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Our Stories: Being Arrested & Singing the Muppet Show

Today I told a personal story. I didn’t mean to, but it just came out when Lorena mentioned Peggy, a star in the Muppet Show. I sang a bit of the tune „Lydia, the Tattooed Lady“ Peggy used to sing in the show, and said — oops — that that was one of the songs we sang when we were arrested! 516 weitere Wörter



Tom:      Okay, stop right there, don’t say another word!

Liz:         I’m, erm, not sure I can, not right now.

Tom:     Why ever not. Just put it down and – 390 weitere Wörter


Toddler TV Time: The Muppet Show

We caved.

Over the last few months, my wife and I did our best to hold back the impending tide that is Television, and its place in our 2 year old son’s life. 418 weitere Wörter


A Quick Defense of the New Muppets

I feel that a lot of people are being too hard on the latest reinvention of the Muppets.  Apparently they think it’s ‚The Office‘ formula tears the living felt heart right out of Kermit’s chest.   233 weitere Wörter


Time's up for grumpy old men

Love them or loathe them but there’s no denying you can’t ignore them.
Eamon Dunphy and George Hook, the ‚Statler and Waldorf‘ of sports punditry in the Irish media. 530 weitere Wörter