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Our Old Neighborhood: #Neukölln

I have been a little absent from the blog as I’ve just really enjoyed beeing back in Berlin and we have stayed out all day long and been so exhausted when we got back. noch 116 Wörter


Week 35 : Cafe Valentin (Sweden)

Around the corner from our new flat is the first cafe to feature in this blog. Cafe Valentin is a Swedish (hipster) cafe which sells lots of delicious traditional healthy Swedish dishes but sadly for Richard – all vegetarian! noch 397 Wörter

The friendly Monster: Ungeheuer Neukölln

Even though the German term Ungeheuer (which translates to “monster”) does not sound particularly inviting the cafe/restaurant/bar of the same name in Neukölln is actually a really warm, comfortable and welcoming place. noch 20 Wörter

Berlin exhibition opens Friday with new video by Urban Plant Research

The exhibition Andere Gärten (Different Gardens) opens this Friday in Berlin and Urban Plant Research is honored to be participating with a new video, Beobachtungen/Observations. … noch 209 Wörter


The northern light: Berlin - Part III

Here we are again, lovely people <3 – my weekly throwback to northern Europe brings you to another super inspirational city: Berlin.

I’ve been in Berlin the last time in 2008, where the September breeze was already reminding to my summer loving Soul that a jacketless time was history already. noch 1.447 Wörter


Schiller Burger in Neukölln

So.. We went to Neukölln last night, which is one of the boroughs in east Berlin. I had heard of Schiller Burger before, but never went since I am not really the biggest fan of meat. noch 68 Wörter