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„Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him!“

Matthew 6:8

How many times have you found yourself frustrated over an unanswered prayer?   276 weitere Wörter


A kaleidoscope
with broken mirrors.

Does it feel lonely?
as the lights slice
and bleed from the edges
of the shattered glasses,
corrupting a lifelong symmetry. 61 weitere Wörter


A Song for the Lord

I’m not a poet or a singer. My lyrics won’t follow a pattern like iambic pentameter. But I thought I’d try out another attempt at writing a sort of free verse song for the Lord. 741 weitere Wörter


Top 3 Anime Protagonists

Name your fave 3 from this pic and why. Mine of course are Goku, Naruto and Yusuke. 3 shows I grew up on and learned many life lessons from.


The Meaning of Life?

As I get older, I find myself always trying to improve. Working to develop my interests like a tree branching out and touching the sky with its height. 128 weitere Wörter


Day 22.

Just because 2017 has been ended and 2018  already pass over 22 day, doesn’t mean all the things at 2017 will also stop. Some of bussiness and the rest of the war still follow and a bit punch me in the face in the begining of this years. 219 weitere Wörter

Late Night Minds

2017, briefly

2017 made up for the previous year’s faults (my injury and resulting depression). I spent 6 weeks back in Chicago at the start of the year, returned to climbing competitions, and spent the last quarter of the year enjoying Paris, climbing outside, and enjoyed the holidays with family.  49 weitere Wörter