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EU name negotiating Team for Brexit

Michel Barnier; The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, currently has a 29-strong team to coordinate Brussels‘ efforts to reach a settlement deal with Britain by 2019 428 weitere Wörter

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Barnier: Brexit "reasonable negotiator"

„There are lots of people who are jumping up and down saying ‚Oh, we’ve got this dangerous Frenchman (Barnier – av) in here that’s going to undermine London‘,“ said Syed Kamall, pro-Brexit leader of May’s Conservatives in the European Parliament. 263 weitere Wörter


Barnier argues with Guardian

The interpretation of the newspaper ‚The Guardian‘ was denied by the chief negotiator for Brexit of the European Commission Michel Barnier personally via Twitter:… 151 weitere Wörter


Morning Briefing - The Telegraph

Good morning.

Theresa May is building a big, beautiful Brexit, but Brussels is trying to make her pay for it. The suggestion from the European Union’s chief negotiator… 446 weitere Wörter


Britain will be handed £50bn exit bill by EU when Theresa May triggers Article 50, chief negotiator for Brussels warns

Michel Barnier has told colleagues that the UK must keep paying ‚tens of billions‘ annually into the EU budget until 2020 CREDIT: FRANCOIS LENOIR/REUTERS … 1.073 weitere Wörter

Parliament backs Brexit, votes to trigger Article 50 by March 31, 2017

British MPs have voted in favor of government plans to trigger Article 50 by March 31, 2017, meaning Britain will formally initiate the process of leaving the EU before that date.  448 weitere Wörter