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This Is America...

For the rhetorical analysis, I will analyze Donald Glover’s (a.k.a Childish Gambino) „This is America.“

To begin the analysis, I will first contextualize and describe the piece using research because it is extremely heavy with symbolism that correlates much with modern times. 360 weitere Wörter

Team 820

Astral Noize Mix 001: Under the Influence with Memnon Sa

In case you hadn’t heard, Pillars of Tiamat – the fifth release to grace the Astral Noize Records catalog – will be released on the 26th of October. 339 weitere Wörter


New Professionals Conference

Registration is now open for our first „New Professionals Conference“

Follow the link below to register for a place.

Conference Registration


Conference Delegates for NEU Conference, Liverpool 2019

The first annual NEU Conference will be held at the ACC in Liverpool, from 15th – 18th April 2019.

This year, the delegation is split evenly between the NUT and ATL sections of the union, with each section able to nominate four members to attend conference as delegates (Able to vote on motions and give speeches in support of or against motions). 71 weitere Wörter


"To All the Little Girls Out There..."

Oprah Winfrey’s target audience in her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. de Mille Award was the entire nation, which was receiving the broadcast of the Golden Globes. 366 weitere Wörter

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M. is For Maleficent

At breakfast, I mentioned something I did with another friend of mine just a week before. M.’s eyebrows furrowed and her face mad an odd expression. 372 weitere Wörter

Team 820

My Top 10 iPod Tracks - 010918

  1. (-) – Isi – Neu!
  2. (-) – Seeland – Neu!
  3. (-) – Part IV – Nico Muhly
  4. (-) – Leb Wohl – Neu!
  5. (-) – Mothertongue I Archive – Nico Muhly…
  6. 26 weitere Wörter