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The Emptiness in Conformity

 I had spent the majority of my life with friends and family who truly appreciated who I was, and who allowed me the freedom to be whoever and whatever I wanted to be. 563 weitere Wörter

Lyon - Part Dieu

If you want to visit Lyon, you should be aware that it is divided into nine ‚arrondissements‚ (sectors). On the West side of Lyon is the fifth division where Vieux (old) Lyon is. 264 weitere Wörter


random thoughts on a very hot, humid and stressful week

I know it’s summer and I should get used to the unrelenting heat of April but one thing I don’t like about hot weather is, it tends to make you hot headed too. 1.456 weitere Wörter



„मज़हब की आँधियों में उड़ गयी इंसानियत है,

सियासत के अंधियारों से अब चीखती सिर्फ हैवानियत है,

अब तो कुछ सबूत दे ऐ-खुदा अपनी मौजूदगी का इस बज़्म-ए-दहशत को, 22 weitere Wörter


Why I walk with a Walker

I’ve decided to explain why I walk with a walker. When I was a kid, I was able to walk without assistance but I preferred holding onto the hand of a friend or family member because I felt more comfortable walking. 96 weitere Wörter