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Quotes from the Vault - Monday.

Start the week off positively…and continue that enthusiasm until the week’s end. Every day counts (not just Friday)! Thanks for reading.

Marsie's Monday Motivation - Be Vulnerable and Ignore the Dogs

Marsie the Cat: Let’s talk about fear, human.

Me: Again?

Marsie: Yes. Again.

Me: I’m just afraid of so much stuff.

Marsie: You’re afraid of failing, of being vulnerable, of exposing yourself to the world, am I write? 562 weitere Wörter


Reducing Your STI risks

Since we’re already embarking on the new year, I thought it only fitting to make my fellow chaps aware of one thing and one thing only… the prevention of STIs. 510 weitere Wörter

Confession time..

So I have a confession.

I don’t believe in cheat days, it messes up my whole mindset. When I do something I want to do it all the way or not at all… 373 weitere Wörter


Quote of M’s for Monday

Moves, moves, moves. Worldwide on social media, radio stations, and billboards you’ll hear or see this word a lot. People are looking at 2018 as the year of the come up. 228 weitere Wörter


Let John Wooden, the beloved UCLA basketball coach,  inspire you today.


Unanswered Prayers

„Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him!“

Matthew 6:8

How many times have you found yourself frustrated over an unanswered prayer?   277 weitere Wörter