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Ignore the EU sabre-rattling, Brussels has no power to 'punish' us

Article 50 negotiations are set to begin early next year for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, and it seems increasingly likely that the Brussels team will adopt a… 494 weitere Wörter


European Parliament Appoints Its Representative for BREXIT Negotiations

Read more about Guy Guy Verhofstadt here

But Europe’s Conservatives and Reformists are not happy.

In response to Verhofstadt’s appointment, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parliament, said all 751 MEPs should decide the parliament’s Brexit negotiator. 267 weitere Wörter


No Brexit Deal Can Beat EU Membership

Yesterday afternoon in the House of Commons, the Minister for Brexit, David Davis, failed to define what Brexit means, other than Britain’s leaving the European Union. 568 weitere Wörter

Britain must leave the single market 

The EU’s Brexit negotiator has said that Britain must accept freedom of movement if it wishes to retain access to the single market. Martin Howe QC has said Britain must leave the single market because it could harm our trade with the rest of the world. 196 weitere Wörter


Michel Barnier appointed Brexit negotiator for the EU

Michel Barnier is appointed Brussels‘ chief negotiator for the UK’s exit talks with the EU.

There is concern that Michel Barnier is no friend of the UK and there is speculation that he blames the UK for losing his job as EU commissioner for internal markets and services. 37 weitere Wörter


The battle lines are drawn 

If you thought the Brexit negotiations between Britain and the EU were going to be harmonious, think again. The EU has just appointed as its chief negotiator Michel Barnier, a Frenchman who hates Britain and Anglo-Saxons in general. 129 weitere Wörter


Michel Barnier appointed Chief Negotiator for #Brexit

President Juncker appoints Michel Barnier as Chief Negotiator in charge of the Preparation and Conduct of the Negotiations with the United Kingdom under Article 50… 96 weitere Wörter