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Islamic Failure Series - Episode 51 - Jesus didn't die on the cross, and the Bible is corrupt. Quranic Dilemma

Islamic Failure Series – Episode 51 – Jesus didn’t die on the cross, and the Bible is corrupt. Quranic Dilemma

Christians would love to use this post to argue against the Islamic claims that the Christian Bible is corrupt. noch 871 Wörter


The Seeds of Jihad

The current global resurgence of islamic militancy in many parts of the world today is hinged on several reasons. From the Islamic standpoint, the whole world is divided into two- the house of Islam (Darl-ur-Islam) and the house of Unbelief (Darl-ur-Harb). noch 1.220 Wörter


Go the Halal Way! Boycott products that test on Animals. 

In Islam , it is forbidden to harm the smallest of creatures. An animal that you abuse can send you straight to Jahannam . There is a well known hadith, about a women from Beni Israel who sold her body for her income and even though she did this she was forgiven , why? noch 1.529 Wörter


Treatment for disease

Narrated By Abu Huraira :

The Prophet said, “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment”.

Shahi Bukhari


Islamic Chainsaw Massacre: Boko Haram Muslim Terrorists Horrifically Behead 40 Nigerians With Chainsaws

‘..Allah ak-Husqvarna..’

Muslim terrorists were witnessed ‘..burning people alive and beheading others with chainsaws..’

by, RT | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop noch 407 Wörter

What the Shia Is Going On?

Anyone who seriously thinks Israel holds the key to peace in the Middle East either doesn’t know history or believes in prophecy. Imagine for a moment a tomorrow with no Israeli state and new apartments for all Palestinians who have lived for nearly three generations in semi self-imposed exile elsewhere. noch 1.562 Wörter