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Form vs Nature

It is as if, we are gentle lions far from the pride,
strange and unpredator-like, with curious stride…
and suddenly a herd of buffalo confront us. noch 116 Wörter


Dickey's BBQ involved in 30 year hate campaign to rid me of the world

I go to a coffeebean at

21851 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura/Topanga Canyon
Gateway Plaza
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
next door is Dickeys BBQ

21853 Ventura Blvd. noch 2.323 Wörter

Community Mobbing

The Crowd Effect

A football stadium seats 100 000 people. You’d need 40 of them to seat Fetlife’s members. The world shrinks when the internet has anything to do with it, which means there are a hundred different mob species on this site. noch 1.054 Wörter


People waiting for me after Jurassic World to try to intimidate me

It should be noted that this type of thing happens at every movie I go to and this is not an isolated incident. Also, 50% of media out there has either references taken from my life and put into it, or things that are to send me suggestive messages directed at me. noch 363 Wörter

Community Mobbing


Wirklich viele Freunde hatte ich nie, weil ich schon immer wusste das mit vielen Freunden auch falsche Freunde und Enttäuschung kommen. Ein Freund habe ich bis heute, erst haben wir uns gehasst, ich denke mal, weik wir uns in manchen Dingen sehr ähneln. noch 146 Wörter


Schule - und ich dachte es kann nicht schlimmer kommen!

Einschulung… hm schwach dunkel erinnere ich mich das mein leiblicher Vater da war. Meine mum sowieso und auch mein Bruder und mein Stiefvater. Big Party tralala. noch 210 Wörter


Community Mobbing - 6/12/2015 - Metro Neighbors parking 3 CR-V's togethor in front of my place and by my car to try to create mental illness with the intent to kill

Today, when leaving, I noticed the Metro neighbors pulled out 3 CR-V’s and parked them where I walk out. An ongoing 30 year tactic to create mental illness to end my life. noch 76 Wörter

Community Mobbing