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E3 2018

I may or may not have dressed up and gotten into shape to represent my favorite team…

Also I gotta acknowledge the fact that the strip is late again. 46 weitere Wörter


Day 1 - "Dead in the Water"

In the beginning, there was light.

And the sky was blue and the day was warm (11°C) and we travelled with trains and the rain outside of the trains, if there was any, didn’t bother us. 897 weitere Wörter


Delivered Nerd Stuff #1

There are sooo many things you want to have as a nerd. And it’s soooo expensive if you don’t have the money. But from time to time you can get some things for yourself and since my birthday isn’t so long ago, I decided to spend some of the money I got for things I want to have. 1.006 weitere Wörter


Take all my Galactic credits, runDisney!

I didn’t expect to write another blog entry so soon but today revealed that 2018 is going to be more epic than I already anticipated. Today runDisney announced a virtual half marathon as substitute for the cancelled Disneyland Light Side race. 367 weitere Wörter