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Updates on previous blogs: What is Richard Howitt doing? and Academics for Jeremy Corbyn

Richard Howitt MEP’s Press Officer rang me today to have a whinge on what he felt to be two factual inaccuracies in my blog below. First he claimed that there was no early bird price for the jolly to Europe. noch 287 Wörter


The next forty weeks

I just realized that the babies I’ll be witnessing come into this world next year are already cooking developing now or even soon to be found out about by their excited/nervous/unsuspecting/shocked/grateful (or any combination of these and so much more!) parents. noch 69 Wörter


Between a rock and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

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What is that you say? You want to know more about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? Of course, you do!

For some context, the ( noch 602 Wörter