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Autumn/Winter Hobbies

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and with Covid still dancing its way around the globe (and the Netherlands back in a partial lock down) we are spending a lot more time at home again. 1.381 weitere Wörter


How I've Started to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Household Items Into My Daily Routine

We have faced so many serious issues in the world this year, one of them being the effects of climate change. Living on the west coast, I’ve seen the wildfires get worse and worse each year that we get them. 472 weitere Wörter


4 Easy Ways To Support Other Bloggers

Everyone deserves love, whether that be physical, emotional, or in this case, social! I wanted to share some simple ways that you can show other bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers etc. 578 weitere Wörter

Beauty Blogger

Changing interior spaces with framed photography

Hi friends,

As we introduce more Fall-inspired elements into our home decor, I’ve also transitioned my wall art as well with places that inspire me. Fall itself can always been a great source of inspiration in terms of colors (golds, soft colors) and fabrics (plaids!) and I love classic photography to change a space too. 115 weitere Wörter

Interior Design

Ty Dolla Sign - Featuring Ty Dolla Sign (Official Album + New Music Video Inside)

Ty Dolla Sign, a well-know featured voice on many of today’s popular hits, including SZA’s latest comeback single „Hit Different,“ is here to remind us who TF he is! 135 weitere Wörter

Giselle Ave.

7 Baby Items Every New Mom Needs

Let’s talk about 7 baby items I feel every new mom needs. I’m not talking the basics like diapers, wipes, and clothes. I am talking about items that some will say are wants but I see them as needs. 540 weitere Wörter


How To Create More Positive Self Talk to Make Life Better

Today I was scrolling through blog posts when I tripped upon these words from one of my faves: MillennialLifeCrisis on WordPress. The entire blog post read: 794 weitere Wörter

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