. The main purpose of my visit was to spend some quality time with my sister, who lives in Berlin, but I was also able to visit a few of the major tourist attractions and get a feel for the culture of the city. 169 weitere Wörter