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Denmark 360 Degrees

This is for you Danish Lovers out there (read: Cyranny).

These videos are taken with 6 cameras, which can let you see well, 360 degrees around the inside of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. 163 weitere Wörter


MHz Choice

Last year while searching the DVD shelf at my library, I came across the Montalbano series from Sicily. I checked out the first set of discs more out of curiosity than enthusiasm. 416 weitere Wörter


Inspirational Blogger Award...

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The Writing Style.

Not all writing’s the same. What someone would write for a creative writing class wouldn’t be the same for journalism. If someone’s trained to write a certain way, it’s hard to switch over to another style of writing. 193 weitere Wörter


What's wrong with Hannibal?

Aside from the obvious?

Not going into aestheticism, they pretty much screwed up everything they could have screwed up. Will Graham, the ultimate empath… 401 weitere Wörter


First Look: Daisy Ridley & Tom Holland in 'Chaos Walking'

Filming on Doug Liman’s new film Chaos Walking has officially begun and to celebrate the occasion, star and all around cutie Daisy Ridley shared the first official image from the set. 304 weitere Wörter


Mads for Mayor

Trying to decide who came into my life first, Mads Mikkelsen or Patrick Ness. It’s all in the past, and that’s getting murkier by the minute. 304 weitere Wörter