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updated - May 3, 2015 Sunday EDT 'Hannibal' Season 3 Premiere, Spoiler, And More: Is Dr. Lecter Going To Get Caught Abruptly?

“Hannibal” season 3 premiere, set for June 4 this year, will see Mads Mikkelsen’s title role in Italy along with Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (played by Gillian Anderson).

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TV Series - 2015 - Hannibal Season 3

NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ season 3 spoilers: A small tease via Mads Mikkelsen

The third season of “Hannibal” is just over a month away from finally premiering on NBC, so isn’t it time that the floodgates start to open up a little bit, and we can get some additional news on what to expect?

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TV Series - 2015 - Hannibal Season 3

A Caça, de Thomas Vinterberg

As crianças não mentem, acreditam os adultos de uma pequena cidade em A Caça, de Thomas Vinterberg. Não, pelo menos, com a intenção de prejudicar alguém ou com a consciência do que pode acontecer depois. noch 462 Wörter


Celebrate 'Hannibal's Legacy In This New Promo For Season 3

We have just a little over a month before Hannibal returns for its third season and NBC is eager to whet your appetite with this wonderfully gory promo that seeks to explore Hannibal Lecter’s legacy. noch 88 Wörter


Film review: The Salvation

  The western setting has provided a backdrop for all sorts of films, but the traditional revenge story is undoubtedly one that is suited to the style and can utilise the good guy/bad guy stereotypes that are synonymous with the cinematic history of the genre. noch 405 Wörter

Film Review: The Salvation (2014) ★★★★

The Salvation opens April 24 in Toronto (Carlton)

There are not many actors whose presence in a film is more than enough for the audience to trust that the film they appear in will be worth watching. noch 457 Wörter

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The Salvation (2015)

The Wild West, The Danes and Manchester United FC……

It has been thought for a good many years now that the time for the western film has passed. noch 782 Wörter