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Toxic atmosphere at work - how to avoid this?

While i was walking at lunch pause, i got compliment. Secretary from my workplace said to me that i have awesome stockings. Few days before my other colleague said to me that my skirt is cool. 492 weitere Wörter


Mobbing: η μεγαλυτερη μαστιγα στον εργασιακο χωρο

„Η λέξη „mob“.. χρησιμοποιήθηκε για να περιγράψει το φαινόμενο, κατά το οποίο κάποιος εργαζόμενος δέχεται ψυχολογική και ηθική βία στον εργασιακό χώρο.“
– από τη … 12 weitere Wörter


Toxic People At Work - The Art of Mobbing.

In a big company it is clear that you can avoid toxic people (sadly they do exist) unless you work very closely with them.  Your work environment can become unnecessarily unpleasant, which it should never be. 881 weitere Wörter

Gang Stalking - Using my art to smear my name

NOTE: this blog has been re posted due to the fact that in the last month, someone got the password to this account, and deleted this post. 7.333 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing

Panic attacks and social phobia

Today I’m going to be open with my panic attacks and social phobia. First, for everyone who is not familiar with this topic or who wants to figure out if they are affected by these disorders, … 311 weitere Wörter


Neighbors Vandalizing my car and trying to tear off the KevinPerelmanTarget sign

Once again, My neighbors showing that they have something to hide. By consistantly trying to thug me quiet,

While this campaign is world wide, I don’t see them saying this is wrong, supporting the bullying, thugging, and smear operations showing they have ulterior motives and their true colors. 2.228 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing

How to collaborate with beasts?


This world is not perfect place. When you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you, that is indeed source of happiness. Unfortunately, it is not always like this, and life will put you into unpleasant situations. 482 weitere Wörter