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BMW Films: The Escape by Neill Blomkamp

Warning: Sweet car chases, explosions and practical effects.


Watch Neill Blomkamp's BMW Short Film 'THE ESCAPE' Starring Clive Owen

Check out the new short film that BMW Films has released for THE ESCAPE, from director Neill Blomkamp, featuring original BMW Films star Clive Owen, who reprises his role as The Driver! 249 weitere Wörter


The Second Trailer For BMW Films' 'THE ESCAPE'

Check out the second trailer that BMW Films has released for THE ESCAPE, a short film from director Neill Blomkamp, featuring Clive Owen, who reprises his role as The Driver. 490 weitere Wörter


Film Review: Chappie

Police robots are maintaining peace in South Africa. But it isn’t enough for their inventor, Deon. He wants to create a conscious being. When he succeeds, however, his problems are only just beginning. 462 weitere Wörter


"Alive In Joburg": Neill Blomkamp's Short Film Which Led To District 9

In 2006, while working as an up-and-coming VFX artist and commercial director, producing works for such manufacturers as Nike, Citroën and Gatorade, Neill Blomkamp wrote and directed… 123 weitere Wörter


The Sad, Strange World Of 'ELYSIUM'

Hello Sci-Fi Lovers,

Elysium (2013) is a film that came and went. It received a 69% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The critics consensus reads as follows: 1.059 weitere Wörter


The Trailer For 'THE ESCAPE' Features Clive Owen, Dakota Fanning & More

Check out the trailer that BMW Films have released for their short film THE ESCAPE from director Neill Blomkamp featuring Clive Owen who reprises his role as the driver! 492 weitere Wörter