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Looking Wider: Hannibal 'And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…' (Recap)

If last week’s “The Great Red Dragon” was centered around the two killers who now share the villainous duties on Hannibal, “And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…” has a broader focus. noch 772 Wörter



Hi hi! So about 2 weeks ago my dad went shopping and bought me back some art supplies because I LOVE drawing! I was super excited when I saw what it was that he bought me! noch 260 Wörter


Playing Happy Families on Hannibal

Family and the different kinds that exist has been rippling under the surface of Hannibal since season 1 with plenty of opportunity for ‘my two dads’ references and this comes into focus once again this week in “…And the Woman Clothed in Sun.” Or rather this is a chance to explore Hannibal’s relationship with Abigail in the period of time between when he framed Will for her murder and when Hannibal did actually end her life. noch 2.354 Wörter


Movie: Open Hearts (Elsker dig for evigt)

A Dogme film about an engaged couple that is torn apart after the man is paralyzed in an accident, and the woman falls in love with the husband of the woman who caused the accident. noch 378 Wörter