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Such is the nature of evil ...

Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich mal auf ein Thranduil-Zitat (aus The Hobbit – The desolation of Smaug) zurückgreife für einen Beitrag, der nicht mal indirekt mit den Hobbit- und Ring-Verfilmungen oder deren Figuren zu tun hat? noch 700 Wörter

Annabel Capper

Hannibal Season 1 Review

The Hannibal Lecter story had been told a few times now, all with varying results. Most of them are pretty good, such as the original source material by Thomas Harris and the film adaptations of his 1981 book  noch 709 Wörter


Digital Portrait 'Mads Mikkelsen/Adam's Apples'

Portrait of Mads Mikkelsen as the priest Ivan, from the Danish Cult-Movie Adam’s Apples, 2015.


I made this design for the cult-movie lovers that have seen the movie… noch 190 Wörter


T-Shirt with Mads Mikkelsen as priest Ivan, from Adam's Apple's

(Click image to go to website.)

T-shirts, Hoody’s, Long Sleeves, Art Prints, iPhone cases, iPad covers, Wall Clocks, etc. with the illustration “Mads Mikkelsen as priest Ivan”  from the cult-movie… noch 14 Wörter


The Call con Mads Mikkelsen

El actor danés Mads Mikkelsen se toma un descanso después del éxito de Hannibal y de la cinta The Salvation, ovacionada en Cannes 2014. Pero cuando hablamos de descanso nos referimos al trabajo que realizó al hacer un pequeño corto creado para la firma de muebles sobre diseño… noch 87 Wörter


Sick Viewing: Belle (2013) and A Royal Affair (2012)

I recently came down with strep throat so I haven’t been functioning properly for a while (hoping I can make it to work tomorrow). A few days ago in a feverish haze I watched two historical romances, … noch 653 Wörter

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