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Sturgeon's Mask

I can’t work out whether the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon is deceiving Scottish people through ignorance or prejudice, because it must be one or the other. noch 353 Wörter


An Introduction to the Blog

Where to begin…the field of electrical engineering in the construction industry is vast. It is crazy big and has more ins, outs, arounds, and gotchas than I had every thought back in college. noch 308 Wörter


Dugher pays tribute to former Euro-MP and Councillor Brian Key

Michael Dugher

TRIBUTES have been paid following the death of former Yorkshire Euro-MP Brian Key.

Mr Key served in the European Parliament as the LabourMEP for South Yorkshire between 1979 and 1984. noch 228 Wörter


Can You Keep a Secret?

I had a particularly rough day at school today. Well, it was really just one hour that managed to (almost) ruin my entire evening. I’m deciding to write a blog post instead of endlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed and moving between losing my shit or crying into my cup of tea… Okay, so it sounds a bit dramatic but seriously, UGH. noch 554 Wörter



La première biennale des photographes du monde arabe contemporain a ouvert ses portes dans un parcours croisé, fruit d’une récente collaboration, entre la maison européenne de la photographie et l’Institut du monde arabe, à Paris. noch 896 Wörter

Critique D'exposition

SketchUp Rendering and AEC digital solutions

AEC Digital Solutions LLC (a USA based Company), with global presence and operations in India, is one of the leading service provider in BIM (Revit, SketchUp and Bentley) with an in-house team of trained Architects and Engineers using BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, SketchUp Pro, Bentley AECOsim, Bentley MicroStation, Solibri, Navisworks and CAD Duct. noch 321 Wörter


¡¡ Nueva ola de ofertas de empleo en UK para profesionales con Revit !!

Nueva ola de ofertas de empleo en Reino Unido (UK) para profesionales del BIM (Building Information Modeling) con Autodesk Revit (Ingenieros, Arquitectos, Arquitectos Técnicos, etc.): noch 153 Wörter