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Hello! I’m back from my little break. Sorry about not letting you all know that I was having a break. But now i’m back and ready to review some film! 487 weitere Wörter


Director’s Cinematic Worlds We Want To Inhabit

Elysium (2013) – source: Sony Pictures Releasing

When musing upon which cinematic world you would wish to inhabit (as you do), it’s doubtful that the name of director  211 weitere Wörter


Blomkampov šinjel

Neill Blomkamp je proteklih nekoliko meseci zaintrigirao pojednako filmofile kao i specijaliste za VFX pokretanjem svoje vankuverske producentske kuće Oats Studios u kojoj je počeo da proizvodi kratke filmove sa namerom da na bazi reakcija fanova tako profiliše svoje buduće celovečernje projekte. 1.137 weitere Wörter


Neill Blomkamp's New Short 'Kapture: Fluke' Tests Out Crazy Weaponry

From –  One of this year’s coolest things has unquestionably been Neill Blomkamp’s new independent venture Oats Studios, which has given rise to crazy shorts like….


Choose Oats Studios

To say that you’re familiar with Neill Blomkamp’s work as a director is to say that you understand his aesthetic as a filmmaker and that you recognize the common story themes that he weaves throughout his films.  674 weitere Wörter