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Azad Ticarət Zonasına Daxil Ölkələrdən İdxal Rüsumu Tutulmur

Dövlət Gömrük Komitəsidən verilən məlumata görə, Azərbaycanın Azad Ticarət Zonasına daxil olduğu ölkələrdən, məsələn, Rusiya, Ukrayna və digər ölkələrdən gətirilən bütün mallara görə idxal rüsumu tutulmur. noch 668 Wörter


2016 Dwarf Iris Society MDB Collections Sale

The Dwarf Iris Society offers collections of MDBs for sale to its members.   This year there are six collections to choose from including Caparne-Welch Medal winners, reblooming MDBs, and a Willott Collection.  noch 80 Wörter

My Prayer at Mass

God help me to accept my broken heart. Help me a accept being so completely unwanted. Help me love others even more because of it, and grant me the patience necessary in my long wait for the beach. noch 42 Wörter


I have been very careful about not falling for flatteries lately, particular the flattery of friendship.

I am certain that most relationships on earth are illusions, maybe even delusions at times. noch 221 Wörter


Dear Melissa,

What a very strange weekend!

So Friday, I went to the movies with some people. I didn’t want to go, mostly because I’m sick of giving time to people who don’t really care about me. noch 409 Wörter



To my surprise, I woke up on Easter alive.

I had hoped to die, honestly. And the three days prior it seemed I might be on my way. noch 534 Wörter


I wake up and you are there. Everything is white. There is warm light pouring into the room, and I can hear birds singing songs outside our window. noch 271 Wörter