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Threat-sensitive anti-predator defence in lapwings

The paper I co-authored about threat-sensitive anti-predator defence in northern lapwings (Vanellus vanellus) is now online! We quantified aggressive interactions between lapwings and their natural avian predators and investigated whether mobbing response is affected by brood age and self-reliance, or the perceived risk posed by various predators. noch 91 Wörter


En fjärils vingslag

Detta är Kartellen feat. Daniel Adams Ray, låten heter En fjärils vingslag.

Den handlar om mobbing.


Social Media Content Control

Do social media and networking platforms unfairly restrict speech and content by users expressing certain political views? Is the „marketplace of ideas“ subject to entry barriers imposed by the platforms themselves? noch 643 Wörter

Marketplace Of Ideas

Sexual harassement at workplace

Your workplace should be safe zone, covered with respect and dignity. It doesn’t matter are you cleaner, waiter, lawyer or manager, basic human values should be untouchable. noch 683 Wörter


Trenger barn å vite om hersketeknikk?

Barndom er ikke bare lykke på en eng med markjordbær. I løpet av barns liv skal barn møte utfordringer i familie på skole og i fritid. noch 343 Wörter


What should I think about bullies?

Everything that you think should strengthen you. The less you spend time worrying about people who bully you the more power to you.

If you can’t help wondering about them, think about people who bully with compassion. noch 128 Wörter

Blasian Hero

I’m a superhero breaking through ground zero,

I will have a clothing line full of successful apparel.

Endorsements with popular clothing companies,

They love my… noch 308 Wörter