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Avril Lavigne - These 5 songs have accompanied me through my teenage years.

Hi babes! Welcome back to music post x that so fast is Wednesday again. I hope you all have a great day! Today is about my favorite singer Avril Lavigne, I remember that my first song is „complicated“, lyrics is talk about why we have to make things so complicated? 837 weitere Wörter

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The 5 songs will make you feel happy x

Hi babes! I just had decided about that I will do an every Wednesday music post x So Wednesday is all about music x well if you know me yeah, I am crazy about music. 476 weitere Wörter

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[Review Indo-Movie] Yowis Ben 2 (2019): Film Kejar Setoran

Yowis Ben tahun kemarin termasuk memuaskan buat saya. Saat mendengar kabar sekuel, jujur saja saya tidak begitu antusias karena beberapa alasan. Pertama, Yowis Ben memang terlihat cerita kelar 1 film karena endingnya memang tampak taka da rencana sekuel. 1.006 weitere Wörter


Movie Review - Captain Marvel Happy International Woman Day (Sorry that i am late)

Hello babes. Welcome back to my blog, and today is gonna be another movie review. yes talking about movie review again, yeah many people that ask why I always love to share a movie review? 828 weitere Wörter

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Movie Review - Happy Death Day 2U

Hi Babes! is a new week here, how about your last weekend? I hope is good for you all. and for my last Saturday night (Movie Night). 356 weitere Wörter

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Music Movie Review: What's Love Got to Do With It (1993)

The explosive and abusive relationship between Ike and Tina Turner has been well documented but was brought to the forefront with What’s Love Got To Do With It? 456 weitere Wörter

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My January Favorite Song List

Hi Babes! Welcome back to my blog. Today gonna talk about music. I just update my favorite song list on last weekends, I so happy and in love with some new song and is time to sharing it! 325 weitere Wörter

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