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Review: Revell 1/144 Junkers Ju 52/3m

The Junkers Ju 52/3m is one of the most recognizable transport aircraft of WW2. In this review we’re going to take a look at Revell’s version of the affectionately named ‚Tante Ju‘ 601 weitere Wörter


Review: Revell 1/72 Horten Go 229

This Luft ’46 aircraft is one of my all-time favorite subjects, there is something about the sleek wing shape and it’s supposed ’stealth‘ capabilities that captures my imagination. 574 weitere Wörter


A Short History of Air Rescue in World War II

The idea of establishing a specialized and elite force for the rescue of downed aircrews grew out of three interlocked circumstances just before the Second World War: (1) a deep‑seated European belief in the sanctity of life, (2) the high expense of training replacement aircrews for those lost in combat, and (3) the greater effectiveness of aircrews who believed that there was a reasonable expectation of surviving a bailout or crashlanding. 662 weitere Wörter


Battle of Britain Campaign - 43 Squadron RAF's First Sortie

Recently, I was invited to join an aerial campaign based around the Battle of Britain in 1940. Each of the participating players has been asked to select an RAF fighter squadron and the premise is that, chronologically, the air battles of the selected squadrons will be played out using the Wings of Glory WW2 gaming system. 481 weitere Wörter


Review: Valom 1/144 Me 1101 Vs. FW TA-183


The Messerschmitt Me 1101 was Messerschmitt’s response to the RLM’s Emergency Fighter Program of 15 July 1944. The initial design featured wings that could be set at various sweep angles before flight. 727 weitere Wörter


Luftwaffe Over Finland (Luftwaffe at War)

This brilliant new book depicts the Germans‘ use of aircraft in Finland and Norway to maintain their campaign against the Soviet Union. The Fins were active allies of the Germans in their… 68 weitere Wörter


One of Aviation's Original Swingers!

Before you start getting too excited, I’m talking, of course, about swing wings! What were you thinking of? Now that we’re on the same page, you might be thinking of the Bell X-5. 106 weitere Wörter