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Rumors for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"

By Travis Martin



Rumors have been speculating about “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” ever since its announcement. What is know is that it will be set in between  noch 408 Wörter


0460 | The Salvation

Danish western The Salvation is yet another film concerned with brutality, revenge and rough justice in 19th Century America. I’ve seen enough of this during the past month to last me a lifetime. noch 601 Wörter

Film Reviews

Racism In The Hannibal Fandom

In season 2 of Hannibal, after a character named Beverly Katz was killed off, the fannibals went ballistic and subsequently spammed Bryan Fuller’s twitter account with hate messages about how he’s racist and sexist. noch 793 Wörter


SCOPE 100 - Event

It’s Wednesday and I’m still reminiscing about last Friday’s event. It was a festive evening filled with food, drinks, smiles, an awesome goody bag and a hilarious film. noch 560 Wörter

Movie Review

Pusher (1996) Explanation

Frank is a person much like the rest of us: an essentially good man, but not immune to making a couple of bad decisions and screwing up one time too many. noch 228 Wörter


A quick portrait of Mr. Mads Mikkelsen

Not completely satisfied, but hey, it was a really fast one, low quality paper and HB only. Finger shading…
At some point, I’ll certainly do another, with a different photo for reference, more detailed and relaxed, the man’s face is a blast to draw. noch 17 Wörter


The Padawan Podcast - Episode IX: Can 'The Force Awakens' Beat 'Avatar'? 'Rogue One' Character Details & Rey Family Lineage Talk!

We’re back! 2016 is here and we are back with The Padawan Podcast! We jump on the mic’s for our all Star Wars show to discuss everything going on in the galaxy far, far away through the last numbers of weeks. noch 143 Wörter

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