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ASP Classic Access Database

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Write a Html from having rollno, name and address textboxes and when user click on submit then use the functionality of ASP the data is inserted into tbl_std of database(c:college.mdb) 24 weitere Wörter


Querying external database in vb6 DAO

DAO is one of many ways to access database in VB6. This tutorial tells you how you can access a .mdb database which is not pointed by the DAO Database object. 228 weitere Wörter

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Bolster safeguards through civil society to protect the environment

Originally published by the Asian Development Bank on Monday, 05 June 2017

The environmental sustainability of development projects cannot be guaranteed without effective safeguards. The problem is how to strengthen safeguards systems, a need that is becoming more urgent as we grapple with the impacts of climate change. 715 weitere Wörter


Jeremy Scott nyfw f/w 18 collection

It was a packed house on the first night of Fashion Week in New York City and the attendance was high for Jeremy Scott’s 2018/2019 Fall/Winter collection.

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Noon by Noor; 2018 Fall/Winter Collection

I love this season’s 2018 Fall / Winter Collection by the brand. With a beautiful color scheme that will make your mouth water. Beautiful Fuchsia button-down blouses and coats, Navy blues garments with the hint of gold sparkles that kept your eyes wide open as each beautifully crafted piece came down the runway. 99 weitere Wörter


Public Transportation Demand Management and Creation of The Data Warehouse

I participated in the project which is public transportation demand management and creation of the data warehouse, with İSBAK company.

In the first stage, me and working group together operated the investigation of taxi stops in terms of location, size and functionality and the implement of geometric design of taxi stops according to need. 68 weitere Wörter


Najib's checkbook diplomacy

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s recent White House soirée has brought Malaysia an unprededented level of scrutiny and negative publicity. All major US newspapers, for example, unanimously panned the visit, highlighting the inapproriateness of inviting someone linked to an on-going DOJ investigation (into 1MDB-related money-laundering charges.) 989 weitere Wörter