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The lunchtime concert series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre kicks off on Tuesday with the traditional opener; a concert by the members of the COC Ensemble Studio.   58 weitere Wörter


The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Symphony No 9: Movement II

Where We Have Been:  Movement I of the Mahler 9 was a massive trip through Mahler’s mixed emotions about death – peaceful farewells, heroic dreams of overcoming that die away to nothing, and ferocious inner turmoil. 588 weitere Wörter

Classical Music

The Many Faces of Humanity: or, The Face That Blogs

„I peel labels.“

– Edward Albee, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Hi, there! My name is Taylor. Cis male, he/him/his, 19, gay, INFJ-T, Pisces, gamer, tumblr blogger, reader, writer, aspiring composer, and most importantly, member of the homo sapiens species. 453 weitere Wörter


Our Garden is an Opera

The way out for discontented souls, is to settle in a beautiful garden. The sustenance that greenery gives, is at times preferable to other contacts. Respite from turmoil and Executive Committee Meeting trauma, needs again to be sought. 691 weitere Wörter

Gerard Oosterman

Rock my World - 4 - And one for Mahler



I cannot remember now why my first Mahler LP was of the 3rd Symphony, but it was.  I seem to recall I enjoyed the easy simplicity of the “Bim-Bam” movement.  552 weitere Wörter