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Writing Your Way Out of Writer's Block

We’ve all been through a phase where we simply cannot think of anything to write about. Writer’s block is a very real problem that can be caused by a whole host of factors, ranging from simple lack of inspiration, to full-on depression. 1.231 weitere Wörter


Weekly Workouts 7/8 - 7/15

Hi friends, hope you all had a great weekend! We had a nice and relaxing weekend and got some meal preps and cleaning done. We tried finding a couch but still haven’t had any luck. 124 weitere Wörter


Study Visit!

Travelling up to London on a bus which takes 9 and half hours is shift and half! However you can get a lot of work completed which is always a bonus! 511 weitere Wörter


The fear

Those days I felt deeply uneasy as if a heavy burden was placed on my heart. It made me lazy and all I wanted was to hide in the darkest corner of the universe. 459 weitere Wörter


No Judgment In The Cardiologist Office: I'm Here To Support Your Weight Loss (Don't Be Afraid Of The Scale)

I have been thinking a lot about how to connect to people on a deeper level.  As a cardiologist I often see patients once they have started to see the consequences of unhealthy life decisions. 544 weitere Wörter


Acquired knowledge

Knowledge is like sky, we learn more and then we discover there is lot more than our idea. Knowledge is not like a precious stone, anyone can find it anywhere, may be it related to technology or may related to life. 313 weitere Wörter


A lesson from the 2018 World Cup

A month of terrific football (soccer) came to an end yesterday in Moscow with the World Cup Final. France lived up to expectations and claimed the title of World Champion by defeating Croatia 4 – 2 in an entertaining game.  818 weitere Wörter

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