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The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Up Next: Symphony No 4

The Mahler symphonies fall into natural groupings in some respects (though all of them are different), and so you’ll often find that after you’ve listened to a few, that they sound similar to others. noch 692 Wörter

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Letter to a Young Singer

Your correspondent has jut spent a busy week in Melbourne enjoying the intense experience that is the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition. The experience has again focussed the mind on the challenges of musical competition and the subjective influences which invariably guide the outcomes. noch 791 Wörter


The Mahler Symphonies Guided Tour - Symphony No 7: Movement V

Where We’ve Been: A galloping 1st movement, a swaggering 2nd, a spooky 3rd and a schmaltzy 4th.

And this week, we end up at the finale of the Mahler 7, which is usually the movement that causes the most controversy. noch 1.007 Wörter

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Intimacy and Music

The true feelings that music does to the human soul, it’s a powerful force has enough to bring one to glee, introspect, infatuation, even lament. All types of music regardless where it comes from, invokes a sentimental change in the heart that could either do good to the listener or bad. noch 570 Wörter

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Le concert de la deuxième symphonie de Mahler est quelque chose qui me tient à coeur depuis longtemps. Le morceau s’intitule Résurrection. Le premier mouvement est la marche funèbre d’une personne décédée. noch 135 Wörter

Mahler Symphony No. 6: Andante Moderato – Klangfarbenmelodie X

This study is a continuation of our studies VIIVIII, and IX. We will continue to discuss how Klangfarbenmelodie is used in multiple layers. noch 683 Wörter



The Ryedale Festival opens today up in North Yorkshire. In anticipation of the appearance of my group ‘æðelfrìth next week on Friday 24th, this is a synopsis of an original piece that I have written.  noch 863 Wörter

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