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Great Works Built In Combo With Predecessors

ALL great works, ALL great ideas, stem from inspiration of our predecessors, our ancestors. These beautiful beginnings are meant to inspire and be utilized as tools for the next creative level. 44 weitere Wörter



Sitting alone
looking at your
No messages
or calls.
Just updates
to install.
Scrolling through
your gallery
you question
your mentality.
Why have you… 26 weitere Wörter


The One And Only Royal Wedding

One day ahead, bride and groom excited, but in good condition :-)

Last preparations: groom, best man, ushers and some guests

Waiting for the arrival of the bride… 41 weitere Wörter


Find Your Water Type: Solid, Liquid or Gas

Greetings beloveds,

We are firmly in the season of water, rebirth, and healing. To expand our concepts of how we relate to water let’s talk about the different versions of water and how we take on these characteristics. 519 weitere Wörter


“Love Is Everywhere”


It’s in the air, the breeze, the rustling of leaves,

that reminds us that it exists

It’s in the sun, the sky, 51 weitere Wörter



Love is the most misunderstood of all feelings.

Some people misunderstand love for obsession

Some misunderstand love for possession

Some misunderstand love for comfort

Some misunderstand love for profit… 76 weitere Wörter


100% high vibe, 100% of the time.

*Vulnerability alert*
I haven’t yet shared publicly (at the time of writing this blog) and I’ve already taken it offline. Twice.

Reason being, I took a couple hard tumbles in the opposite direction of high vibe and I was  896 weitere Wörter