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Diocletian and His Cabbages

Last night I attended a concert given by a youth orchestra in London at the Barbican, and caught up with the conductor for a cup of tea just before (well, he is my brother). noch 472 Wörter

General Irrelevance

89- Antiphony II

I could just see your face.

You were savage, blazing

in “Schalltrichter auf”

In that screaming height:

You found your fierce, leaping joy there.

- … noch 29 Wörter


Adieu to Charlotte and Clarence

Each year, round about now, the COC stages a lunchtime concert or two featuring departing members of the Ensemble Studio singing music that has special meaning for them.   noch 343 Wörter

Performance Review - Miscellaneous

A Little Piece of (Gustav Mahler)

In recent academic study, I’ve stumbled upon a seemingly blatant comparison between the late Romantic composition style of Gustav Mahler and market-pruned metal pioneers, Avenged Sevenfold. noch 920 Wörter


Classical Gas In The Rain

What? I don’t even know what you might be intending there. My car takes regular. You know how it is when you feel verklempty and that you’re undoubtedly in some obscure sense shirking some sense of duty you might have to something you half think you should be doing? noch 326 Wörter



‘Leuchten mir bis in das ewig selig Leben!”

When I first heard about the tragic accident in the French Alps yesterday, my first thought was: there will be at least one musician on that plane because, in recent years, I have rarely been on a European city-bound flight without a colleague or friend on board – I have bumped into them as we queued for boarding, in an airport lounge, or seen the familiar form of a violin case or the bulk of shiny cello armour as it makes its way down the aisle. noch 297 Wörter

A Guided Tour of the Mahler Symphonies - An Introduction

A few years ago, just for the fun of it, I did a project called the One-Year War and Peace where I blogged my way through War and Peace chapter by chapter. noch 1.256 Wörter