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Rethinking Fuelling

After my first attempt at the LEJOG record abruptly came to a halt due to uncontrollable puking, it was obvious I had to go back to the drawing board for an overhaul of my nutrition strategy. 3.872 weitere Wörter


Good Diet Is Essential for Successful Long-Distance Cycling

Rami Shmuely serves as an attorney with the firm of Chavin Mitchell Shmuely in North Miami. FL. When he is not working, Rami Shmuely enjoys getting out on his bicycle. 212 weitere Wörter

Rami Shmuely

Projects - Introduction

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Cycling for the Natural World


Like most people, I love and value Mother Nature and understand that she is the very basis of our existence. 1.258 weitere Wörter

Long Distance Cycling

The craziest first bike ride ever

I had never cycled before and here I was sitting on a flight from Kolkata to Paro about to embark on a cycling tour across Bhutan over the next couple of weeks. 753 weitere Wörter


Bike-Travel Benefits

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As a first post on this blog about bike traveling, what could be better than listing a few of the countless joys and pleasures, which it gives the riding traveler and the traveling rider? 1.187 weitere Wörter

Bike Touring

Eddington Numbers

2017 – In process

Moved somewhere else and doing much better. A ton of gravel racing, lots of MTB racing and lots of distance riding. 15 rides over 5 hours so far and have a bunch more I want to do. 124 weitere Wörter

Long Distance Cycling

EuroVelo 13: The Epic Iron Curtain Bike Trail

The Iron Curtain boundary that divided the occupied former Soviet countries from the rest of the world can now be traveled from north to south by intrepid cyclists on the newly developed Iron Curtain bicycle route known as EuroVelo 13.  44 weitere Wörter

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