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Daily Telegraph's Fabricated Headline

I’ve occasionally been asked about this fabricated headline in The Daily Telegraph (26 Feb 2014):

The answer is simple: it was fabricated by the journalist who wrote it… 140 weitere Wörter


To Fight or Flee??

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, where you were just being yourself and then you are surrounded by a horde of intimidations of various sorts? 348 weitere Wörter

Bird Paintings

2020 - When The World Went Nuts

When 2020 dawned, there seemed to be hope – a new decade. Then BAM! We were hit in the face with a baseball bat! COVID-19 spreading out of China. 425 weitere Wörter

Social Media

A Misogynistic Death Threat

I am, to stress, possibly the last person on earth to draw an inference of misogyny. I regard such phenomena in liberal democracies as having low statistical prevalence (and certainly statistically outnumbered by the phenomena of man-hating & misandry by orders of magnitude). 194 weitere Wörter

Witch Hunts

Voksne som Mobber

Ja, hva skal man si, man prater om barn som mobber og utestenger, men hvordan kan vi kreve at de skal vite hvordan de skal oppføre seg når de voksne er enda værre? 1.166 weitere Wörter