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Next meeting

The next meeting of the Society is on Monday 5 October – usual time, usual place.  It is entitled 1911 – New music of a sunset year… noch 25 Wörter

Group News


What a glorious morning!

There’s a lot I love about living in Downtown Calgary. This was the view that greeted me on my daily river walk this morning. noch 248 Wörter

I Wish

I’m tired of being love’s
recruit. I want to enlist
in hate

I wish there was a dose
of something that would
make me care less. noch 111 Wörter


Calgary Philharmonic turns 60 as conductor Minczuk celebrates a decade at the CPO

Enjoy the anniversaries while they last.

10 years ago, Brazilian Roberto Minczuk joined the CPO as its conductor.

Friday night, to cap off what Mayor Nenshi has designated as Orchestra Week in Cowtown, Minczuk will conduct the Philharmonic in an evening kicking off the symphony’s 60th anniversary season. noch 889 Wörter


The Creativity Cure

One of the most memorable seminars during my counselling training was a seminar led by the founder of the institute where I studied, Dr Francis Macnab. noch 798 Wörter


More numbers (in particular, 39, 41, and 5.77), but no suspect math this time.

As mentioned in the last entry, an expected highlight was an upcoming town hall with President Jimmy Carter.  noch 285 Wörter

The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Symphony No 10: Movement III

Where We’ve Been: Movement I – a slow, melancholy journey. Movement II – a dance with crazy rhythms.

And now we arrive at the rather strange little movement (less than 5 minutes!) sitting in the middle of the symphony. noch 526 Wörter

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