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#14: A memoir

This category was tough. Not because I dislike reading memoirs, but because I currently own too many to choose from. After some consideration I decided to read  481 weitere Wörter


Natascha Kampusch says why she owns house where she was kept after being abducted

Harrowing images show the inside of a house used to hold a young schoolgirl captive for eight-and-a-half years.

However, the same schoolgirl now owns the house and lives there on weekends, obsessively cleaning the rooms as she was once forced to. 310 weitere Wörter


Woman held as sex slave for eight years speaks about her ordeal 10 years on

Ten years after escaping from a house where she was repeatedly raped and abused, Natascha Kampusch has revealed she now lives there.

When the then 18-year-old escaped from the clutches of Wolfgang Priklopil in August 2006, it became global news. 425 weitere Wörter


Livro: 3096 Dias (Natascha Kampusch)

Acho que nesse ponto, todo mundo já escutou falar da história de Natascha Kampusch, a menina austríaca sequestrada no caminho da escola aos 10 anos e que só conseguiu a liberdade de seu captor oito anos depois.  478 weitere Wörter


Review: BBC3's Thirteen (all five episodes)

Spoiler alert: this is a review of Thirteen in its entirety. All five episodes are currently available to UK viewers via the BBC iPlayer. 920 weitere Wörter


Kampusch, und kein Ende


Wenn Medien aktuelle Themen nicht aufgreifen wollen, holen sie Gespenster der Vergangenheit aus dem Besenkammerl. Dann taucht auch regelmäßig Natascha Kampusch auf, die entführt worden sein soll und ihrem Entführer ausgerissen sein soll. 152 weitere Wörter