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Put on your Hacking Hat

As a child of the 90’s, you’ll hear the word ‘hacker’ and remember Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie doing fascinating things to corporate networks using only floppy disks, dial-up modems and terrible aliases. noch 1.272 Wörter

Banking & Tech

Netizens Lets Go Cast Our Votes!

It has been said that netizens make the most noise but never actually act on it, and this is disappointing.

According to a survey done by Kanzu Code, Ugandan youth aren’t voting for a number of reasons; they don’t believe in the system, they feel the winner is pre-determined, they hate the long queues, and I think these are excuses. noch 445 Wörter

Uganda And Its Things

LulzSec Member Hacks Costa Rica's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hackers protest against CAFTA trade deal. A hacker affiliated with the LulzSec movement has dumped online data belonging to the Costa Rica Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs. noch 397 Wörter

Cyber Security

TalkTalk breach: CEO dismisses encryption, 15-year-old arrested

There’s been a lot of strange developments in the days since last week’s cyberattack on UK telecom TalkTalk, in which an unknown number of customers may have had their personal data accessed. noch 548 Wörter


Hacking culture- is it worth it?

Hackers. They have no face. They have no name. Yet they can gain access to information and obtain things that are seemingly impossible to obtain. The skills that these people have are incredible and can be used for good or evil. noch 184 Wörter


How to aVoid being flagGed by the NSA

Prior to this week, I was unaware of the Lulzsec group. I found their story very intriguing and made me question the psychology behind this cyber-pack mentality. noch 296 Wörter


Or are the preconceptions true?

This post follows on from my previous post which spoke of the positives of hacktivism and the power it can have in our society. However, this post focuses on the negative aspects that may come with hacktivisim and what happens when groups use the power of hacking to do harm. noch 117 Wörter