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Feasting On Last Suppers

The sky is seriously cirrus

A known and familiar soul is preferable

The hell with mysterious

The past is ineffable in concert with clarity

Conductor’s baton, a single raised finger… 101 weitere Wörter


love: tv, real life

I’ve only been in love once, last summer. It was terrifying. His name is Lewis (alias). As someone who has been repressing very many emotions for a very long time, falling in love was a harrowing experience. 830 weitere Wörter

Blog Posts

Philosophical Comedy of Love

Fits and starts, drops and drips

Time slips through my fingertips

Tasting lifetimes on your lips

Dreams and thoughts, fantasies

Traipsing through my memories

None as dear to me as these… 48 weitere Wörter


C.S. Lewis on Love, Friendship, and God

Continuing my thoughts on how our love must be rooted in the thing itself and now our ideas. The limited word count, between 400-600 words, has made these articles difficult to produce, but they’ve been rewarding experience. 769 weitere Wörter

The Chimes - Opinion

Today I love you because...

…you enhance everything I do. Every action that I take, every stone I turn, are magnified by your presence in my life. By always having you in the background. 78 weitere Wörter


Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

My daughter is home from college tonight because she is a delegate for Model United Nations in San Francisco. She flew in early, so she could terrorize my closet, and borrow my work clothes and shoes. 294 weitere Wörter