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To complicate matters, I realized that the girls‘ parents were just as gossipy and juvenile as their daughters. At my daughter’s soccer game one afternoon, I heard several mothers talking about some of the players.

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Mobbing happens when conflicts in a workplace (1) escalate out of control, (2) begin to involve increasing numbers of people, (3) are left without effective intervention by management, (4) result in the targeting of a victim for blame (otherwise known as scapegoating) who is then held responsible for both starting and stopping the conflict and who, ultimately, is eliminated from the organization.

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Message from hell: Höllische Elternchats und warum mir die Gerüchteküche nicht schmeckt

Ja ja, so kann es gehen. Da lobe ich in der einen Woche noch die Mamablogs und sogar die Mütterforen, nur um in der nächsten Woche eine gefühlte Kehrtwende zu machen. 1.029 weitere Wörter

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Når de voksne svikter

Jeg tenker ofte på hvilke signaler samfunnet sender til barn. Skolen forteller gjerne elevene at de må si det til en voksen hvis de ser at noen blir mobbet, eller hvis de er offeret selv. 598 weitere Wörter


LAPD - Audio of Officer Dinse admitting they have seen my websites and showing Negligence for refusing to stop the crimes

While these world wide Operations have gone on all day and night since 9 years old. When I turned 29, I was in shock to find out that their was a world wide extermination campaign to end my life since 9 years old. 2.642 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing

Gangstalkers Can Turn Their Heads 180 Degrees. A Dumb Doc

I can’t say for sure of course. I mean that is so stupid if true. Really? You had to turn your head 180 degrees. Sitting there gabbing for a few minutes and you turn your head like an owl. 164 weitere Wörter

Unhealthy and toxic organizational culture and leadership combine to create mobbing-prone organizations. Singling out an individual “bully” to blame and purge from the organization is generally a poor and wrong-headed solution to what is an organizational and not an individual problem.

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