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Fastnacht or German Winter Carnival

Fastnacht, the German winter carnival, is a phenomenon that has fascinated and shocked me since I have lived in Germany. In my first year here, some friends insisted on taking me to a traditional parade up in a small town in the Black Forest. noch 772 Wörter


Am #Narren hilft weder #Chrisam noch #Taufe (Sprichwort). #Taufkarten #drucken

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Karneval in Kehl: Sawdust, Shoelaces and Süßigkeiten

This weekend was spent in Kehl (near Strasbourg, France) with my friend and fellow assistant, Pete, and his lovely flatmate, Caroline. On saturday night we dressed up and went out drinking (1 crate of beer and 1 bottle of Whisky – ingredients for disaster), but what I can remember of saturday night was good. noch 286 Wörter