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Die lästige Natascha


Immer wieder hoffen alle, sie würde endlich aus der Öffentlichkeit verschwinden, würde endlich ein Privatleben versuchen. Immer wieder werden alle enttäuscht – sie hoppelt schon wieder durch die Medien. 291 weitere Wörter


3096 Days

This film, that shows the kidnapping, captivity and escaping of Natascha Kampusch from Wolfgang Prikopil, is a bit of a weird one.

Based on Natascha’s autobiography, it has very moving moments, especially of the young Natascha (beautifully and intensely play by Amelia Pidgeon) who begs her kidnapper for food, stating that she hasn’t eaten in three days (?!) or him stating repeatedly that she needs to obey him, that her parents don’t love her, that they haven’t paid ransom, when he is just terrible to her: those moments you just want to strangle Prikopil. 448 weitere Wörter


A Couple of Solo Theatergoers (& Excerpts)

Is it common for solo theatergoers to socialise with another singleton at the theater?  Is it a social practice that’s generally accepted and implicitly understood? 748 weitere Wörter