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Root Cause of Terrorism

If Islam was a religion of peace, then extremist moslems would be extremely peaceful

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Aisha's Marriage Age

As I have established in my articles on ‚The Hadith‚ and ‚Shariah‚, the Qur’an is the primary source that guides a Muslim’s belief system, lifestyle and values.  1.539 weitere Wörter


The Life of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdil Wahhaab | Shaykh Saalih al Fawzan

Sheikh al-‚Allaamah Saalih bin ‚Abdullah bin Fawzan al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) narrates the story of the Mujaddid, the ‚Allaamah, Shaykh-ul-Islam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab (may Allaah have mercy on him) and clarifies some of the false misconceptions and doubts spread about him by his opponents. 63 weitere Wörter

Health And Education

Dasar-dasar Keuangan Syariah

Dasar-dasar Keuangan Syariah
Penulis : Muhammad
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Keuangan Syariah

Malaysia does not have a target for the ringgit


The Malaysian central bank does not have a target for what level it wants the ringgit currency to be at, Governor Muhammad Ibrahim said on Thursday. 167 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Muhammad in the Bible

ماذا قول الإنجيل عن محمد  صلى الله عليه وسلم

According to the Bible, God said to Moses, on whom be peace: … 391 weitere Wörter