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Watch German Typhoons Intercept a Jet Airways 777 Over Cologne

When passenger aircraft go unresponsive and they don’t communicate with air traffic controllers, especially in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the United States, defense officials get worried, and understandably so. 316 weitere Wörter

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Horten H IX- Hitler's"Stealth" bomber

When we think of stealth bombers we think of reasonably recent bombers like the F-117-Nighthawk (1981) or B2-Spirit (1989) bombers.

But in fact it was the Horten brothers who designed the first stealth fighters/bombers in 1942. 584 weitere Wörter


Rheintochter R-1 at the RAFM Cosford Museum.

A two-stage solid fuel rocket introduced in 1944 used in the surface-to-air role, it’s certainly a looker with it’s 10 wooden fins and 4 control paddles up on the top. 22 weitere Wörter

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The Luftwaffe Bombing of Sandhurst Road School

The bombing of Sandhurst Road School occurred during an air raid on Wednesday, 20 January 1943 when the school on Minard Road, Catford, south east London was seriously damaged. 396 weitere Wörter


Videos of London, 1927/2014

Here are two videos side by side of the same scenes in London from 1927 and 2014, courtesy of Big Geek Daddy’s Video of the Day… 268 weitere Wörter