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Kuala Lumpur, 9.57 AM


Last night, I had my tantrum again

I don’t know why it comes so often lately, that I keep having trouble with jealousy and also come-and-go anger. noch 30 Wörter



The truth of being naked, i just found out about it. It’s not physically naked as it became more common these days. What i mean is being uncovered. noch 105 Wörter


It’s hard to believe. For me, it is impossible. It seems pointless. I have never trusted anyone. It feels okay for me until today.
I found out that i still don’t trust anyone. noch 82 Wörter


It’s 11 PM in Kuala Lumpur
The weather is cold after the Rain late afternoon, along with the lightning thunder.
I’m wide awake on my bed with you on the other side, back to back… noch 245 Wörter


Papa, did i make you proud?

PK. My heart is broken. Bad. I’m crushed. This should happen to me too. But it will never happen, life is never like in the movie. noch 27 Wörter


Dear my unborn child,

It has been more than month since you’ve gone, one and a half month to be precise
It took me even longer to have a recovery and acceptance inside me, rather than just a physical recovery… noch 162 Wörter