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Britain threatens to impose VAT and customs duties on EU imports if there is no Brexit deal

The Telegraph

By Christopher Hope, chief political correspondent 

15 AUGUST 2017 • 4:47PM

Britain is threatening to introduce new laws to impose VAT and customs duties on all goods from the European Union if  232 weitere Wörter

UK ready to pay £36bn Brexit bill, but only if EU talks trade

Time to talk trade: British negotiators say the current structure of the Brexit talks is not workingCREDIT: AP

By Peter Foster, europe editor  174 weitere Wörter

NHS must put its house in order before seeking more cash, says internal audit | Society | The Guardian

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The Guardian reports Prof Tim Briggs,  the national director of clinical quality and efficiency, saying he does not think the service deserves more money and too much is wasted on poor care. 224 weitere Wörter


Next phase of Brexit negotiations will be delayed for two months because of the UK’s refusal to discuss ‘Brexit divorce bill’

David Davis (left) and Michel Barnier

By Peter Foster
The Telegraph 27 JULY 2017 • 9:10AM

Europe has warned that the next phase of Brexit negotiations will be delayed for two months because of the UK’s refusal to engage with Brussels  450 weitere Wörter

The Tory plan for 'Brexit' is designed to keep Britain in the EU

‚Brexit‘ Minister David Davis MP faced ’negotiations‘ with the EU dictators this week and sold-out immediately by agreeing to pay Brussels a „divorce settlement“ for Brexit. 756 weitere Wörter


The madness of Michel Barnier

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier and David Davis gave a joint press conference today on progress, so far, on the EU negotiations. Seems there’s not much progress because it’s being held up by the EU’s opening Mickey Mouse demand that EU citizens living here remain under EU law after we’ve Brexited. 252 weitere Wörter

Ordo Ab Chao

Brexit negotiations pessimistic forecast

Anna van Densky, OPINION

The repeated requests for ‚clarifications‘ from behalf of the EU27 articulated by the chief negotiator Michel Barnier reflect the state of the disbelief of the block vis-à-vis Britons who voted for abandoning of Europe’s project. 581 weitere Wörter