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3 Things You Forget to Feed Yourself During the holidays

Dearest readers,

The tables are set. Candles lit. Family close. Glasses full. Food warm.

Perhaps your auntie has already questioned when you’re getting married. Maybe grandma has turned up the volume on that slow tick of your biological clock. 1.115 weitere Wörter

Self-Growth Letters

tradition is lantern


It was said: Tradition is the lantern
– From the ancestor… to the modern
It’s much more than taught and learn
Because the heart still tries to govern… 106 weitere Wörter


Take the leap, you might be surprised!

Sometimes we hold ourselves back out of fear. Fear that we’re not good enough. Fear that we’re undeserving. Fear that we’ll fail. There’s a saying, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” Dear friends, I come to you today, asking you to let go of your fears, for your sake. 188 weitere Wörter

Faulty Affection System

For a defective, overly-sensitive Homo sapiens like myself, whole days or even weeks of time can feel arduous. Occasionally, a dull ache, a quiet, increasingly insistent buzz of background noise not unlike a pulsing Spidey-sense telling me something is either already wrong or about to go badly pear-shaped, will develop in my chest where I suppose my heart should be. 94 weitere Wörter


The Void, life and all that

When I was a small blonde child I had a nightmare about the void. Utter non existence. Dylan Thomas’ poem about his fathers death, “..rage against the dying of the light” holds that place to me. 155 weitere Wörter


I really don't know life at all....

Who does right? Life is complicated and has good and bad moments. That is what this song makes clear. Life is unpredictable, we are living through unprecedented times. 177 weitere Wörter



It was a cold, overcast and windy morning when I got the message that there was something I needed to grab my camera and go look for.  144 weitere Wörter