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European Commission Responds To Ming On Cannabis Legalisation

As you may know last year Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan revealed he asked the European Commission a parliamentary question regarding the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. noch 610 Wörter

February Air Pollution Report in Key Chinese Cities

I’ve been increasingly busy at work and haven’t had time for a good translation. Below is the translation of the February air pollution report for the 74 cities that official statistics are recorded for. noch 1.118 Wörter


Ukip's Overt Racism Manifest In Scottish Region

Ukip’s Overt Racism Manifest In Scottish Region

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Chen Jining Meets with International Union for Conservation of Nature Secretary General

Summary of This Publication:

On Thursday March 12th, Minister of the MEP Chen Jining had a meeting with the IUCN secretary general Inger Anderson.

First Minister Chen explained the Central Committee and State Councils renewed commitment to Environmental Protection. noch 315 Wörter


MEP Coordination on BIM

The primary purpose of MEP Modeling and Coordination is to improve the communication and coordination between Architects, MEP engineers, Contractors and Fabricators. It involves coordinating all building services, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and public health, with other disciplines to create a building structure, external envelope, and fabric. noch 340 Wörter


Advocate for single parents calling for reform of Nova Scotia's Maintenance Enforcement Program

DARTMOUTH – It was twenty years ago when Gwen Williams first enrolled in the province’s Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP). She says what followed were years of frustration, with a program doing little to enforce court orders. noch 342 Wörter


MEP Investigates Environmental Impact Assessment Agencies and their Employees

No direct translation today but here is a summary (with comment) on today’s MEP publication.

March 6th, 2015


MEP Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Department Department Head, Cheng Lifeng, reported to the Media that lawbreaking EIA agencies and employees are under investigation. noch 212 Wörter