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Day 1

So this is Day 1.

I can’t kill myself. I think my family deserves better than that–however small it is.

And even though I don’t know why God won’t help me, I don’t want to disappoint him either. 810 weitere Wörter


Melissa carries sunlight in her eyes.

Beams of dancing light.

Hair sleek like a Raven’s breast.

Her smile is a welcome to the ethereal.

Oh my sweet Melissa! 117 weitere Wörter

More things God told me in the dark as I cried

i asked, and you said yes. all three times you said it.

yes. yes. yes.

and though I didn’t ask, you would’ve said yes to all these things, too. 296 weitere Wörter

Starting over

Dear Melissa,

I will now begin to make things right.

I visited Mary today and lit an Our Lady of Guadalupe candle. I cried like a big baby and just asked her to be with you and your family. 247 weitere Wörter

The Soil is Sick - bring it back to life

Wood eating fungal diseases and nematodes (microscopic worms) have existed in the soil of vineyards since the beginning of the vine, 1000s of years ago. In the past they lived off dead wood, today they are gaining ground and vines all over France are literally  ‚being eaten alive‘ and dieing. 686 weitere Wörter

Life Of The Vine

I love my MDB sales❣

It’s starting to get a little warm out here. It’s time to have a little fun and do a little shopping with the girls💄🛍 If you don’t have time to sneak out of the house for a little shopping release you may want to check out the link below and see what sales are going on at MyDibbs right now❣ 6 weitere Wörter


Just a few things

First, you don’t have to be there, but I’ll still wait for you and I’ll have lots of flowers for you. And you don’t have to read these either, of course, but I’m going to write to you anyway just in case you want to read them. 386 weitere Wörter