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Breastfeeding is Hard Sh*t.

I think the title says it all. Before you have a baby you are under the assumption that breastfeeding comes naturally for both you and your baby. 454 weitere Wörter


Visual journal Series

Sharing photographs is so important. They allow us to express ourselves, create conversations, spark up new connections, enable us to be transported back to a time. 52 weitere Wörter

Love Island sinks without a trace as OAP reality show is new ratings winner

Septuagenarians Barry Pollock and Gladys Jennings are rapidly adjusting to national stardom after their chat round the dinner table in an old folks home, was overheard by a visiting ITV 2 Producer, Simon Williams, and inspired what has become a runaway Summer TV juggernaut. 234 weitere Wörter


Weekly Workouts 7/8 - 7/15

Hi friends, hope you all had a great weekend! We had a nice and relaxing weekend and got some meal preps and cleaning done. We tried finding a couch but still haven’t had any luck. 124 weitere Wörter


No Judgment In The Cardiologist Office: I'm Here To Support Your Weight Loss (Don't Be Afraid Of The Scale)

I have been thinking a lot about how to connect to people on a deeper level.  As a cardiologist I often see patients once they have started to see the consequences of unhealthy life decisions. 544 weitere Wörter


What's Been Going On

It’s been a mental three weeks and I’m nowhere near done yet. I’m finding myself over tired a lot, meaning my emotions are jumping to extremes, I’m a little lightheaded and I’m struggling to fall asleep at night. 497 weitere Wörter


Have a Happy Monday | Tips for a Better Week

The weekend begins to fade and the bright morning sunlight of Monday seeps through. Having a great Monday not only makes the start of the week fantastic but can make for a fabulous, productive week. 209 weitere Wörter