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Gender shrapnel, from one foxhole

„The first time you’re hit by it, you have no idea what it is, what it came from, or why…If you ever try to confront the events, you feel half crazy and afraid…People start to tell you to calm down, to pick your battles more carefully, and to be grateful for what you’ve got…As you obey and shut yourself up, you start to notice more of what is happening to other women around you. noch 970 Wörter

Are you ready to make a choice?

Decided to belong to the specific group of people? At work. Be ready to enter the world of mobbing at the office.

You think you will be able to remain untouched by the negativity of the mob? noch 299 Wörter



They watched the tragedy

Unfolding right before their eyes

Feeling helpless, paralyzed

It started innocently enough with

Emails and phone calls not being answered

Or important information was withheld… noch 116 Wörter



July 12th, 2015

Source: Quelle: D 24855998 © Corina Rosu |

When I was four years old, my family and I moved from the city to a small village. noch 456 Wörter


Psicópatas y narcisistas 101

Hoy queremos hacer un breve resumen sobre abuso narcisista y psicopático. Hace tres años que comenzamos el blog y creemos que es necesario hacerlo. Ya casi llegamos a un millón de visitas entre las dos plataformas y no damos abasto siquiera a contestar comentarios. noch 2.638 Wörter

Das letzte Mal

Nun hab ich auch das letzte Mal die Bundesjugendspiele in der Grundschule besucht. Irgendwie komisch. Die ersten zwei Jahre Grundschule waren für die gesamte Familie – vor allem aber für meinen Sohn die Hölle. noch 288 Wörter

Mobboffret som stod upp för sin värdighet

Enligt Expressen fick Annica en inbjudan till klassåterträff. Problemet var att högstadiet, som var klassen som skulle ha återträff, var den mörkaste perioden i hennes liv. noch 608 Wörter

Bad Things