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Fruity Pebble Muffins!

Hello beauties! I have another recipe. Its been a while so I figured why not!

With these muffins I recommend a little butter. To make the flavor pop a little more! noch 97 Wörter


Apricot and apple muffins.

A tasty option for breakfast or just a snack.

For the muffins:

150g butter (softened)

125g caster sugar

1 egg (beaten)

100g self raising flour… noch 144 Wörter


Banana Walnut muffins….

 I am a big fan of freshly baked items. Be it bread or muffins or cookies or cakes. Once I landed at Delhi, I missed the bakeries of Bangalore. noch 377 Wörter


Breakfast Muffins -- oh YEAH!

Delicious? Simple to make? Transportable in a napkin?

Yes, yes, and OH YES!

You don’t need pictures to know how to make this. It’s THAT easy. noch 257 Wörter


Beautiful breakfast bounty - blueberry, apple and oat sourdough muffins

The weather has changed and the days and nights are starting to cool, Autumn is officially here for us. These muffins are a bit of a tribute to the Autumn bounty we are currently enjoying, with crispy organic golden delicious apples at the farmers markets this weekend I was inspired to make these great breakfast treats. noch 446 Wörter

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Banana Raspberry Oat Muffins

Be prepared for your house to smell fantastic when these are baking – pretty difficult to wait for them to cool enough to eat!

INGREDIENTS: noch 251 Wörter