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Wandsworth for Europe presents Seb Dance MEP in Tooting

Remainer Seb Dance MEP (Labour) will be giving a public talk:

Thursday 4 May 2017 (Polling Day) 1900 – 2100 BST

The Selkirk SW17
60 Selkirk Road… 22 weitere Wörter


Apache Camel - Dynamic redelivery based on MEP

The exception handling and retry mechanisms in Apache Camel are quite extensive. In this blogpost we are going to take a look at customizing the retry based on a predicate implementation of our own thereby enabling really fine grained retry logic. 348 weitere Wörter

JBoss Fuse

Brexit: How Ugly Will It Get ? Bristol

Bristol for Europe will be holding another of their popular events in April.

Saturday 22 April 2017 1200 – 1400 BST

The Lantern Room
Colston Hall… 89 weitere Wörter


Proton Bus Simulator (BETA) V 37 Free Downlaod

Download Address:Proton Bus Simulator (BETA) V 37 Apk File

Here we provide Proton Bus Simulator (BETA) V 37 for Android 4.0++ This game is in development! 33 weitere Wörter

Ten things Remainers can do TODAY

Bregreters this is for you, also.

Email your MP and MEPs, tell YOUR story,voice your concerns. Include any photos from Unite for Europe, March for Europe, Richmond Terrace Vigil etc. 402 weitere Wörter


Canada Expands Coast Guard

Rescue boat sits moored at the Kitsilano Coast Guard station before the base’s closure in 2013.

Our Canadian counterparts are looking forward to an 11% expansion over the next two years… 61 weitere Wörter