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The Leviathan va apărea pe marile ecrane

La început a fost un filmuleț. Atât de apreciat, încât Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Cinderella sau Star Wars Rebels), Jim Uhls (Fight Club) și… noch 15 Wörter


CHAPPIE (2015)

In 2004 Neill Blomkamp made a short film called Tetra Vaal, about a weapons corporation who make police robots. It was smart, innovative and it looked incredible. noch 397 Wörter


100 Word Review - District 9 (2009)

To me, this is the perfect movie. Socio-political commentary? Check. Set in an alternate universe? Check. Aliens? Documentary-style camera work? Check. Familial ties broken by an unforeseeable disaster? noch 73 Wörter

100 Words...


Gun-play and good theology don’t have a happy history together. You can usually bet that if a theological viewpoint needs the reinforcement of heavy weaponry, it’s flawed. noch 494 Wörter

Movie Review


You know, even after three feature films I still can’t decide if Neill Blomkamp is actually a good director. From a conceptual level, he works wonders; the worlds he creates are rich and vibrant, and his 3D motion capture and visual work are second to none. noch 747 Wörter


Fox Just Bought The Rights To A Feature Adaptation Of 'The Leviathan'

A few weeks back, the short film Leviathan rocked the internet so much that Neill Blomkamp agreed to produce a feature-length version. After a rather short pitching process, Fox has secured the rights to the film. noch 211 Wörter

Web Culture

Chappie: The Art of the Movie

The film Chappie, like previous Neill Blomkamp films’ District 9 and Elysium may have a science-fiction spin, but also speaks to the larger issues of society and “real world” problems.  noch 174 Wörter