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The Luftwaffe Bombing of Sandhurst Road School

The bombing of Sandhurst Road School occurred during an air raid on Wednesday, 20 January 1943 when the school on Minard Road, Catford, south east London was seriously damaged. 396 weitere Wörter


Videos of London, 1927/2014

Here are two videos side by side of the same scenes in London from 1927 and 2014, courtesy of Big Geek Daddy’s Video of the Day… 268 weitere Wörter


New build for 2017..

After finishing the Fi-103R piloted V-1, it seems the obvious choice to build the trainer. It’s the same kit but with a longer nose and skid on the underside. 16 weitere Wörter


German WW2 Fighter Ace befriends a Black South African POW and defies the Nazi status quo!

This is an extraordinary featured photograph for a variety of reasons. This is Hauptmann (Captain) Hans-Joachim Marseille, the German WW2 Fighter Ace known to the Axis Forces as “The Star of Africa” on the extreme left and Corporal Mathew ‘Mathias’ Letulu, a South African Prisoner of War who was appointed as his “batman” (personal assistant to a officer) in 1942 and eventually became his personal friend on the extreme right. 2.817 weitere Wörter


A veritable treasure trove of items from Stalag Luft III...

Earlier this year on the Stalag Luft 3 Facebook page, I entered a competition run by Steve Martin.  The page is hosted by Ben van Drogenbroek and you may remember that Steve and Ben co-wrote the marvellous book, ‘The Camera Became My Passport Home’ which I wrote about in my previous post. 599 weitere Wörter