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Dear Melissa,

Your birthday is Saturday. I have sent  your present to you. Well–you don’t know it’s from me, but I think you’d like it better that way. noch 96 Wörter

A wretch like me!


I see them now. All the things I missed before: I see them! Rather maybe I ignored all of them or buried them under false pretenses or plainly pretended they didn’t exist. noch 192 Wörter


Dear Melissa,

You’re all I ever wanted.

And I have you, just not like I had hoped.

But Our Lady was right. I do have you. noch 479 Wörter

A Secret Walk


Today I took a secret walk. I strolled around your life through pictures. I saw you on your wedding day. You were so hauntingly beautiful. noch 607 Wörter


I know it’s stupid to miss you!

To look at pictures of you and want to be around you.

To be jealous of everyone who gets to be with you. noch 84 Wörter

AIIB opens for business

Chinese President Xi Jinping launched a new multilateral development bank — Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) — seen as a rival to the US-led World Bank yesterday. noch 284 Wörter

Business & Economics


If I had one wish, I think it’d be this: that I would be somebody to you.

Everybody is somebody to somebody. Hell, I’m somebody to people I don’t even know, Melissa. noch 21 Wörter