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Battle of Britain campaign 2015 – Part Four 27th-30th Aug - "Hlabezulu" - South African Plt Off Michael Roland Hill becomes 266 Sqn's first ace

With the overall situation delicately poised, as the RAF just managed to keep the Lufwaffe at bay, after the Sqns success on the 25th Aug, it was inevitable that sooner or later their luck would change. noch 589 Wörter


The fun bit about a bike climb is going back down

Did another seven climbs of Westerham Hill last Sunday morning. Not quite at first light – allowed myself a lie-in until 0515. Deplorably lazy.

Getting up the hill is straightforward – just stick the bike in a low enough gear and sit there with my feet going round and round until I’m at the top. noch 207 Wörter

Battle of Britain campaign 2015 – Part Three 23rd-26th Aug - 266 Sqn do their bit but overall situation begins to deteriorate

With 2 more Sqns destroyed the day before, the strain on the remaining pilots and Sqn’s was beginning to tell. 266 Sqn were required to step into the breach with increasing regularity. noch 502 Wörter


Battle of Britain campaign 2015 – Part Two 20th-22nd Aug - 266 Sqn score freely during happy hour

As the battle continued the RAF were managing to hold their own but news that 2 Sqns had been destroyed defending Southend threatened to allow the Luftwaffe to regain the initiative. noch 442 Wörter


Munich Bombing

On the 19th of July 1944, the 15th Air Forces targeted aircraft factories in the region of Munich to combat a force of 1400 bombers and as many Luftwaffe fighter escorts. noch 37 Wörter

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Eurofighter Typhoon – German Air Force

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