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And it's Papa's day!!! 

Hey you’ll.. it’s apparently father’s day and may be I thought I’ll write something on it..

I think we should always thank our fathers and mother’s every day.. 106 weitere Wörter


Two words? 

If you had to say two words about ‚relationship‘, what would you say?

I would say „not easy“ 😂

Let me know what you all feel about it :)


The Color Green 

What does green mean to you?

The color green

Mother Earth

My little garden

Part of my food

Paint on my nails

Pulling breaks of my bike… 33 weitere Wörter


Warm, cuddly, sweet feeling 

In this world where there is more hatred and dreaded things than love, it makes me feel nice when I think about a sweet feeling like love… Wouldn’t you agree? 142 weitere Wörter



Thought of this day

What is time if you cannot make the most of it

What are moments if you cannot replay it

What is life if you cannot afford to have peace in it… 34 weitere Wörter


Free from 'E' 

Today I will not ask

Today I will not demand

I will not want you to do something nice

I will not ask you to say something sweet… 151 weitere Wörter


Untill Next Time.. 

Story of a girl and a guy who loved so much but lived so far from each other.. a story of the time saying bye until next time.. 203 weitere Wörter