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I'm in love with the gold Leopard ring

I am absolutely obsessed with this beautiful gold leopard ring that’s has these beautiful emerald eyes. The leopard’s spots are covered in lovely studded crystals that will add to the gorgeous sparkle that this ring already holds. noch 80 Wörter


MDB's Birthday

I have been spending countless days and sleepless nights and including every little moment that I can steal in between my busy schedule to look for the lastest “Must have” looks for MyDibbs Boutique. noch 136 Wörter


BHGS ja Hard Rock Laager

Ei ole olnud ühtegi Hard Rock Laagrit, kus BHGS poleks esindatud. Veelgi enam, käisime Vana-Vigalas Läburindi-nimelisel üritusel juba siis, kui see alles punküritus oli. Tõsi, metalbändidega Läburint Vana-Vigalas 2001. noch 643 Wörter


Dolce & Gabbana hits the run way; for the 2016 spring/summer fashion week

Oh yes, the 2016 spring/summer menswear collection by Dolce & Gabbana’s has finally hit the runway in Milan. The models behind the wall of the runway find themselves pumping each other up to get ready to walk the show. noch 221 Wörter


Quick tip: Exception handling in Message Driven Beans

Let’s do a quick review of exceptional handling with regards to Message Driven Beans.

The entry point into a MDB is the overridden onMessage method. It does not provide any scope for throwing checked exceptions and as a result, you will need to propagate unchecked exceptions (subclass of java.lang.RuntimeException) from your code if you want to handle error scenarios. noch 355 Wörter


Fendi's spring/summer collection 2016- Milan

Fendi showed off their 2016 spring/summer collection for Men’s Fashion Week in Milan.

The 2016 collection was all about feeling lose and comfortable while having a whole lot of style. noch 162 Wörter