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Checkout These Crazy Presidential Airplane And Limo Styles Fit For President-Elect Trump

It’s time presidential vacation got as stylish and preposterous as presidential politics. Luckily there’s-a science fiction supervisor across the task.


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Trump's America will be hilariously horrifying, according to Neill Blomkamp's crazy visions

As the nation continues to freak out about the impending presidency of Donald Trump, director Neill Blomkamp has kept himself busy by building upon our nightmares. 146 weitere Wörter


Chappie - Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


Chappie is the type of film you’d expect out of Marvel, yet with no human superhero, more diversity, a bit more vulgarity, and much more violence. 778 weitere Wörter


My Blu-Ray Collection: District 9

District 9 (2009)

Director – Neill Blomkamp

Stars – Sharlto Copley, Vanessa Haywood, Jason Cope, 

Oh Neill Blomkamp what happened to you?

Back in 2009, I was ready to hand over the reigns to anything Neill Blomkamp wanted to do. 125 weitere Wörter


When an Ad Becomes more than just a Commercial - BMW 5 Series

Instead of producing boring commercials, the company commissioned a series of short films specifically for internet distribution, all helmed by well-known directors and with Clive Owen starring as an anonymous driver for hire… 57 weitere Wörter


BMW Films: The Escape by Neill Blomkamp

Warning: Sweet car chases, explosions and practical effects.


Watch Neill Blomkamp's BMW Short Film 'THE ESCAPE' Starring Clive Owen

Check out the new short film that BMW Films has released for THE ESCAPE, from director Neill Blomkamp, featuring original BMW Films star Clive Owen, who reprises his role as The Driver! 249 weitere Wörter