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Stukas im Visier

Schwarm („swarm“, equivalent to a flight) of Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive-bombers flies over Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gun positions. The photo is probably from the summer of 1942, somewhere on the southern part of the Eastern Front. 253 weitere Wörter

Eastern Front

Warplane Wednesday: Junkers Ju 88

A captured Ju 88 crew noted that their unit had arrived in Italy with 43 crews and was now down to nine. Replacement crews were untrained in nighttime flying and were therefore being returned to Germany.

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World War II

Target for today

Luftwaffe aircrew attend a briefing or a post-mission debriefing, going over points on a large map. The photo might have been taken in 1940 or ’41 in France. 306 weitere Wörter

Early War

Luftwaffe scrap and the RAF Benevolent Fund ‘Victory Bell’


WITH BATTLE RAGING ABOVE, innumerable aircraft on training flights, operational sorties and sometimes returning badly damaged it was inevitable that many would fall on British soil. 801 weitere Wörter

Luftwaffe Reborn

Today in History, February 26: 1935:

Adolph Hitler secretly signed a decree creating the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, and names Hermann Goering it’s commander. At the end of WWI the Treaty of Versailles signed between the combatants, including Germany, declared that Germany could have no military air service. 111 weitere Wörter

Stolz des Herrenvolks?

The image of the German soldier as some sort of superhuman has been perpetuated through war movies, photos in books and articles (often featuring pics taken by… 437 weitere Wörter


Warplane Wednesday: Messerschmitt Bf 109

Toward noon 105 bombers came and destroyed the Jagdgruppe Vibo Valentia, which had about 80 aircraft. Not a machine was left intact, not even the which had just landed.

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World War II