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He’s coming to town!

Next week.



White moose anyone?

I like it when the breaking news of the day are news that aren’t such big news…

To me, it means that nothing awefully threathening is going on in the world. 359 weitere Wörter


Is a Hannibal revival one step closer?

Ever since Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal was canned at the end of series three by home US network NBC, fans of the show were hoping that someone else would pick it up. 218 weitere Wörter


Nick Jonas Joins Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley's 'CHAOS WALKING'

Grammy-nominated singer and actor Nick Jonas (Kingdom, Goat, upcoming Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) has joined Lionsgate’s upcoming YA adaption CHAOS WALKING. Jonas will play Davy Prentiss Jr., a soldier in his father Mayor Prentiss‘ (Mads Mikkelsen) army who becomes jealous of his dad and Todd Hewitt’s (Tom Holland) bond. 201 weitere Wörter

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What Does the New Death Stranding TGA Trailer Tell Us?

Well, not much.

Regardless, there are a few things of note here. First, let’s deal with the most obvious things. 893 weitere Wörter

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Depression in the Time of Hannibal: On Queerness and the End of the World (I Guess)

These days I’m either apathetic resignation or heart-crushing sorrow, wondering how old I’ll be when we finally destroy the world and what will get me in the end – the megaquake, the atomic bomb, the weaponized smallpox, the white guy with a gun and a grudge. 1.165 weitere Wörter