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Indrek Tarand: joining/exiting EU is a process

Indrek TARAND MEP (Estonia, Greens/European Free Alliance) shares his views on Brexit first stage of talks, and transition period. Ahead of the EU Council Tarand reflects upon different scenarios of Brexit outcome for the UK and the EU27.


Tannock: just WTO rules won't suffice for UK

Charles TANNOCK MEP (UK, ECR) reflects upon possible outcome of Article 50 negotiations, transition period, free-trade agreement, and ‚hard‘ Brexit consequences. Ahead of December 14-15 EU Summit, concluding first stage of the EU27-UK talks on exit conditions MEP shares his vision on trade under WTO rules in case parties will not come to an agreement.


Atkinson: "Don't take poison of Brexit deal!"

Ahead of 14-15 December EU Summit Janice ATKINSON MEP (UK, ENF) shares her opinion on different scenarios of Brexit, risks of ‚bad‘ deal, and its consequences, or ‚hard‘ Brexit for future trade under WTO rules. 48 weitere Wörter


Videos: ALDE Party Congress, Amsterdam

ALDE Party held its congress in Amsterdam 1-3 December, with 1,500 participants. These included delegates from 60 member parties, individual members from all over Europe, European commissioners and prime ministers. 28 weitere Wörter


Get a Grip!

Electrical construction documents depend upon the use of symbolic representations for devices in plan view. The symbolic representation for a receptacle, for example is larger than the actual three-dimensional modeled receptacle used for elevations and interference detection. 1.238 weitere Wörter

Revit Tips & Techinques

EU Citizen's Vote ? In Brussels You Can, Brussels

Stand Up For Europe, Vox Europe, Young Europe and Brando Benifei MEP will be debating Europeans‘ participation in local and regional elections.

Monday 04 December 2017 18:00 – 22:00 CET… 24 weitere Wörter


Brexit Café, Belfast

The European Parliament and MLMS (My Life My Say) have teamed up to hold another Brexit Café event in Belfast, Northern Ireland aimed at young people. 57 weitere Wörter