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Written By: Daniel Gluska

I admire the cloud as it perfectly dwells in the blue sky. All the colors that paint all these various flowers is breathtaking. 57 weitere Wörter


What It Really Means To 'Put Yourself Out There'

I don’t think enough people understand the whole concept of ‚putting yourself out there.‘ They think it means going out and meeting new people or going on a lot of dates and adventures but the truth is you could be doing all of that and still feel… 434 weitere Wörter



Simple words
from vacant voices,
mindless tongues.

Empty sounds
fill the unfamiliar

Heart pounding,
forcing smiles.
Eyes staring,
palms resting
on my shoulders. 56 weitere Wörter


winter rest...

even a cold winter day holds a warm springtime surprise…listen to your heart…and open your eyes…

Nature Photography

Dear Love

Dear Love,

How have you been? Long time, no see? Are you fine? Are you there yet? It’s me, your long lost companion, or maybe just hidden. 466 weitere Wörter


Surrender 1.1

It is hard.

when the legs go stiff,

your hands tremble

not to clap, or punch
through their face,

maybe it is hard either way. 97 weitere Wörter


in my heart

In my heart,
I miss
the person you used to be
and the way I used to feel

But in my heart,
I know
that all’s at the very bottom… 26 weitere Wörter