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Islamic Blueprint - Thou Shalt Not Kill? 

Truth-telling about the systemic violence within Islam can often be a challenge, because the Qur’an contains seemingly peaceful verses. These verses have been later abrogated… 1.526 weitere Wörter


Muhammad: A to Z

By Yusuf Estes, Former Christian Preacher

While others are clamoring over what to do when someone draws a cartoon or a picture of one of the prophets of Almighty God, (peace be upon them all), we decided it was time to show the „Real Picture of Mohammed“ – everything we could find from A to Z. 11.530 weitere Wörter



Sha’baan is here, and there’s little time left before Ramadan. Everyone is preparing in their own little ways, awaiting the blessed month of spirituality. Sadly, some preparations have nothing to do with the Sunnah and are based on pure innovations. 1.046 weitere Wörter


Five Seemingly Minor Good Deeds with Great Rewards By Amina Salau

Many actions earn us rewards as Muslims: fasting, prayers, giving obligatory charity, and other required and voluntary acts of worship. Even though these duties get a lot of attention from us, they are not the only means of gaining numerous rewards. 666 weitere Wörter


Guest Post: Muhammad hijacked Judaism to create Islam

It is said that the Jews and Muslims are the descendants of Abraham. Judaism predates Islam by two thousand years but Islam claims in the Qur’an that Islam came before Judaism and was a faith practiced by Abraham(3:67-68) The Qur’an says several times that Islam is the religion of Abraham (2:130,135,3:95,4:125,6:161), it declares that the…

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