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Kadang-kadang pengalaman dan ilmu adalah musuh terbesar kita 

Di sebuah perusahaan konsultan kenamaan Indonesia pernah ada dua jenis pimpinan. Satu Bu Maria, seorang mantan direktur di perusahaan sebelumnya. Sangat pintar, sangat jago dan sangat menguasai bidang yang jasanya diberikan oleh perusahaan konsultan tersebut. 433 weitere Wörter


Tanda-tanda Kiamat yang Sudah Terjadi

Ibn Mas’ud pernah bertanya pada Rasulullah, “Ya Rasululullah, apakah datangnya hari kiamat disertai tanda-tanda kedatangannya?” Dia bersabda “Ya, wahai Ibn Mas’ud.”

Sebagai Muslim kita harus mengetahui tanda-tanda datangnya kiamat, baik yang kecil maupun yang besar. 1.256 weitere Wörter


When dealing with the Jews and Christians, do not argue with them unless it is in the politest manner, except for those of them who do wrong

{  And argue not with the People of the Scripture, except with that which is better—except with such of them as do wrong; and say (to them): „We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you; our God and your God is One, and to Him we have submitted.   607 weitere Wörter


The Epic Beginnings of Mawlid 

With the arrival of Mawlid, with the streets hustling and bustling with sweets and other fanciful items, one looks and wonders at the gloss gory spent of money and is therefore forced to think about the epic beginnings of this ‘celebration.’Well, now delving into the origins of Mawlid, it was first heard of and initiated by the Fatimid dynasty. 2.107 weitere Wörter


The Quran on the Cerebrum

God has said in the Quran about one of the evil unbelievers who forbade the Prophet Muhammad from praying at the Kaaba:
No! If he does not stop, We will take him by the naseyah (front of the head), a lying, sinful naseyah (front of the head)! 283 weitere Wörter


Etiquette with Respect to the Word of Allah, the Noble Quran by Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Jazairee 

A Muslim believes in the sacredness of the Speech of Allah, as well as its honor and virtue that surpasses all other speech. He also believes that the Quran as the Word of Allah, which no falsehood can approach from before it or behind it. 1.254 weitere Wörter