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Sprinklers Fire Fighting System design

1- Create &Apply Sprinkler Templates

2- Types of Sprinkler Systems

3- Sprinklers types

4- Sprinkler Density

5- Protection Area of Coverage


TTIP: Ramping Down Standards

An open letter to all MEPs 

TTIP has been a concern of mine for nearly a year now. It is a potential threat to our food safety, as relaxed US regulations on products such as hormone-treated beef and chlorinated chicken replace more stringent European ones. noch 122 Wörter


Free News: May 21th 2015

AFSJ (Migration): “MEPs angry at member states over immigration” (EurActiv): “EU lawmakers on Wednesday accused some member states of passing the buck by rejecting a Brussels plan for binding quotas for refugees making the dangerous Mediterranean crossing… noch 323 Wörter

European Parliament passes Fourth Money Laundering Directive

Members of the European Parliament have added their endorsement to the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive, confirming tougher rules to fight tax evasion and terrorist financing, including a few measures which were not in the European Commission’s initial proposed directive. noch 141 Wörter


Franc Bogovic, MEP: Development of agriculture in the Western Balkans following the example of the EU

Promotion of sustainable agriculture should undoubtedly become a priority also in the countries of the Western Balkans, which are currently in the European Union (EU) integration process. noch 1.423 Wörter

Western Balkans

O'Flynn quits UKIP

After weeks of bitter fighting amongst UKIP leaders, Patrick O’Flynn said that Nigel Farage was a ‘Snarling’ and ‘Thin Skinned aggressive man’ last week.

Patrick O’Flynn was the chief of the economics side of UKIP and was a key member of the party. noch 42 Wörter


What do UK political parties say about illegal wildlife trade?

As many of you who live in the UK might be aware, the election just finished weeks ago, very chaotic day indeed.(Appoligies : this supposed to be live on the day before the election, but due to my schedule, it has to be a post-election blog) noch 323 Wörter