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A former hacktivist reveals the dirty tricks tools deployed by a GCHQ unit

A co-founder of the hacker activist group LulzSec warns how a UK Government cyber warfare unit has been actively engaged in subverting democracy and creating fake news for the last decade. 41 weitere Wörter

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The Dark Side of Hacking.

Lulzsec was a 2011 hacking group formed in an ‚Anonymous‘ online chatroom.

In 2011, the group attacked after the media group insulted American rapper,  545 weitere Wörter

the dark side

Hacking is becoming a more prevalent issue in recent years, being that everything is now stored digitally as opposed to hard copies. For this reason, anyone but especially hacker groups like LulzSec have the ability to gain illegal access to private information. 93 weitere Wörter

Can you tell me what was really so special about me all this time? 

Had a really rough couple of days with someone making themselves admin of several of my sites and taunting me by posting private emails online and asking for the hacker community to take me offline. 40 weitere Wörter

Free Speech And Shit

EP 14- We Are Legion -Anonymous

Metaverse EP 14 – We Are Legion -Anonymous

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Metaverse- An Introduction
HiroJa Shibe Here-
Speaking to you from a small café adjacent to the famous The Black Sun Bar. 448 weitere Wörter