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Nigel Clarke: “We come from a European tradition”

Nigel Clarke, 55, is a musician-composer, who left school at 16 without any qualifications and enrolled in the military as a service bandsman. After serving with the Band of the Irish Guards, he attended the Royal Academy of Music. noch 686 Wörter

The key BIM terms you need to know

There are lot of new technical terms and keywords being used in connection with BIM, the average construction industry worker could be forgiven for being confused by the jargon. noch 1.060 Wörter


How to fight crime from inside: protecting whistle-blowers

On Wednesday 4th of May, the draft of the new directive which disciplines the whistle-blowers’regulation have been presented at the European Parliament during the public event “ noch 603 Wörter


Société des Missions Etrangères de Paris, Bertumbuh Bersama Gereja Lokal

Imam Diosesan, Giginya Uskup

Imam diosesan itu ibarat giginya uskup. Demikian Pastor M. Dwijowandowo, pernah menulis dengan gaya yang renyah. Maksudnya dengan memiliki sejumlah imam diosesan, uskup mempunyai kekuatan untuk menjalankan karya penggembalaannya sebab para imam diosesan akan bekerja secara menetap di keuskupannya dan di bawah pimpinannya.

noch 1.235 Wörter
Ruang Tamu : Sosok

It's been two days since school finished...

What am I supposed to do now?

I woke up this morning at a decent hour, despite going to bed rather late after a birthday party with my family. noch 371 Wörter


Richard Corbett and Benn's 5 Questions

Yesterday on Twitter I was sent a link in reply to a line of argument about democracy and self governance to an article by Richard Corbett MEP… noch 1.831 Wörter


Bring me the Butter Mountains and the Wine Lakes - we need a proper debate about Europe

25th April 2016

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Where are the Butter Mountains and Wine Lakes?

By Tim Carter

Firstly I will admit that I was never really in favour of a referendum on EU membership, partly because I am not a fan of referendums and partly because I thought that we wouldn’t have a proper debate on the merits or otherwise of membership. noch 1.143 Wörter

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