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Are you being mobbed or bullied? Here's the difference.

 Aren’t mobbing and bullying the same thing? Yes. And no. If you set them up in a Venn diagram (the classic tool for comparing and contrasting), there are areas in which the two experiences intersect, but also enough differences to define them as two distinct nightmares. noch 473 Wörter

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How the evaluation of one Max Planck Institute ended up in insults (part 2)


In January 2016, a couple of early career scientists from Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (MPI-bpc) wrote an anonymous letter to the Max Planck Society (MPG) president, Martin Stratmann. noch 2.422 Wörter

Max Planck Society

Interview 79: Keith Labella

On this edition we are joined by attorney Keith Labella, editor of Mr. Labella has researched gangstalking (also known as “mobbing”) for over a decade after his own experience with the phenomenon while working for a Wall Street securities firm in the late 1990s. noch 161 Wörter


They Never See it Coming

Think you know who is most likely to be the target of public school mobbing? Let’s see:

  1. True/False: Targets of mobbing are nearly always viewed as underperforming or not working as hard as their colleagues.
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“Sham Peer-Review”: Revisión por Pares “Doble-Ciego”

Traducción (Inglés -> Español) del blog del Dr. Michael L. Langan  – vía Sindicato Médico Colombiano.

“Él Dr. Lawrence Huntoon ha dictado varías conferencias sobre ciertas tácticas comunes utilizadas por fuerzas oscuras, enemigos que sin invitación han tomado asiento en la mesa del poder que regula y controla a la noble profesión médica.

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Disrupted Physician

Why Can't We Stop Eating Our Young?

After his first year of teaching secondary history, Nathan Kidd got pink slipped that June. Why wasn’t the 24-year-old rehired? He’d sent too many kids to the office for misbehaving. noch 411 Wörter

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Don't be Afraid to Share Your Story

Mobbing in public schools is a difficult and volatile subject. Many teachers are reluctant to talk about mobbing either because they don’t want to relive the pain and humiliation of being targeted by the mob or because they’ve been part of the mob. noch 287 Wörter

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