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What Direction Would Neill Blomkamp Have Taken the Alien Franchise?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Thanks to Ridley Scott putting the kibosh on any other Alien films until he says so we won’t be seeing what director Neill Blomkamp had in store for the sci-fi / horror franchise. noch 348 Wörter


Michael Biehn opens up about Neill Blomkamp's "postponed" Aliens sequel

Now that Neill Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel has been postponed, and probably indefinitely, little gooey details are starting to percolate. This time around, it’s… noch 577 Wörter


Prometheus 2: What We Know So Far About Alien Paradise Lost and Covenant

While Prometheus 2 is not due to hit the theaters until May of 2017, buzz on pre-production alone have been bursting out across the newsfeeds faster than even a Xenomorph chestbuster. noch 764 Wörter

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Chappie (Neill Blomkamp)

The Artificial Intelligence theme is present in almost every Sci-Fi story and has been something I was particularly interested since watching The Matrix and it encouraged me to explore this genre further and enjoy the classics as a youngster. noch 767 Wörter


Neill Blomkamp Leaves Alien Franchise Behind to Visit 'The Gone World'

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

When Ridley Scott decided that the Prometheus sequel would continue the Alien franchise he also said that any projects on the books would have to be put on hold. noch 235 Wörter


Chappie  – UK Release Date:06/03/15

If I’m honest, I only showed interest in this film because I saw the trailer around 1600 times before it was released. noch 73 Wörter