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2020 Goals: Play a DnD campaign with my friends

I’m a bit of a nerd. Shocking I know, but I love LoTR, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, I love reading and learning and being unapologetically excited about things. 785 weitere Wörter

Star Trek - TOS | Ep #1 The Man Trap

Original Air Date: September 8, 1966

Episode Summary: “In the episode, the crew visit an outpost on planet M-113 to conduct routine medical exams on the residents, only to be attacked by a shapeshifting alien who kills by extracting salt from the victim’s body.” – … 836 weitere Wörter

Star Trek

Episode 88 Bill and Ted FINALLY Face the Music

Bill & Ted are back for the conclusion of the destiny to save reality as we know it. in Bill & Ted: Face the Music we get an excellent and most non-non-henous view into the life of Bill S. 10 weitere Wörter


My Five Favorite Halloween Candies

No, these didn’t make the final cut, but they’re so good, too!

If you read my previous post about Halloween being for kids and adults alike (and you should!), then you know I also love candy. 888 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

What can I do with leftover Halloween candy?

There are lots of experiments you can do with candy to help you learn science. Here are a few of my favorites.

Make a Skittles Rainbow… 451 weitere Wörter


(Pre)Teenage Kicks

I’ve never seen myself onscreen before. Like, not my pre-teenaged version of myself. Sure, there are loads of nerdy types in lots of films, but they usually over-egg it. 796 weitere Wörter


Perception ..

I always find it interesting to learn how people see themselves and others. This is not going to be a deeply serious and thinky post (come on, if you read my stuff at all regularly then this is not a surprise to you), but just a reflection on something that amused me this morning. 635 weitere Wörter

Dear Diary ...