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Sylvia Rieß: Der Axolotlkönig

As part of the Fairy Tale Summer/Märchensommer you get my review for Der Axolotlkönig (The Axolotlking) by Sylvia Rieß.

What is it about?

Fynn… 1.259 weitere Wörter


Mobbing as a form of bullying - in school and in work.

I collect my daughter from school.

I know she is not herself. She is quiet, withdrawn and won’t make eye contact with me when I ask her how her day was. 2.506 weitere Wörter

Category: Healthcare

"Look At Her, What Do You See?" - "She's Lost. And Alone."

„What do you want to tell her?“ 
„I want her to know that she deserves love. That one day, she will experience beautiful things. And most importantly, that if she stays strong, she will make it out of her misery one day, because no feeling is forever. 1.405 weitere Wörter


Beware of this predator accusing me of being a sex offender, he is working with Lorena Escobar and the police to give lies to the world to keep me quiet

While posting some blogs, and getting deeper into what is going on with the Police government, my family targeting me since 9 years old and trying to remove me from society with world wide endless lies to the world to rile the masses to exterminate me. 2.132 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing

Admiration List: Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky is someone most people would not include on an admiration list because of her connection to President Clinton and the scandal that brought the White House under investigation and significant political fire. 337 weitere Wörter

Human Rights

Discrimination and Stalking - At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro - Westlake Village

When going to Westlake Village to a Vynal Wrap company named 2 Wrap to repair my Vynal Wraps letting people know the Truth about what is being done to my life. 6.888 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing

LAPD setup - For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society


Finally a police setup that worked with my Neighbors, but now people will have to start talking on the stand about why I am FORCED to defend myself and they refuse to stop and leave me alone, and if they lie on the stand like they do all day and night, that is Purgery in front of a judge. 28.986 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing