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DVD Review: Hannibal, Season Two, Disk 1 (of 4), Episodes 2.1 “Kaiseki,” 2.2 “Sakizuke,” 2.3 “Hassun,” and 2.4 “Takiawase”

I hoped that the second season of Hannibal would far exceed the first, and so far, I’m not disappointed. The strong writing and cast return in excellent form, and even the relatively weak killer-of-the-week B-plot component has been strengthened and elevated: Bryan Fuller and company have learned that light touches can breathe life into a tried and true format, sometimes by making changes as simple as varying the ordering of the story structures. noch 1.090 Wörter


Série n°16: Hannibal

Ça fait bien une semaine que j’essaie de convaincre mes sœurettes de faire un marathon Hannibal. J’avais oublié que les vrais gens ont une vie. Tant pis pour le marathon. noch 899 Wörter

Critique De Série

The Salvation

Not unlike the horror genre, it is almost a requisite for modern western films to pay homage to the great western installments of the past. … noch 967 Wörter


Funko Pops: Hannibal

The greatest crime now would be to walk away from what we’ve shared and suffered. In so many ways Will, we need each other.” -Hannibal Lecter…

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Bryan Fuller Dropped Some Details About 'Hannibal' Season 3 On Twitter

We have a few months until Hannibal finally returns for its third season on NBC. First, we were treated to a new trailer, and Bryan Fuller has posted some more delectable details on Twitter about what to expect when the third season returns in June. noch 198 Wörter


Series and Psychopaths---The Author Sadist & Why Audiences LOVE the Pain

Hubby and I are now careening through Hannibal, which is some of the most amazing writing I’ve ever seen. I would have never believed any actor could even rival Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of Dr. noch 2.457 Wörter

Kristen Lamb

Catching Up with Hannibal Lecter

One of the most chilling moments in The Silence of the Lambs, in retrospect, comes at the very end, when Hannibal Lecter blends in seamlessly with a crowd in pursuit of his prey, the implication being that Dr. noch 1.575 Wörter