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Italians Love Tradition

Adapting to different cultures is usually difficult. But many times it’s also perplexing and mind boggling. Like the interesting mentality our town folk have. Hint: sometimes antiquated, backward, and impractical. 783 weitere Wörter


Venice in Darkness

In Venice one can’t stop taking pictures, so many are the spectacular views, and photo ops that present itself to the first-time visitor and the frequent traveler as well. 45 weitere Wörter

Life In Italy

5 Best Gelato Shops in Italy

It goes without saying that one must try gelato in Italy, but unfortunately not all gelato in Italy are good. So, to save you wasted calories from disappointing gelato, here’s a list of the five best gelato shops in Italy. 555 weitere Wörter

Life In Italy

Milan’s Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Everyone has visited Milan’s Duomo – everyone but me. I will not wait in Disneyland-esq long lines to see the inside of the what is one of the most incredibly grand cathedrals in the world. 569 weitere Wörter

Stops Along The Journey - Sites Off The Tourist Track

More Information About the City We Love: 

History: Milan is situated in northern Italy in the region of Lombardia, which is a region that boasts of possessing one-sixth of Italy’s population. 1.002 weitere Wörter

Life In Italy

Resilient Venzone

Venzone is on the list of the most beautiful villages, hence a place to see. Like all others, Venzone only has about 2000 habitants. A lovely village at the foot of the Alps, which gives it a stunning background to the houses. 258 weitere Wörter

Life In Italy

Market, Mercato

So I had to get something.  Buy something. My wife and I were on the ninth day of a ten-day stay in Italy. She had visited her cousin’s boutique in Pesaro.  2.099 weitere Wörter