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The Soil is Sick - bring it back to life

Wood eating fungal diseases and nematodes (microscopic worms) have existed in the soil of vineyards since the beginning of the vine, 1000s of years ago. In the past they lived off dead wood, today they are gaining ground and vines all over France are literally  ‚being eaten alive‘ and dieing. 686 weitere Wörter

Life Of The Vine

I love my MDB sales❣

It’s starting to get a little warm out here. It’s time to have a little fun and do a little shopping with the girls💄🛍 If you don’t have time to sneak out of the house for a little shopping release you may want to check out the link below and see what sales are going on at MyDibbs right now❣ 6 weitere Wörter


2016 Dwarf Iris Society MDB Collections Sale

The Dwarf Iris Society offers collections of MDBs for sale to its members.   This year there are six collections to choose from including Caparne-Welch Medal winners, reblooming MDBs, and a Willott Collection.  80 weitere Wörter

Few notes on MDBs

1) The MDB must be defined as public and cannot be declared as final or abstract. In addition, it
needs a public default constructor and cannot have a finalize method. 308 weitere Wörter


Simple JMS application based on JBOSS EAP 6.x

1) Add new messaging extension in standalone.xml:

	<extension module=""/>

2) Configure messaging domain in standalone.xml. Configure hornetq server.:

	<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:messaging:1.3">

				<netty-connector name="netty" socket-binding="messaging"/>
				<netty-connector name="netty-throughput" socket-binding="messaging-throughput">
					<param key="batch-delay" value="50"/>
				<in-vm-connector name="in-vm" server-id="0"/>

				<netty-acceptor name="netty" socket-binding="messaging"/>
				<netty-acceptor name="netty-throughput" socket-binding="messaging-throughput">
					<param key="batch-delay" value="50"/>
					<param key="direct-deliver" value="false"/>
				<in-vm-acceptor name="in-vm" server-id="0"/>

				<security-setting match="#">
					<permission type="send" roles="guest"/>
					<permission type="consume" roles="guest"/>
					<permission type="createNonDurableQueue" roles="guest"/>
					<permission type="deleteNonDurableQueue" roles="guest"/>

				<address-setting match="#">

				<connection-factory name="InVmConnectionFactory">
						<connector-ref connector-name="in-vm"/>
						<entry name="java:/ConnectionFactory"/>
				<connection-factory name="RemoteConnectionFactory">
						<connector-ref connector-name="netty"/>
						<entry name="RemoteConnectionFactory"/>
						<entry name="java:jboss/exported/jms/RemoteConnectionFactory"/>
				<pooled-connection-factory name="hornetq-ra">
					<transaction mode="xa"/>
						<connector-ref connector-name="in-vm"/>
						<entry name="java:/JmsXA"/>

				<jms-queue name="testQueue">
					<entry name="queue/MyQueue"/>
				<jms-topic name="testTopic">
					<entry name="topic/MyTopic"/>
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Libumem in linux userland -Part 1

Libumem is a portable userland slab allocator. Originally available in Solaris operating system, it has been actively ported to other operating systems like OpenSolaris, Linux, Windows & particularly SmartOS. 720 weitere Wörter


Davinci Mdb Waterproof Changer Pad White

The simple Changer Pad is constructed for quick and easy diaper changes. With a waterproof cover and single layer of padding, the Changer Pad is a basic nursery staple.
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