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Invisible days and the rest of the world

On those days, when you are ignored at the bank and five minutes later also at the bakery, you start wondering whether it might be another of those days, when you forgot to take off your… 56 weitere Wörter


Gennaio '18 - Editoriale + Buoni/cattivi propositi

PERSONALITÀ N.430: Perché ti ho sbattuto la faccia contro il muro, mi chiedi? Perché era necessario. Perché se ti avessi detto che lì davanti c’era un muro non mi avresti creduto. 559 weitere Wörter


Mi presento

Salve a tutti,

Sono la nuova -non tanto nuova,sono già 20 anni che abito su questa Terra- autrice di questo blog.
Piacere di conoscervi,gente della blogosfera,io sono Valentina. 265 weitere Wörter


Maroc... more...

I think I said the hotel lady told me what to do about kids and vendors who were going to mob me.  I was prepared to deal with them.

In fact that never happened.

Growing concern for Tram getting bullied by other cars

After conducting a crash test last Saturday between a car and the new tram, concerns are growing for the safety of the tram.

Experts have highlighted potential dangers of bullying and so called „mobbing“, not from people, but from other cars using the road. 91 weitere Wörter

Daily Life

11/23/2017 Thanksgiving Starbucks Gang Stalkings in Tarzana

Starbucks – Tarzana – 18700 Ventura Blvd. #120 Tarzana, CA 91356

This is a 2 hour video showing with me explaining the all day and night 24/7 terror operations Starbucks corporation is involved in ending my life and trying to keep me quiet about what they are involved in. 744 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing