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Sibelius and Mahler at the NSO


This week’s National Symphony program pairs Sibelius and Mahler, with Christoph Eschenbach conducting.

Here’s a debate from the Talk Classical site pitting the two composers against each other as symphonists: noch 271 Wörter


Meet the Candidates: Kevin Mahler

Kevin Mahler has been a resident of the North Allegheny district for 20 years.  He has an undergraduate degree from Duke University and earned an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  noch 234 Wörter

Community Information

The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Symphony No. 5: Movement V

Where We’ve Been: Part 1 of the symphony consisted of the dark first two movements: a funeral march and a swirl of chaos, respectively. Part 2 was the expansive scherzo, taking us down the rabbit hole. noch 1.631 Wörter

Classical Music

Stretch your brain! 3:02 of Mahler for Monday evening - May 4th

A song full of light By Gustav Mahler. Even if you would not like trained male voice, stretch your limits and try this!

More on Gustav Mahler in… noch 7 Wörter

One For The Day

Mahler Symphony No. 6: Andante Moderato – Klangfarbenmelodie IV

So far we have covered Klangfarbenmelodie that happen 1. pointillistically and 2. gradually. We discussed in detail two ways that KFM can happen gradually: noch 607 Wörter

6th Symphony

When Rodin met Mahler

In 1909 the great French artist Auguste Rodin sculpted the head of the famous Austrian composer Gustav Mahler. noch 499 Wörter

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Afternoon delights...

The ladies are delivered promptly by me. And, from being unpaid chauffer, my role rapidly changes to unpaid porter, as I carry their overnight bags to the house. noch 1.662 Wörter