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New Live Chatroom!

Thanks to Dyphnus we now have a live chatroom where the community can all talk!  There is a link to it at the top of… noch 41 Wörter

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RimWorld Streaming Update

Hey all 15ish of you who go on my website every day!  Honestly I should just say “Hey Sweden” with how like, 75% of the people here are from Sweden. noch 111 Wörter

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Castro coffee pride

Just a little gay pride photo snapped at the Castro Starbucks.  Talk about a pick me up and I’m not talking about caffeine.  What a great shot in the arm before I camped out and did some writing.  noch 23 Wörter

Mike Martinez

This is a test post

This is a test post using the new Twenty Fifteen theme.  To post or not to post?  That is the question.  Is MDB ready for a reemergence and rebirth?  noch 44 Wörter

Mike Martinez

MDB != JMS and vice-versa


  • A Message Driven Bean (further referred to as MDB) is just another EJB like Stateless, Stateful or a Singleton. It’s specified using the @MessageDriven…
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