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Why do we get attacked?
You never know. You can be out there, being yourself, and suddely…it’s there.
That one moment that makes your life crumble to pieces, that one wrong person at the wrong place, at the wrong time and in the wrong mood, and suddenly…it’s there. 1.135 weitere Wörter

Life Lessons

Where is difference between good boss and dictator?

Obligations and rights are connected. If you are obligated to do something, you have right to ask other things for return. Especially at work, workers have rights and obligations. 532 weitere Wörter


Sentinel Bull

This Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) was one of the lead sentinels in a small herd. Herding is an anti-predator behaviour in which the buffalo is considered more safe than perhaps the loan bachelor or old ‚dagga boy‘ which are more susceptible to being taken by predators than herd members. 221 weitere Wörter


Gangsalking. Is it a Cult?

I just came across this when I went to work on my „Mormon Church, Cult Post“.

„Many cults will warn members not to read anything critical of the group, especially if written by an ex-member (who are called names by the cult such as “apostate”, “hardened”, or “of the devil” etc.). 369 weitere Wörter

Gör din plikt

Innehåll: Den här texten tar bland annat upp IBT.

Det är en vanlig dag i skolans värld. Regeringen tillsätter en utredning om stärkt elevhälsa. En specialpedagog skriver om samarbetet mellan lärare och elevhälsoteamet. 418 weitere Wörter


Leila Samarrai: Literature in Serbia only exists at the level of gossip

My interview for the online magazine Afirmator (in Serbian)

Leila Samarrai, a Coffee Interview for the online magazine KULT (in Serbian)

In times like these, where we have in Serbia a whole line of parastatal humbugs where everyone aims to attain the role of the Father of the nation, outside of this politicization, the poetic world is thus divided on various sects who don’t recognize the quality and poetic approach of one another. 1.634 weitere Wörter


Mobbing im Pflegepraktikum

This is probably the worst experience I’ve had here in Germany. First let me tell you a brief background as to why I had this practicum in the first place. 4.304 weitere Wörter

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