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Blue Jean Jam - Poster Design

I’ve just completed the poster art for my brother’s Bodoc Records event.  He plans on using me for any other future poster art so I hope to show off more of my design talents in the future.   15 weitere Wörter

Art Updates

MDB Mode Bit

WARNING: Please skip ahead downwards if you don’t want to hear my rant. :D

Recently I am trying to develop some kind of middleware that translates the MDB protocol used by the vending machine to the RS232 protocol used by the cashless device. 306 weitere Wörter


Leonardo DiCaprio tied to "Wolf of Malaysia," DOJ

You can file this under the heading of life imitating art

On Thursday the Justice Department seized a Picasso and Basquiat paintings given to Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as rights to two Hollywood film comedies, in complaint filings to claw back $540 million they say was „stolen“ from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB. 323 weitere Wörter

Wall Street

Video Blog: Feedback

In this video I briefly cover how to solicit information from the users of a new process.  As I have written about in the past, buy-in from end users is what determines the success or failure of the process.

Hello, my name is mdb.

March 15, 2017. 8:40 pm.

Entry 1

Hello, my name is mdb. I guess this will be anonymous, simply because I don’t even know how i’m going to keep up with this. 319 weitere Wörter

Anti Trump