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Wings of the Luftwaffe - FW-190

The development of the FW-190. Kurt Tank designed it around the then unpopular radial engine, which while lacking the aerodynamic qualities of inline engines, didn’t need a radiator for cooling, making it less vulnerable, and just as powerful.   noch 31 Wörter


SAAF action camera close up

Not often seen is a close up of like this of the South African Air Force in action during the North African campaign – WW2.  Here  cannon shells can be seen as they explode around the tail of a German Junkers Ju 52 forced down in the Western Desert by three Bristol Bisleys of No. noch 108 Wörter

North African Theatre - WW2

For Some it's too late - RAF Caxton Gibbet

There are many airfields in this country that have sadly just ‘disappeared’. Whether it be to housing, industry or agriculture, the fact remains they are no longer there and are now reduced to fading memories and mere mentions in the history books. noch 443 Wörter


SAAF Pilot single handedly captures his captors - Lt. Peter During's amazing story

This colorised image captures a must read story about a South African Air Force pilot who escaped from becoming a German POW by capturing his own captors during WW2. noch 450 Wörter


Ärzte ohne Grenzen aus gutem Grund bombardiert

SA-TIERE. Seit die US-Luftwaffe einen „bedauerlichen, aber nötigen“ Luftschlag gegen Stellungen der Ärzte ohne Grenzen (ÄoG) ausgeführt hat, verurteilt die Welt die Aktion – „aber tun will niemand etwas“, so ein Sprecher der ÄoG. noch 329 Wörter


A pivotal station in 8 Group, Graveley deserves much greater recognition.

In Trail 29 we turn south and head to the southern end of Cambridgeshire. This area is rich in fighter stations, both RAF and USAAF. Home to Duxford and Bader’s ‘Big Wing’, Mustangs, Spitfires and Hurricanes once, and on many occasions still do, grace the blue skies of this historical part of the country. noch 1.822 Wörter


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