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Mahler And Memories.

A few weeks into a new year…and I am also into my favourite phase of the orchestral season. In March, we will play our big symphonic concert of the year, and this time it’s a Mahler symphony! 1.308 weitere Wörter

Music Therapy

Mahler in the Afternoon

An hour ago, enticed by the sound
of Mahler on a red-hot day,
the man drew in the sand
a goodbye to the sea
and walked the path… 32 weitere Wörter


Private Passions

Radio 3’s Private Passions is always good. Great edition with Philippe Sands, showing that he too “delights in all manifestations of the Terpsichorean muse”(see Muzak)—Leonard Cohen, Michael Chance singing… 50 weitere Wörter



In yesterday’s yoga class, the teacher spoke about “finding your edge”, the point in a pose which is challenging but not uncomfortable.  It’s something that I’ve often heard about and experienced in yoga, but this time my thoughts turned to music.  551 weitere Wörter


NTSO's Mahler First Symphony

in a land far, far away…

Because Mahler.

In a burst of relative spontaneity, I went to this concert, and was sure to bring someone along for the ride, and we enjoyed a last-minute (ish) concert (as much as an 85km trip can be last-minute). 1.120 weitere Wörter

Concert Review

Mahler, vibrato, jazz, and Daoism

Just moved on from Bach to Mahler (under WAM), with impertinent asides on jazz and Daoism…