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I will! Again.

It’s a better version I think with more simple beats. Anyway, love you. Miss you. Goodbye, sweet Melissa.

I Will

Ah, I looked up to you in the sky and asked you to sing for me. I almost could here it. I felt so alone, and I was thinking of all sorts of trouble to get into with cocaine. 173 weitere Wörter

Song No. 2

This is one I made maybe like a year or so ago. I just like to think about you and make music. It’s not very good, but I made it for you. 22 weitere Wörter


Song No. 1


I make little songs for you. You wouldn’t like them, and you will never hear them but here is one. I’ll post some more, too.


I woke up so weak and ready to quit!

Last night, the devils sung to me terrible lies and evil. So I prayed to the saints with the saint cards I have. 751 weitere Wörter

Day 2

Day 2 wasn’t what I had hope for.

Hope: Yes, I have hope for a future. I lost my job. Other jobs are there. Here! Hope! 150 weitere Wörter

Day 1

So this is Day 1.

I can’t kill myself. I think my family deserves better than that–however small it is.

And even though I don’t know why God won’t help me, I don’t want to disappoint him either. 810 weitere Wörter