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The "Ye olde pub" incident.

Considering the title and the picture above one could be forgiven to think that this incident was a dare fueled by alcoholic beverages, which were consumed in a pub. 1.461 weitere Wörter


Holyrood Church

On the night of the 30th of November 1940, Southampton felt the full force of the Nazi war machine, as the Luftwaffe dropped 800 high explosive bombs and 9000 incendiary bombs on the town centre. 443 weitere Wörter


Thursday Doors - All-Hallows-By-The-Tower, London

These two lovely doors are both from the church of All-Hallows-By-The-Tower, in London, England. The church was founded in 675AD, making it one of the oldest Christian churches in London, and parts of the original building are still visible inside. 217 weitere Wörter

Thursday Doors

Favourite Artefacts | Emma Halford-Forbes, Museum Manager

Throughout my museum career the subject of prisoners of war is one that has interested me, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet many men who had been taken prisoner during the Second World War. 807 weitere Wörter

Artefacts And Collections

Southampton and the Spitfire

At this very moment 76 years ago, the Battle of Britain raged overhead in the skies of Southern England. The 10th of July is often considered the start date, with the Luftwaffe first focusing on attacking shipping, before moving on to Britain’s airfields, factories, and eventually residential areas. 693 weitere Wörter


On This Day: 10th July

On this day in 1940, the Luftwaffe launched what Winston Churchill dubbed the ‚Battle of Britain‘. The attacks initially focused on British shipping ports and airfields along the English Channel but gradually the battle moved inland. 58 weitere Wörter

On This Day

Hammer and Anvil: Catching the Axis in a Catch-22

By Alexander Fitzgerald-Black

“That’s some catch, that Catch-22.”

USAAF Captain John Yossarian, fictional protagonist, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Political Scientist Robert A. Pape published Bombing to Win…

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