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The Answer To DREAM IN MUSIC's "Who Am I?" Puzzle!

Back on Tuesday, I gave you folks a very tricky puzzle of just who was the mystery person behind the concealed disguise; But since it has appeared that you all have given up, I shall reveal this mystery person once and for all, and he is none other than… noch 380 Wörter



ONEIDA live at the Bronson Club, Ravenna, Italy (19th Match 2015)

The support slot for this midweek show belongs to People Of The North (POTN), a case of ‘meet the new band, same as the old band’ since the five members are the same as headliners Oneida (pronounced OH – NEED- ER). noch 351 Wörter



That’s what I call living in the moment…


Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Let’s face it. Mondays are rough. The end of the freedom that came with the weekend, the start of a long week, the return to work. noch 19 Wörter


Now for Something Different...

Awhile ago I came across a YouTube video that combined two of my loves: The Muppet Show and Alice in Wonderland :) Now, I would like to pass it onto you!

Borrowed Inspiration

Bananagrams - Game Review

This past month, I engaged in an operation code named: Wizard Santa. In this, I gifted to unsuspecting friends a series of board and card games and game accessories. noch 237 Wörter


Things that make this planet is livable

If we talking about the things what the mankind makes; my answer is, “Music and Humor and of course legendary The Muppet Show”:) Harry Belafonte, Banana Boat Song- with Muppets.