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The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Symphony No 4: Movement IV

Where We Have Been: Movement I – childlike fun. Movement II – more of the same, but with the creepy spectre of fiddling death overshadowing things. noch 364 Wörter

Classical Music

Beethoven's "Eroica," Symphony #3 in E flat Major, Opus 55, 1803 - 1804

If I recall correctly, the tale goes somewhat like this:

Beethoven was chatting with his comrades in his home when one of the other men informs the maestro that Napoleon Bonaparte has just crowned himself Emperor of France.   noch 1.239 Wörter

kurtnemes hat dies rebloggt auf Kurt Nemes' Classical Music Almanac und kommentierte:

Great, thoughtful, informative post about this piece and the historical context in which Beethoven birthed it. [youtube=""]

The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Symphony No 4: Movement III

Where We’ve Been: Movement I – Child-like ice-skating. Movement II – the creepy violin of death.

Mahler wrote a few heart-stoppingly beautiful slow movements. (The Mahler 5 fourth movement is probably the most famous.) In my opinion, this one is his second-most beautiful. noch 699 Wörter

Classical Music

Boston Symphony Orchestra, Großes Festspielhaus (Salzburg)


I cannot remember the last time I heard the Boston Symphony Orchestra live, but it must have been while I was still at Harvard.  It stagnated for three decades under Seiji Ozawa and James Levine who succeeded Ozawa simply was not in good enough health to do anything about it but lingered for seven years before finally stepping down.   noch 389 Wörter


Dancing Mahler's Seventh

The idioms of dance — and their metaphorical significance — are a substantial component of Mahler’s vocabulary. Curiously, though, Mahler was known to be indifferent to the traditional art of ballet. noch 374 Wörter


Fischer's Mahler 5: Lyrical or Languid?

Jeremy Lee writes

Heaven knows how many Mahler 5ths there are on disc, but of those I’ve heard so far, and despite some stylistic and tonal differences between performances, most are geared towards a fundamentally extrovert approach:  high on excitement, high on intensity, high on power, or high on angst.   noch 602 Wörter


Lobster, chips and G&S

By mid-August, concert life in the UK has narrowed down to two basic locations: the Edinburgh Festival, and the Royal Albert Hall. Having already been to the Proms… noch 386 Wörter